Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


36. Spain Part 2

The next day came quickly. The sun rise in spain was breathtaking, I stared out the beautiful arch shaped window staring at it as it Rose above the Spanish mountains.
"It's beautiful isn't it..," whispered Liam coming up behind me wrapping his hands around my waist
"...very!" I smiled not looking at him too mesmerised by the beautiful view before my eyes. Only then did I turn to look at him smiling lightly and giving him a small cuddle before going to check my appearance in the Mirror hanging on the wall. reflection didn't please me considering I had just woken up. I rubbed my eyes and tried fixing my hair a little. I sighed. Then turning back to Liam
"I look a mess..." I exclaimed sighing deeply
"It's funny how you can see the beauty in everything apart from yourself!" sighed Liam
"What quote is that from?" I asked skipping merrily into our Ensuite bathroom which had beautiful blue tiles patterned into Mosaics all around the room.
"It's not a quote! it's true!" he grinned as he stood in the doorway of our bathroom and once again I was examining my reflection in the mirror. I blushed lightly turning to Liam and giving him a small cuddle. He gripped hold of me pulling me closer making the hug longer and more heartfelt...

"LIAM POOL!" screamed Zayn banging on the door making me jump. Liam chuckled pulling me back into a hug making me giggle lightly!
"Go!" I smiled gesturing towards the door "I still need to get ready anyways!" I smiled blinking my eyes at him. He looked at me, gave me a small kiss on the lips and then ran out of the room
"WHOOOO ZAYN POOOL!" he shouted following Zayn down the Hallway. I laughed at his childish behaviour before slowly making my way back into the Bathroom to get ready!

After getting ready I too went down to the Pool to find the other girl's were already there. All of them were splashing around in the pool with the boys apart from Justine who was wearing shorts and a tank top, she already had a small bump and was trying to cover it.

I ran over to the pool and jumped in splashing everyone.
"Glad you could finally join us!" Liam chuckled
"Justine babe! Come on in!" grinned Louis
Justine looked a little worried
"No no! I'm fine!" she sighed staying well away from the water, this carried on for a little while...

"Louis! Just leave her" I sighed after a while before splashing him to lighten the mood not realising this then turned into a full on splash fight. I took a moment to look over at Justine and she gave me a look with a small smile to say 'thank you' I smiled back before getting splashed in the face.
"LOUIS TOMLINSON! I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU!" I screamed continuing the splash fight. Before I knew it I was the target and everyone was splashing me,
"I'll save you!" I heard Liam shout before he came running towards me making me giggle gently taking my waist and sitting me on the edge of the pool.
"My Hero!" I giggled making Liam chuckle as I leaned in and gave him a small peck on the cheek. Liam blushed a little making me grin as we stared into eachothers eyes for a few moments.

"Come on you two! Are you going to sit there like lovebirds or are you going to continue with the war!" Zayn grinned
"Boys VS Girls!" Niall stated
"TO WAR!" I grinned slipping into the Water "us girls are so going to win..." i added
"Your on..." stated Liam making me giggle...

This is probabl te End of Spain now and the next bit Is rather interesting ;) I promise ill update quicker, hopefully tomorrow or the next day :D x thanks for reading!

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