Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


33. Prom moments and the morning afternoon

Hi everyone! Sorry its been a while been away and had no access to my computer x But I have made up for it now (hopefully) with this new Chapter which, on Word, is 6 pages long :O x Longest chapter I have made! Well Enjoy x


Rachel's POV
We arrived at an ancient castle which was breathtakingly beautiful! I gasped stepping out of the long stretch limousine hand in hand with Niall! Prom, in a castle! Who would have thought?
"It's beautiful!" I whispered staring up at it my eyes sparkling with amazement and joy
"So are you!" whispered Niall in my ear making my whole body tingle!
"Niall you have said that like 5 times tonight!" I grinned
"...and I will keep saying it until it is proven untrue!" he smiled making me giggle.
"Let's go inside! Hurry!" I grinned after a while of us standing there admiring it and I began to run with Niall's hand still gripping firmly to mine!

I didn't think I was going to see anything more beautiful than the outside of the castle, I was wrong, the moment we stepped inside my heart started beating quickly as I looked around. It was magical! That was the only way to describe it! We posed for the photo as Niall gently placed a kiss on my cheek!

"Hey!" he whispered after a few minutes of being inside
"yeah?" I asked through a whisper
"I have a present for you!" he smiled taking a small box out of his pocket!
"Niall!" I gasped "you shouldn't have!" I smiled taking the box from him
"Well I did!" he grinned waiting in anticipation to see the look on my face as I opened the small black box. I opened it to reveal to small chains with a connecting hearts! One that said Niall and the other said Rachel!
"Niall they are beautiful!" I smiled as he took the Niall one out and carefully placed it round my kneck before he took the Rachel one out and placed it round his wrist! He then connected the two hearts making me giggle!
"You are the best Boyfriend ever!" I grinned
"No I'm not!" Niall smiled "I'm the best Fiancée ever!" he grinned
"Shut Up!" I pulling his tie so our faces were pressed together and we kissed...

Justine's POV
"I love you Justine!" whispered Louis in my ear as we silently drove up the long winding roads towards the Castle!
"Love you too Louis! Through everything!" I smiled through a whisper hoping he felt the same!

I was constantly worrying about the pregnancy...I definitely wanted to keep it, I mean it was my little baby!
"What's wrong chick?" asked Louis clearly noticing the worried and confused look on my face
"Nothing sweetie, just thinking that's all!" I whispered placing my head on his shoulder
"about what?" he asked slowly lifting my head up with his finger so I was looking into his sparkling eyes
"...the future!" I whispered with a small smile "like kids and marrige and kids and stuff..." I whispered
"you said kids twice!" chuckled Louis smiling down at me...I just couldn't help but grin as his soft fingers stroked my face.
"...anyway babes, don't worry about the future, what matters is right here right now! Just me and you, together!" he whispered into my ear, I could feel his breath tingling on my kneck going down to my heart making it beat faster and faster! I rested my head back on his shoulder, I'll tell him about the baby someday, just not today...

Time passed quickly as we were stood in the beautiful castle standing by the extravagant fireplace. All the worries I was feeling earlier had gone. Louis was right, it was just me an him together, and for now that's all that mattered!

I stood giggling. Louis never failed to make me laugh. He was so funny and such a sweetheart, he was the perfect package and the best boyfriend I could ever imagine!

Niamh's POV
"Care to dance?" asked Harry looking down at me, his cheeks were blushing a light red and his piercing green eyes were staring at me lovingly through his soft curly locks.
"of course!" I grinned after a few moments of silence. He gently took my arms and wrapped them round his kneck before he carefully placed his hands round my waist and slowly we began to dance. It was silent and I giggled softly as he span me.

"You really do look beautiful!" grinned Harry removing one of his hands from my waist as taking a lock of my hair in his hands before he began twiddling it round his fingers
"Well I try!" I giggled jokingly making Harry grin. He placed his head to mine, I felt his breath on my lips while it slowly began to tingle down my spine. I stared into his eyes, I couldn't help it. They were so hypnotising, just looking into his eyes and seeing his warm soft smile made my heart beat faster and faster.

Before I knew it his lips were against mine, they were soft and warm and our noses pressed together!

Slowly and reluctantly he pulled away. Both of us were smiling happily. He took a lock of my hair in his hands once more
"I love you Niamh!" he smiled
"Love you too Harry!" I grinned giving him a tight hug. Every moment I had ever spent with Harry was perfect, even when we were arguing. I love him and he loves and it doesn't matter what the future holds, right here, right now is what happens!

Sian's POV
I awoke, blinking my eyes lightly. I slowly brought my hand ups to my eyes and rubbed them gently, sat up and yawned to find I had a massive headache. I rubbed my hair lightly, the curls had stayed in place and it was still full of hairspray. 'At least I know the Hairspray works' I thought to myself and giggled lightly. I pulled off the blue quilts to find myself in the 'after-Promdress' I was wearing yesterday, it was red short and ruffled. I liked red, red was my colour.

Slowly, as my senses began to wake, I realised I wasn't in my room, I was in Liam's...and my brain brought me back to the memories of last night
"I Love You Sian Roach!"
"I love You too Liam Payne..."
...definitely the best night of my life...

I looked to my side to see him there sleeping, his bare chest moving up and down softly. He looked like a baby...yawning once more and still feeling rather sleepy I snuggled down into his arms and fell back asleep.

