Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


48. Premierses and interviews

"Why Liam? Why can't you think of anything?" I could hear him complaining to himself through the big wooden door.
"Knock Knock?" I sort of asked opening up the door
"Sian? Sian what are you doing here?" Liam grinned running over to me picking me up and spinning me around "I thought you were filming all week!"
"I am...I'm filming in LA!" I grinned giggling at him 

Me and Liam began talking again after a few days
My phone began to ring; I picked it up from the side and checked the caller ID. I was expecting it to be Zoe, my agent, or Cassie, as we were flying to LA next week to film the final scenes of the series.
It wasn't Zoe, or Cassie. It was someone whose name just sent chills down my spine and made my stomach flip every time I heard it. Liam. I took a deep breath in and answered the phone.
"Hi!" I smiled hesitantly waiting in anticipation for the answer
"Sian...we need to talk..." said Liam sounding just as hesitant as me
"...I know" I whispered "I miss you..." I then said through a hushed voice
"Miss you too..." he whispered before adding " your door?"
"What? Why?" I questioned rather confused
"just open it..." he sighed through a small chuckle. Slowly I walked towards the door, pulling at the handle and opening it up wide to see Liam stood there...
"Liam what are you doing here?" I questioned still talking down the phone
"...hang up Sian!" he chuckled.
"Oh yeah!" I then giggled before hanging up.

"Can I come in?" he then asked hesitantly
"Why not?" I smiled allowing him to step inside
"How've you been?" Liam asked
"Good, you?" I replied attempting to make the conversation less awkward
"Umm yeah yeah..." Liam sighed as we stood in silence again after that as a small awkward pause spread among us...
"and you and Jerome...?" Liam then asked
"great actually! And Danielle?" I then asked trying to sound polite
"Yeah great!" he smiled through an awkward cough until yet again the silence spread amongst us...

"Do you think we should forget..." I asked "...the night in New York I mean..." I then added
"I wanted to say that!" Liam smiled " if it never happened!"
"Exactly!" I answered smiling as he pulled me into a small hug
"I just want my best friend back..." he whispered as I rested my head upon his chest, relaxing myself by listening to his stead heartbeat.

"Did you tell anyone...?" he asked curiously pulling out of the hug
"Nope! You?" I questioned scrunching up my nose
"Only Louis..." he admitted
"Oh." I replied

We began to talk normally after a few extra moments of silence before Liam left to catch his plane. He and the boys were off to LA and they had no idea that I was going to be right there with them in just a matter of days...

"Why didn't you tell me?" he chuckled a wide smile beamed across his face
"Surprise?" I giggled as he gave me another hug "I've got an hour off work! Wanna do something?"
"I can't!" sighed Liam "Simon wants me to write this song...and I just can't think of anything!" he moaned as he went to sit on the floor as he hugged his knees
"...well I can help!" I smiled mimicking his actions.
"You can't write a song!" he chuckled
"Well why not?" I answered back
" offence Sian, but you're an actress, what do you know about song writing?"
"More than you obviously!" I chuckled poking him and falling into his arms
"You know, every time I think I get you out if my head, you just fall right into my arms instead..." he whispered into my ear. I stopped and looked at him "what?" he questioned
"that's could be a good line in a song..." I smiled. Liam too, fell quiet and looked at me.
"Just get out, get out, get outta my head
And fall into my arms instead...?" he sang in his beautiful voice that never failed to give me Goosebumps
"Exactly!" I grinned "that was amazing!"
" I have like 2 lines? What now?" Liam questioned. I took the guitar from the side and passed it to him...
"just play a few chords!" I smiled handing him the Guitar
"what are you-"
"just play!" I smiled as he began to play some chords...

