Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


26. School Days!

For our English homework we had to do our own modern version of Romeo and Julliette. After school we were all sat in Louis and Harry's room as we were all watching some film about a modern Romeo and Julliette to get some idea's!

It was a film called 'Bride and Predjadice' wich was a modern bollywood version of Romeo and Julliette! It was quite a good film acctually!
"I would love to do Indian Dancing!" smiled Justine sat closely next to Louis as he had his arm around her
"it's easy babe!" he smiled "just Pat the dog! Screw the lightbulb! And just go crazy!" he smiled doing these actions making us all laugh!

Justine seemed to enjoy the film more than any of us
"I want an Indian wedding!" smiled Justine dreamily
"ok!" grinned Louis casually making Justine smile and cuddle closer to him!

We stayed in their room for ages. I started to feel sleepy so I yawned and cuddled closer to Liam. My eyes slowly began to shut and silently I fell asleep!

The next morning i awoke hearing a high pitched ringing coming fro
My phone. My alarm had just gone off. Monday morning...greeeat! I slowly sat up to see the whole group still here and I realised we were still In Harry and Louis room...whoops!
"come on girls! We best go get ready for school!" sighed Rachel slowly getting up followed slowly by Niall who gave her a quick peck on the lips
"see you later babes!" he smirked as all of us girls began to sneak out the door and back towards our dorms!

After a few hours we were all ready and we began to head towards the school building. Niamh had Monday and Tuesday off, all the art students did, they were helping repaint the part of the school that was burnt down! They were doing a pretty good job so far!
"see you'se later!" smiled Niamh heading towards the other building!
"byeee!" we all smile as she headed off
"she is soo lucky!" sighed Rachel as the school building quickly got closer and we headed to form!

As we got to form Niall Louis and Zayn all came straight to their girlfriends and gave them a tight hug and a small kiss on the lips before we all took our seats!

Lunch came quicker than we thought! We were sat at the lunch table when Niamh texted us saying she was missing lunch to do more painting! Harry sighed while Louis and Justine gave him a sympathetic smile! What was all that about?
"so...Harry?" asked Rachel "why Lillith?" she questioned, I think we were all wondering that!
"well..." Harry began, he looked hurt and annoyed "...I don't know, it's just...that's like me asking why Niall?"
"because I love Niall!" smiled Rachel cuddling up to the him as he kissed her hair
"well I love Lillith-" he choked out trying not to sound disgusted
"you don't sound like you love her-" I was about to continue when Harry snapped at me
"just leave it yeah?" before he ran off leaving Louis to run after him
"what's wrong with him?" I questioned
"just leave it Sian!" Justine said more calmly! What did Louis and Justine know that we didn't...

It had been 2 days since Harry had his little tantrum and he seemed to have calmed down! Niamh was sat in the tree while the rest of us was sat under it! The weather was starting to get much warmer!
"hi everyone!" smiled Lillith coming over followed by...was that Alice? There was a load of mumbles and small hello's.
"Alice you remember Harry, my boyfriend!" she smile running up to him giving him a small kiss on the cheek.
"Boyfriend?" squeaked Niamh falling out of the tree and rubbing her head!
"Harry why didn't you tell me?" she questioned as she was now sat on the floor
"I can't beleve you just fell out the tree!" laughed Harry changing the subject making us all laugh! What was Alice doing in our school anyway?

Turns out Alice transferred to our school after the auditions! She was really nice at the auditions bit transferring to our school made her seem a little stalkerish...was I the only one who thought that?

Me, Niamh, Harry and Liam had maths after Lunch! Apparently it was going to be a cover lesson as Mr Elegna was Ill!

Niamh's POV
We sat down in maths, i sit next to Harry of course! It was unusually quiet in here and now, I thought, was the perfect time to as Harry about him and Lillith
"Harry?" I questioned, my voice full of curiosity. He looked at me with his piercing green eyes, his lips carressed and smile and his curly hair was as perfect and bouncy as ever. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at him. I was in love with this boy and it broke my heart he dint love me back. He was giving me his full attention when Miss Leroy walked in! She took one look at us two sitting next to eachother and shook her head
"no no!" she sighed "this seating plan just won't do!" she sighed once more and thought a little before she came to her conclusion
"alright! Everybody stand up! Sit where you like as long as it's boys on this side girls on the other!"
Miss Leroy smiled to herself thinking her decision was brilliant!

"speak to you after class babes!" Harry whispered and winked at me! Oh my god! He just called me Babe! And he winked at me! My heart started to beat louder and faster! Could anyone hear it?

I looked over to the back of the room, slipping out of my fantasy world, as I heard a voice calling my name!
"Niamh!" Sian grinned at me "come sit over here!" she smiled patting the seat next to hers! Happily I grabbed my bag and went to take my seat next to Sian!

"Harry just called me babe!" I whispered happily before both of us started squealing in excitement!

I headed towards the hall! That is where me and Liam where supposed to meet after school, as usual! I got to the hall to see Liam and Alice giggling, they didn't even notice I walked in!
"umm...hi!" I smiled slowly walking in. It was then that both of them noticed me!
"hi Sian!" smiled Alice waving at me
"am I interupting something?" I questioned "should in go?" I suggested
"no stay!" smiled Liam sweetly "Alice was just leaving!" he smiled at her too!
"yeah!" he sighed with annoyance in her voice "see you later Li!" she sighed grabbing her bag, pushing past me as she headed out the door!

"So!" I half smiled at Liam walking towards him "you and Alice?"
"no!" he smiled "we are just friends!"
Good! I added in my head! I knew Liam and Alice were just friends but I couldn't help but feel a little jelous of her...


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