Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


35. Spain part 1

Well I think we are more than halfway through this Fanfic now! Upsetting Much! Anyways enjoy the rest 


Well I think we are more than halfway through this Fanfic now! Upsetting Much! Anyways enjoy the rest

1month passed by quickly! One Direction got through boot camp but Alice didn't!

"Liam! Wait for me!" I moaned as we rushed though the busy airport quickly dodging people as we passed by!
"Come on Sian! Hurry Up! We are going to miss our plane!" he sighed taking me by the hand and dragging me with him.
"You know I'm no good at running!" I snapped as we ran towards our gate!

I was so relived when we finally got there, I just plonked myself down on the chair next to Niamh and sighed. We were all off to Spain, the boys needed to go to the judges houses and we needed a Holiday so we decides to go with them!
"why are you two so late?" asked Zayn who was sat on the floor with Maryanne on his lap
"School!" we both sighed together as Liam pushed a hand through his hair as he sat down next to me
"You two and school!" sighed Zayn "It's summer Holiday's, Just relax!" he grinned.

It was quickly after that we bagan to board, we were flying business class with all the other contestants from the group category!

The plane ride was surprisingly quick. It wasn't long before we were all in Spain chilling by the pool!

I was happily sunbathing when a shadow came and leant over me.
"Liam! Your blocking my sunlight..." I moaned without opening my eyes! I felt two strong hands gently talking mine and pulling me upwards so I was standing up.
"Liam!" I moaned again now giggling as I opened my eyes while he began dragging me towards the pool
"No! Liam-Please-Don't!" I protested but then SPLASH! I was in the pool.
"Liam I hate you!" I gasped through a giggle as my head emerged from the icy cold water.
"No you don't!" he grinned before doing a cannonball into the pool splashing me further
"Liam!" I giggled as he shook his hair letting the small water droplets fall on me before he gently placed his hands round my waist and pulled me closer and my lips brushed against his.
"Come on you two! We're going out for tea! Simon's paying!" grinned Louis from the doorway
"Every time..." mumbled Liam making me giggle and placing a kiss lightly on his cheek before we both swam towards the pool side and clambered out.

We went to this nice traditional Spanish restaurant that had Spanish dancers and Mariatchi bands at the front!
"Justine we have to have a Mariatchi band at out wedding!" grinned Louis as he happily danced along with the music
"I thought you two were having an Indian wedding?" giggled Rachel
"Well we can have an Indian wedding with a Mariatchi band!" smiled Justine
"You two shouldn't be planning your wedding, you're only 16! You have your whole life ahead of you! So it's best if you don't plan weddings or family's or anything like that now!" smiled Simon, I swear I've never seen him smile before!
Louis laughed and Justine forced a smile. I looked at her in the eyes and gave her a small smile as if to say 'don't worry' she smiled back lightly but I think I was too late, I think she was already worrying!

We were walking back under the million's of stars, me and Liam were at the back walking hand in hand.
"You know." Liam smiled "this reminds me of our first date! Walking under the stars, hand in hand, you looking more beautiful than I even thought possible" he smiled as I rested my head on his shoulder
"Shut up Liam." I giggled at the compliment and then we continued walking in silence, the only sound were our footsteps softly hitting the lush green draws beneath our feet…

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