Liam's POV
"just play a few chords..." Sian smiled her bright blue eyes fluttering and sparkling in the light
"What are you-" I began but she cut me off
"just play!" she sighed as I took the guitar off her and began to play...
"...I've tried playing it cool
But when I'm looking at you
I can never be brave
Cos' you make my Heart race..." she began singing in the most beautiful voice I had ever heard
"How did you do that...?" I gasped
"I just sang what came into my head...see it's easier than it looks!" she giggled
"Why didn't you tell me you could sing?" I gasped
"You never asked!" she stated "come on, now you try!" she smiled as I began to play again...I tried to sing but no words came out.
"I can't do it!" I sighed
"Just try...just sing what's on your mind..." she smiled lightly as I began to play again
"...Shot me outta' the sky
You're my kryptonite
You keep making me weak
Yeah frozen and can't breathe...?" I was kind of easy "how was that?" I questioned
"It was really good..." she nodded in approval "but-" she began
"but..." I sighed
"But what actually is a Kryptonite?" she giggled making me breathe a sigh of relief as I chuckled too
"Who knows?" I smiled.

"Well try it from the beginning..." she smiled after a few minutes had passed
"I've tried playing it cool
But when I'm looking at you
I can never be brave
Cause you make my heart race

Shot me out of the sky
You're my Kryptonite
You keep me making me weak
Yeah, frozen and can't breathe

Some things got to give now
Cause I'm dying just to make you see
That I need you here with me now..." I stopped, we hadn't thought of anything after that
"...well then everything can go quiet and one of you can sing
...Cos' you've got that One Thing...
And then you go into the chorus with your Get Outta My Head bit!" she grinned over enthusiastically. I chuckled at her

"...what?" she asked through a small smile
"I love this Sian...the one who doesn't care about anything, just giggly and constantly over enthusiastic..." I smiled
"I'm always like this, I haven't changed...I'm just me..." she answered back a little confused
"I know your still're just a you that is constantly stressing about work and school..." he smiled
"Hey! It's hard being head girl of a top school and the star of a TV show!" she laughed through a smile
"...speaking of your TV show...didn't you say you only had an hour?" I questioned showing her my watch
"Oh God Yeah!" she sighed grabbing her bag "I've got to go! I'll see you and the boys later yeah?" she smiled giving me a tight squeeze as I allowed myself to give her a peck on the cheek...
"Sure! See you latters!" I called after her as she ran out the door quickly and away...

Sian's POV
1 month passes since LA! The premiere of 'A Rose for the Enemy' had been and gone and from the word go it was a big hit! Everyone loved it, and surprisingly, they loved me too! Zoe, my agent, had a lot of interviews planned for me and the rest of the cast in the near future but for now, I could just sit and relax while enjoying my new found fame!

It was now the 7th July and we were all in the lionize on our way to the Harry Potter Premiere! Hoe exciting!
"Do you think Rupert will be there?" asked Rachel excitedly
"No Rachel! Rupert won't we there...I mean, he's only like one of the main characters..." chuckled Niall sarcastically allowing Rachel to then playfully hit him across the arm.

Before long the lionize arrived. The screams and cheers from outside were immense...I felt almost scared to step out...but I did shaking lightly. Screams erupted from all over the place mainly shouting the names of the boys but somewhere shouting my name too, somewhere even shouting 'Rosetta' which obviously was my character name. It was rather strange really, I smiled and waved as cameras flashed at us from every angle and fans were still screaming our names...

"They love you!" whispered Liam in my ear as we began to walk down the Red Carpet
"They love you more..." I giggled before going towards the fans in order to sign a few autographs.

Justine's POV
I looked around as everyone began screaming Louis was quite strange really. Louis was just a normal who just happened to have found the path to fame...

I looked around, camera's flashing everywhere.
"TOM! TOM!" screamed a camera man from right in front of me. I looked over to where he was screaming to see the one and only Tom Felton...

He was beautiful, his emerald green eyes sparkling in the lights of the cameras and the cool summer breeze, blowing through his lush blonde hair...