Liam's POV
Light poured into my window through a small gap in the curtains and I could hear the birds chirping loudly. It was a bright summers morning, I looked at the time on my phone next to my bed, make that a bright summers afternoon. Gently I turned around to look at the girl cuddled in my arms. Her curly blonde locks were slightly covering her face and i could feel her warm breath on my arms as she slowly breathed in and out. She looked like an angel. Actually, she was an angel, she was my angel. I gently took one of her locks of golden blonde hair and moved it out the way of her face so I could see how beautiful she really was. I slowly leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her cheek making her stir as she began to wake. Her bright blue eyes fluttered open as she sat up slowly with her hand on her soft supple hands clenched to her head.

"Morning Sleeping Beauty!" I grinned taking a lock of her hair and twiddling it round my finger
"morning!" she whispered, her voice was a little croaky "ow!" she added at the end clutching her head in her hands "what happened?" she asked melting into my arms
"You drank to much. As per usual!" I chuckled poking her in the side lightly
"I didn't drink that much!" she protested as she closed her eyes for about 10 seconds "I think I'm going to be sick!" she whispered running for the bathroom and throwing up!
"aww babe!" I whispered standing behind her, holding her hair back and comforting her.

"maybe I did have a little to much to drink..." she sighed as I gave her a glass of water. Even just drinking water she looked like an angel. She is my angel, my highly Hungover angel! I saw her walk over to the mirror in the bathroom ad carefully study her reflection.
"I look a mess..." she complained trying to take the smudged eyeliner off with her finger
"no you don't!" I smiled coming to give her a hug "you look beautiful! You always do!" I grinned giving her a small peck on the lips.

"Wanna come the cinema later? An then maybe dinner afters?" I asked after a few moments of silence as I gazed into her eyes
"sure!" she smiled "just you an me!"
"yep! Out first proper date!" i grinned
"i'd like that!" she smiled giving me a gentle hug just before Niall came in.

"Hey Sian, Liam!" he greeted us happily "Sian, Niamh is looking for you, she is in your room!" Niall smiled as he went to sit on his bed.
"alright I'm going now anyways!" Sian smile pulling out of the hug "someone text Niamh and tell her I'm on my way? I'm not sure where my phone is!"
"It's in Rachel's room!" smiled Niall as she headed towards the door
"thanks!" she smiled her little bright smile before walking out.

Sian's POV
Quickly I shuffled back to our dorm i didn't really want to be seen in the same clothes as yesterday looking a mess.

I slammed the door to mine and Niamh's dorm behind me and walked in the room holding my heels in my hand walking slowly inside. When I got fully inside I noticed Niamh, Justine, Rachel and Maryanne all waiting for me in anticipation.
"umm hi!" I smiled "is this like the after after party because im still a little Hungover from the after party-" I began but Justine cut me off
"sooo! What did you and Liam get up to last night!" Justine grinned dragging me over and sitting me on the bed
"we want all the details!" giggled Maryanne
"honestly..." I smiled "I cant remember much. And nothing 'big' probably happened anyway considering I woke up in this!" I smiled
"Well what an you remember?" asked Rachel excitedly
"the moment I got with him and I remember...moments of the after party..." I grinned
"I remember the after party pretty well! How about you'se?" asked Justine
"'s blurry!" Answered Rachel
"Justine that's because you didn't drink!" grinned Niamh
"because I can't drink!" added Justine stressing the can't!
"cos of your iccle baby!" I cooed to Justine's tummy completely embarrassing myself in the process. All four of them looked at me like I had just sprouted another head or something.

"anyways..." I said changing the subject "I'm going to go get a shower, I have plans with Liam later!" I grinned
"oooo!" they all cooed
"what like bedroom plans?" grinned Rachel
"No! Of course not! I've only been with him for, what? Like 12hours"
"you counted?" asked Niamh
"no I estimated!" I answered back smiling lightly.
"so what kind of plans then?" grinned Justine a I headed towards my watdrobe
"...just to the cinema!" I smiled taking out two summer dresses with the same pattern just different colours "what do you think, red or blue?" I asked holding up each dress in turn
"red!" they all said in unison
"just what I thought!" I grinned placing the blue one gently back in my wardrobe and heading now towards my hair accecories picking up a bow and a flower in each hand and looking in the mirror while placing each accessory in my hair gently in turn to see which one looked better
"'s like out first proper date!" I girnned deciding on the bow!
"oooo!" they all cooed again.
I was really beginning to get excited for my first proper date with Liam...

A few hours passes and I spent the whole time getting ready! Everyone helped do my hair and make-up! I was going to do it myself but they insisted! I have such amazing friends! I looked in the full length mirror that was hating up in the wall opposite my bed and smiled lightly! This was going to be the best date ever!

"Good Luck!" the girls shouted as I waved and headed out the door happily skipping towards reception where I agreed to meet up with Liam. The butterfly's flew around in my tummy, I had never been so nervous in my whole life!

I slowly walked up to the big glass doors where Liam was stood waiting patiently, the cool breeze blew his scent towards me and he smelt a little bit like aftershave!
"Hey Li!" I grinned skipping towards him
"Hey Sian!" he smiled pulling me close and kissing me firmly on the lips. As we Finaly broke away Liam asked
"what film do you want to go watch?"
"umm. I dont mind!" I smiled scanning my brain for the list of movies I ha just looked at "What about Scre4m?" I asked Liam giving him a small cuddle
"you like horror's?" he asked
"yeah! I have the Trilogy Boxset of Scream!" I grinned as we began to walk towards the cinema "Don't worry! If you get to scared I'll hold your hand!" I laughed
"I'm scared already!" smiled Liam sarcastically entwining his fingers with mine till they locked into eachothers and I rested my head on his shoulder. The light slowly began to get dim and it wasn't long before we were having a romantic walk under the stars...

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