Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


43. Sealed with a pinky promise :'

…so a bit of a shocker in the last chapter… …What happens next…read on to find out… :') x

The next morning I was sat in my hotel room, contemplating on wether to go home or not. There was silence in the room, the room was so quiet it was almost scary. At least I had a little time to relax...

...I had not told anyone what had happened last night. It wouldn't be fair on Liam...and it was kind of also my fault. I don't know why I was defending him he shouldn't of kissed her! My head said I shouldn't defend him but my heart said I should. I hate it when my head an heart fight, why can't they just get along? I sighed deeply once more and lay down closed my eyes tight shut and tried to forget about last night...

I jumped up when there was three firm knocks on my door, I checked the time, it was 12noon! I must have fallen asleep. I got up slowly, yawning and rubbing my eyes lightly shuffling towards the door.

I opened it to reveal Liam stood there with one single White Rose. I smiled lightly as I saw him.
"Hi." I said rather awkwardly
"Hi." he replied. We stood there for a few moments, none of us knowing what to say. "...umm can I come in?" Liam said after a while breaking the silence
"umm sure!" I smiled opening the door wider letting him in. He strode inside, just the way he walked made my heart beat faster...what does this boy do to me? I quickly got a glance of myself int the mirror and saw how horrible I looked, still in my pyjamas hair a mess in it's curly locks that fell messily around my face and my eyes still little red from crying all last night.
"sorry that I look a mess" I sighed
"sorry that I acted an idiot last night..." he answered back handing me the single White Rose. I smiled pressing it against my nose letting the scent of it calm me down a little.
"it's beautiful Liam!" I smiled lightly as I went to sit down on the bed while patting the space next to me signalling for Liam to come sit.

We sat in silence for a while
"...I'm sorry for last night too!" I sighed
"you didn't exactly do much-" he began
"I shouldn't have let Justin kiss me!" I protested smiling lightly. He sighed and took my hand before he began to stroke it with his thumb. I sighed lightly wriggling my hand out of his grip. He gave me a questioning look.
"Liam!" I signed "you know I love you..." i smiled at him pausing briefly before continuing "but I'm glad we broke up...things were so much better when we were just friends" I sighed. Liam nodded his head lightly
"I know. I knew you were going to say something like that, I was thinking it to. Of course I love you! Seriously, Sian Roach I'm crazy about you!" he paused looking at me with his mesmerising brown eyes smiling lightly "...but for the sake of our friendship I think we'll have to sacrifice our feelings!" he smiled getting of the bed dragging me up with him.
"Deal?" he grinned putting his hand out for me to shake
"Deal!" I smiled back taking his hand.

I paused as our hands were both still interlocked. I stared at them as they were joined together almost as if in perfect harmony. I let a tear come to my eye and sowing drip down my cheek letting it fall down as it splashed onto our entwined fingers.
"...this reminds me of the moment we first met!" I giggled wiling away the tears with my other hand
"Hi! Sian Roach, Head Girl!" grinned Liam mockingly imitating my accent making me laugh
"Shut Up Liam!" I smiled hitting him on the arm lightly before he pulled me into a hug
"I'll always love you Sian, and I'll always be here for you when you need me!" he whispered into my ear a I rested my head on his shoulder
" you too Liam..." I just about whispered back, my brain was to busy concentrating on my eyes that were streaming with tears to think about speaking.
"Sian..." sighed Liam lifting my chin up so I was looking at him right in the face before he wiped away my tears "there's no need to cry!" he whispered before placing a small gentle kiss on my lips.
"...Liam...This isnt really helping with the whole friendship thing..." I giggled
"your right!" he sighed chuckling lightly "friends?" he added smiling putting his pinky out so we could shake on it
"best friends!" I grinned doing the same as we shook pinkys as if we were two small five year olds...

Okay so I probably have some haters now because Sian and Liam aren't back together but hopefully this means I'm not losing any readers x …anyways please keep reading and I hope you liked it 3 Love Madison 

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