He looked at me and flashed a cheeky grin and a small wink making me giggle an blush lightly.
"Hey Lou..." I smiled biting my lip
"Yeah?" he questioned in his dreamy voice, he sounded rather distant, as if he wasn't really concentrating
"I apologise in advance for what I'm about to do..." I said rather sincerely removing my hand from his and heading towards Tom Felton!
"Hey Tom! Can I try something?" I asked
"Yeah sure-" he began but I didn't leave him time to finish and just kissed him full on the lips. I wrapped his arms tightly. This kiss was passionate but rather strange...It was something I had dreamed about my whole life...but it felt kind of wrong.

We pulled away from the kiss, both of us breathless and camera's flashing everywhere. He coughed a little awkwardly and gave me a quick smile and a wink
"See you inside!" he whispered in my ear as he headed inside before I felt two strong arms wrap around me
"Don't ever do that again..." whispered a voice in my ear, the voice sounded stern but it had a hint of hurt and disappointment in was the voice of the true love of my life. The father of my Children...Louis.

Louis' POV
"LOUIS! LOUIS!" fans screamed at me from almost every corner as me and Justine walked down the red carpet arm in arm.
"Hey Lou..." said Justine hesitantly staring off into a direction biting her lip
"Yeah?" I questioned
"I apologise in advance for what I'm about to do..." she whispered letting go of my arm before storming straight over to Tom Felton, tapping him on the shoulder making him turn swiftly before kissing him straight on the lips.

...I wasn't sure whether to feel heartbroken, annoyed, angry...or amused? Despite Justine being the love of my life seeing her kiss Tom Felton made me laugh a little and make me even more attracted to her...strange...right?

It was soon after this that we headed inside and waited patiently for the film to start...

The after party was held in a beautiful hotel with high ceilings with huge glistening chandeliers hanging from them. The walls were made from exotic marble and thaw floor was tiled with beautiful mosaics. Despite all this the party was rather dim actually. I mean yes there was music and dancing and everyone around me was having a good time...but I just couldn't enjoy it...

Justine had gone over too Rachel who was 'Fangirling' (as they call it) over Rupert, who just happened to sit next to her during the film. I sighed and headed out the door to the Hotel gardens hidden within a court between the buildings. I sat on a bench for a while, letting the cool summer breeze cool me down and began to star at the billions of shining stars that surrounded the night velvet sky.

"Hey Lou..." came a small voice from behind me
"Siany!" I grinned back "Come sit!" I then added patting the seat next to me. She did as I commanded and sat down next to me and began staring up at the sky too.

"You alright?" she then asked
"Yeah. Good! You?" I said a little under enthusiastically
"Don't lie to me Lou!" she sighed. I chuckled
"You know me too well..." I exclaimed nudging her
"...And you always underestimate my knowledge!" she grinned back recurring the nudge.

Everything went quiet again
"Maybe you should get back at her..." she giggled
"How so?" I asked
"I don't know...kiss another actress?" she suggested "...but that's probably just the drink talking..." she giggled lightly picking up her glass and taking another small sip
"an actress?" I asked "like whom?"
"There are a load of actresses back in there!" she stated "Emma Watson? She was your first ever crush, am I right?" she then smiled nudging me once more making me blush again for some reason
"As I said before you know me too well Roach!" I chuckled
"And as I said before, you underestimate my knowledge Tomlinson!" she repeated through a small giggle.

"I'm going back inside! You coming?" asked Sian standing up
"Yeah but Sian?" I questioned standing and taking a step closer to her
"Yes Louis?" she asked turning swiftly. I kissed her, on the lips, it was a small quick kiss, it didn't last long as she backed away quickly
"Louis! What are you doing?" she asked
"'re an actress..." I grinned biting my lip
"Yeah but I didn't mean me!" She sighed pushing my shoulder
"Let's just pretend like it never happened...?" I suggested winking at her
"Kay!" she smiled quietly as we both headed inside...

Justine's POV
Tom had gone home with Jade and I was all a flutter after finally getting to meet him. I mean he was a my teenage crush! It was basically impossible for me not to kiss him...I had gone to find Louis to apologise ... I felt really bad but he would understand ...

I saw Jerome looking a little lost, probably searching for Sian ...
"Jerome!" I called out waving to him
"oh hey Justine have you seen Sian?" He asked looking rather concerned.
"no have you seen my Lou?" I said looking equally concerned now ... Where were they?

Our question was soon answered when we saw the two of them in the window, outside, faces pressed together...I turned away...I couldn't bare to watch any longer! ...yes, I know I shouldn't have kissed Tom...but Sian was my friend! She knows how much I love Louis...this just made me feel hurt...

I saw them stride inside together, Louis slightly behind Sian...The walk of shame.
I glanced over at Jerome. I could tell he felt the same as he was staring at me inquisitively
"You recon?" Jerome said, what did he mean...?
"what?" I questioned on the brink of tears. Jerome sighed and looked at me as if I was an idiot "payback" he whispered leaning in "kiss me..."

I considered it. I looked at Jerome, then at Louis, then Sian and back at Jerome before my eyes travelled back to Louis...

"no Jerome, go and talk to Sian" I turned away my voice cold and harsh as the words came out as a small hiss and stormed towards Louis
"come with me" I growled grabbing his arm furiously. I wasn't strong enough for him; he turned me around so that I was facing him. Louis looked at me and I gazed straight into his crystal blue eyes.
"I'm sorry Justine..." he whispered cupping my hand in his face
"what are you sorry for exactly?" I snapped, he coughed nervously...
"You don't know..." he asked
"Of course I know!" I snapped sighing "I can't believe you kissed Sian!" I sighed, my eyes threatening to spill with tears
"You kissed Tom!" he argued back
"Do I see Tom basically every day?"
"Have you known Tom since you were a little kid?"
"Have you-" I began but Louis cut me off
"No no! I haven't okay? I was just angry! And a little annoyed! I love you! Okay? You're the mother of my children and I couldn't possibly love anyone more! I love you Justine...always and forever..."
"I love you too" I replied through the tears coming down my face.
"let's go home" he said hugging me
I smiled up at him. I would never kiss another boy again. Louis was the love of my he said, always and forever.

Sian's POV
Weeks passed, interviews came and went. I met up with the girls a few times and was still constantly apologising to Justine. It was strange the conversation that I told her I kisses Louis...I was a little surprised to find out the fact that she already knew...
"Justine!" I smiled as I saw her strolling around the park, the twins in a double buggie. "How've you been lovely!" I smiled nervously, I hadn't talked to her since the Harry Potter premiere...I felt a little nervous around her just incise the subject of Louis popped up...then I always began to feel guilty...
"Great thanks!" she smiled "You?"
"Good..." I said adding a small sigh at the end " Justine I have to tell you something..." I then added
"...Jerome asked me to kiss him..." she butted in before I could say anything
"Did you?" I asked curiously, a small part of me was hoping she'd say yes so I wouldn't feel as guilty about kissing Lou
"No..." she smiled
"Really? Because it's okay if you did...?" I urged again hoping she would say yes
"No! Really Sian I didn't..."
"...but I kissed Louis..." I whispered through a small sigh
" I know!"
"You know?"
"I saw you..."
"You did?"
"Does Louis know you know?"
This made Justine giggle which made me giggle too...before we knew it we were both laughing and everything seemed to be back to normal...just the way it should be!

Horns of cars were beeping all around me and the traffic was slower than a snail.
"HURRY UP!" I screamed at the Traffic "I'm LATE!" I sighed once more smashing my head against the back of my seat which seems to amuse Edward, my driver.

"Calm down Sian!" he soothed " The Traffic is moving up ahead! If all goes well we should be there in the next 15 minutes!" he smiled
"Fine!" I sighed relaxing my head against the window and staring out at the slow moving Traffic.

Edward was right, no longer than 15 minutes later we were at the studio! I, Oliver, Eugene, Ruby and Andrew were being interviewed by Alan Carr about 'A Rose for the Enemy'. Ruby, I haven't mentioned yet btw, she plays Missy, who's my best friend and she also happens to be second in command at the Agency Missy and Rosetta work for. Ruby was lovely, she was always so bubble and giggly, we got along very well.

"You're late!" grinned Oliver opening the door wide for me
"Traffic!" I sighed as a ran into the studio and straight towards Make Up!
"Knock!" smiled Liam stepping into the room - ironically, One Directions interview was being recorded on the same day!
"Hey Li!" I smiled turning in my swivel chair
"You nervous?" he asked as he went to sit on my dressing table
"A" I then said returning the question
"very!" he chuckled
"doesn't worry! You'll do great!" I smiled. Liam smiled letting out a small sigh
"Do you think he'll ask about us?" he the questioned
"Us?" I asked
"Make up, break up, make up, break up, New York...?" he stated through a small chuckle.
"Well we'll just have to tell the truth then won't we!" I smiled adding a nervous cough at the end "...unless he asks about New York! That's when you keep your mouth shut!" I stated rather sternly making Liam chuckled
"Whatever you say but-" Liam began when he was interrupted
"The cast of 'A Rose for the Enemy' to the stage please!" came a man's strong voice over the annoy
"-your first!" he said giving me an encouraging smile, I returned one before heading off to the side of the stage to meet up with the rest of my co-workers.

I heard Alan Carr speaking on the audience laughing before he introduced the show
"...the cast of 'A Rose for the Enemy' everyone!" he shouted as the audience cheered and we all walked out with big smiles spread across our faces. It was only then that I realised I was clutching tight hold of Oliver's hand
"Nervous are we?" he leaned in and whispered in my ear as we headed down the stairs
"A little!" I blushed whispering back, giving him the same response I gave Liam and letting go of his hand. Oliver chuckled and winked at some girl fans in the audience whilst giving them a little wave as they screamed "LOVE YOU OLIVER!"
Honestly Oliver loved the attention. As much as I loved him, and he was an amazing friend, he was a big headed flirt. No doubt about it...he reminded me a little of Harry...

Clearing that thought out of my mind I followed the rest of my co-workers and went to sit down on the 'interview couches' but with no room left for me to sit down, I decided to sit on the floor.
"You all right down there?" asked Alan jokingly making me laugh a little
"Yeah! I'm fine! ...but I feel like I'm in Primary school again..." I giggled making Alan and the rest of my cast mates laugh "...should I put my hand up to answer a question?" I then joked again making everyone laugh once more before everyone shuffled up and I squeezed onto the end.

"Now that's better!" Alan smiled before the interview properly began "So what's it like with you all working together?"
"It's great!" began Andrew sat right on the other end of the couch from me "but it's always kind of weird because I feel a little old!" he laughed
"Yeah, Andrew's like the grandpa of the group!" Ruby joked nudging him
"We all clicked straight away, and we're like, the best of friends really!" smiled Eugene summing everything up into a small sentence
"Aww how sweet..." cooed Alan in his unique voice making us all let out a little giggle.

"So we know Andrew, you have Primeval and Eugene with House of Anubis but the rest of you...what are you going to do next? Will we see you in the future? Other than Series 2...?" he asked hopefully as a series 2 actually hadn't been announced yet...
"Well...the producers have been talking about a series 2..." I admitted through a small smile getting cheers from the audience "...but other than that...I might be appearing in a few episodes of Primeval myself..." I grinned giving Andrew and mini high five
"and me and Ruby are going to be doing a movie..." smiled Oliver, he sounded quite proud of himself but Ruby but him on the arm lightly
"But that all we can tell you because we were supposed to be keeping our mouths SHUT!" she snapped but failing to keep a small smile off her face

" now we have discussed the series...let's go on to celebrity gossip..." grinned Alan...and that's when everyone turned to look at me
"Oh no..." I mumbled making everyone laugh
"So Sian...I hear your good friends with a certain someone in a little band I like to call One Direction...?" immense cheers erupted from the audience as Alan mention 'One Direction'
"...VERY good friends..." teased Oliver I hit him in the arm, blushed a little and laughed before answering
"...yeah, I know One Direction!" I smiled still blushing lightly
"...and I think you KNOW Liam Payne a little too well...take a look at this picture!" he stated turning to the screen beside him! A picture came up on the screen and as soon as I saw it I burrow my face in my hands...the only reason wasn't a photo of me and Liam kissing.
"Hang on a second...that doesn't look like Liam..." exclaimed Alan sarcastically. Of course we knew what photo was coming "...that looks more like...Louis Tomlinson? Both boys in the same band you dirty girl!" he laughed. I looked up through my hands, my face was blushing bright red as I looked up at Alan. "Ooh! Look! She's gone bright red!" Alan stated excitedly standing up for a few moments before sitting back down again!
"For the record, I didn't kiss him he kissed me!" I blurted out "Sorry Lou!" I then added giggling lightly, I knew Louis wouldn't mind, him an Justine had already sorted everything out!

"Alright! But you still are really close to Liam! Check out this next photo..." he grinned as I calmed down a bit and my face turned back to its normal colour.
The picture was the one that was taken at prom. Mine and Liam's first kiss.

"Where did you get that photo?" I asked through a small laugh blushing lightly! I was genuinely curious as to where he got the photo...the only copy I knew about was at home... Safely tucked in my diary!
"It doesn't matter where I got it! We want the gossip from you!"
"There isn't much gossip! We went to the same high school, I was head girl and he was head boy! We went to prom together and kissed following that was a short relationship..." I smiled explaining what I felt was needed
"and who broke up with whom...?" Alan asked. I paused for a second...I know it was me that broke up with Liam, but that interview...way back in January, Liam said it was him that broke up with me...and I couldn't embarrassed him by revealing to the World that he lied...
"umm Liam broke up with me!" I finally sighed through a forced smile "...but we're still close though! Best friends!" I smiled blushing once more realising that what I had said was rather cheesy.

"...for some reason he came up in Rehearsals too..." Alan grinned...after a few minutes had passed we were still on the Liam subject
"Rehearsals?" I questioned
"Watch this!" Alan exclaimed as he turned once more to the screen next to him...

The clip began. "Page 42?" I questioned flicking through my script as Oliver nodded
"...Jason! Just promise me you'll stay here this time...the last thing we need is you getting yourself killed!" I stated now in character...although for the past few weeks I had been watching 'A Rose for the Enemy' I still found it rather strange watching myself on screen...
"But Rose! She's too dangerous! ...I mean what if you die...?" choked Oliver, he too was in character...
"I won't. I promise." I whispered tears falling from my eyes
" can't promise that!" Oliver whispered taking a step towards me, he too was now crying...I now knew what was coming, and why Alan was showing this clip! Quickly I hurried my head in my hands, I couldn't look...I just had to listen
"I love you Rose..." Oliver whispered I knew what was happening, at this point in the clip Oliver was taking a lock of my hair and placing it behind my ear...we had been through that scene so many times I knew everyone millimetre of movement off by heart
"...I love you too Liam..." I heard myself whisper back. My heart stopped and everyone's head in the audience shot over to me and looked at me, I looked up at them, probably blushing bright red...some were grinning, some were lauding and some were glaring. There were a few 'Future Mrs Payne's in the audience I see...
"It's Jason!" chuckled Oliver as the clip continued, he was now not in character anymore. I bit my lip and giggled lightly
"Sorry..." I chuckled "Go again?" and it stopped there.

Some of the audience clapped at this clip.
"Care to explain?" asked Alan, an immense grin spread across his face
"Liam just so happened to be in the room on that day and I was speaking to him literally seconds was an easy mistake to make!" I stated coming up with excuses

"'re going to run out of excuses soon!" Alan chuckled. We were still on the topic of Liam...
"How long is this interview exactly?" I asked getting a little impatient now. Alan laughed without answering my question and just continuing with the interview "You were with Liam in New York a few weeks back am I right...?" he then asked
"Yeah! Me four of my friends from school and One Direction! So it's not like we were alone or anything..." I smiled wanting to get off the subject of New York ASAP!
"Well we have some pictures..." he began
"Pictures?" I quickly interrupted "Pictures of what exactly?"
"Pictures of you in New York..."
"Well how did you get them...?"
"The paparazzi...?"
"How did the paparazzi get a camera in the hotel room?"
"Hotel room? It's a picture of you two in Central Park..."
"Central Park?" I choked "Oh." I then went really quiet
"Anything you want to tell us Sian...?" Alan then asked curiously
"No no...carry on..." I whispered hesitantly
"What happened in the Hotel room?" urged Alan clearly wanting the gossip
"...seriously how long is this interview?"

"...and sadly that's all we have time for, let's just watch a small clip of these in action!" Alan stated clearly listening to the man in his eat piece. I closed my eyes tight shut as the clip played. I literally felt sick to the stomach...the few minutes after that was a blur. I forced a smile at the audience as Alan 'dismissed' us from the interview, before I rushed off back to my dressing room...

I felt a strong hand grab mine before I could actually make it to the dressing room
"Sian are you alright?" came Louis voice
"...I'm fine..." I whispered fighting back tears
"Liam told me what happened in New-" he began before I cut him off
"I said I'm fine Lou okay?" I snapped before freeing my hand from his grip and running towards my dressing room to calm myself down...

Before long the rest of the cast and of course my friends Justine, Rachel, Niamh and Maryanne were sat in my dressing room.
"Well you were definitely the centre of attention in that interview..." chuckled Andrew nudging me lightly trying to cheer me up
"You should have felt free to steal the spotlight...I sure didn't want it!" I answered back through a small smile
"You're a start now Sian! You're just going to have to deal with stuff like that!" grinned Oscar which too was an attempt to cheer me up

"...You okay sweetie?" asked my agent Zoe who entered the dressing room and took a seat next to Andrew...those too began dating recently, it was a little strange to see my agent and co-worker as a couple but sweet all the same. I smiled at her presence and answered
"I'm fine thanks!" before taking a deep breath in
" what actually did happen?" asked Rachel curiously! I literally hadn't told anyone about it. Not a soul.
"I'll tell you back at school!" I smiled and Rachel nodded
"shah! One Directions interview is about to start!" grinned Justine excitedly as we all turned to the screen to watch in anticipation...

As soon as the boys walked onto the stage the screams erupted from the audience. One Direction was VERY popular with the girls! But why wouldn't they be? Each of them had their own unique beauty and shining personalities that girls drool over, so I wants really surprised with that attention they were getting...

Alan began by talking about how none of them could have a drink, since they were all under 18, which made them all laugh automatically causing us to laugh too! Soon after he mentioned One Directions 1st Birthday, which I thought was rather cute!
"Can you believe it's been a year?" asked Alan as he poured them some drinks...that's when Liam spoke
"I know it's been amazing! I mean it's been such a busy and hectic year for us but was having the most amazing time of our lives and I'm sure all the boys agree..." he smiled turning to the boys as if asking for approval
"And how did you celebrate...?" Alan questioned
"We- we umm went to Laser Quest!" came Harry's deep voice which made the audience laugh for some strange reason, this then led on to Harry saying he was the_14 best an Alan telling a joke about him being crap at Laser Quest! After that he began to talk about Factor, which we all know is a big part of the boy's career! Niall then decided to do his impression of the Factor man which made Rachel giggle lightly
"Aww he's really good at that isn't he?" she cooed from backstage as the interview continued.

After that he began to talk about the album an how Alan could rap, which of course led to a few funny moments within the interview making us all laugh uncontrollably? Then Harry was saying how he stripped off on the plane...if only I would have gone to LA few days earlier...that would have been a sight to see! Liam kept laughing and he did this cute little thing where he clasp when he laughed...anyway, back to the interview...

They then showed a clip of Louis being pulled over by the police in America which too was pretty funny!

"Now I know you can't believe everything that is said in the papers but is it true that you took a shine to some of the girls in the video...?" Justine, Rachel, Niamh and Maryanne all sat up at this but ad really concentrated on the interview
"The girls were lovely in the Video..." Harry stated smiling lightly
"Did you get any phone numbers...?" Alan then asked curiously
"umm the girls were lovely in the video..." said Harry again this time a little more hesitantly. They then began talking about 'Madison' some girl who happened to be in their music video. I met her when I was up in LA and she seemed lovely!
"...Can you tell us about Madison, Harry? Did you take a trip down Madison's avenue?" he questioned making everyone laugh, including Harry.
"Harry Styles!" Niamh gasped sounding pretty horrified. Harry didn't say anything, he just laughed before Alan moved onto the next question.

"What about girls that weren't in the Video?" he asked grinning "because two of you seemed to have taken a shine to a little actress I like to all Sian Roach..." the whole audience laughed and I rolled my eyes from backstage
"Oh god!" I mumbled
"...So Louis..." he began
"The kiss was like a one off thing!" Louis stated "Me and Sian are just really good friends!" he smiled sweetly. Aww, Lou was truly adorable!
"You and Sian are pretty close to then Liam?" he asked through a chuckle
"Yeah I and Sian are pretty close..." Liam began through a small smile
"I heard you and Sian had some fun in New York, Liam!" he stated
"...It was nothing really..." Liam mumbled a small smug smile appeared on his face
"Nothing as in 'I really don't want to tell you on National TV' nothing..."
"Basically..." Liam admitted chuckling lightly.
"So are any of you actually single...?" questioned Alan. All five boys shook their heads. With that I think Alan got bored and he moved on.

Soon after that he went on to talk about their life and showed a couple of their baby photos. Then they started talking about Zany and his dancing which led to a dance off that Zany clearly won!

Noah's POV
"I cannot believe Harry cheated on me..." I gasped squeezing my eyes right shut attempting to make the tears go away
"Niamh listen to me! I was in LA at the same time they were and I can tell you now that Harry did NOT cheat on you!" Sian smiled placing a hand on my shoulder
"...but you weren't with them 24/7...seriously Sian if you're 100% positively sure that Harry didn't cheat on me then fine I'll believe you..." I stated. Sian fell silent
"Niamh you know I can't be 100% sure! That's like impossible, but I'm like 90% us-" she began but then o saw Harry.
"HARRY!" I shouted running up to him "How could you? How could you cheat on me?" I snapped hitting his across the arm.
"Niamh...Niamh look at me..." he whispered cupping my face in his hands "Nothing happened between me and Madison. I love you, okay? Only you..." he whispered placing his lips to mine and kissing me lightly. I didn't say anything. It was hard to believe, Harry had changed in the slightest way, becoming a little more bigly headed and he loved the attention from the girls.
"Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed
And when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell...
You don't know
You don't know you're beautiful..." Harry sang.
"Harry you know I hate cheesy things..." I giggled resting my head upon my shoulder
"When I had to sing that to Madison in the Video...I was always thinking of you...always..." he whispered into my ear
"I love you Harry..." I whispered back
"Love you too Niamh..." he smiled kissing my forehead lightly...


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