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In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


49. Pre wedding flashbacks

Hey guys! I've updated much quicker ;) …im getting good at this haha xD xD Im a little upset because ive started to jump to important events…which means the Fanfic is drawing to a close and its nearing its end! BUT its not over yet so hope you enjoy and PLEASE remember to REVIEW? PLEASE? Can I get to 160 Reviews? That's our TARGET 160 Reviews xD xD Thanks guys LOVE YOU!

*1 Year Later*
I was sat with my earphones in. My eyes were feeling droopy and they began to drift closed slowly.
"Cece..." I heard a small muffled voice and a small hand tapping me. I opened my eyes quickly and took out my headphones
"Hey baby girl..." I cooed picking up Felicity in my arms and sitting her down gently on my lap. The twins were 16months old now; both of them could walk and were beginning to talk a time flew by.

So many things had happened within this year, starting with me winning TWO NTA's in the January! I personally won 'Best Newcomer' and A Rose For the Enemy won 'Best Drama' I was so proud it was unreal!

One Direction of course have gotten MASSIVE! seriously huge! They were so big worldwide now it was Unreal! 'What Makes You Beautiful' they're first single was a massive hit! Then they had 'Up All Night' the most wonderful album in the World following that thy brought out 'Gotta Be You' and 'One Thing'!

They also had the tour. Which was brilliant, I went to watch myself however I was watching from backstage...
I began walking towards the Liverpool Echo Arena. I didn't think anyone would actually notice me...I got that wrong!
"HEY LOOK IT'S SIAN ROACH!" screamed one of the girls who were waiting outside the arena, waiting for the boys presumably. I smiled and waved at them and they called me over
"Hey Girls! You excited for tonight?" I smiled politely at them all
"Very!" one of them answered with a bright smile on her face.
"They're great aren't they!" I grinned just thinking about them on stage
"Hey can I get a picture?" asked another girl
"Sure thing sweetie!" I smiled taking her Camera and talking a picture of the two of us.
"Thanks!" she grinned happily
"Ant time!" I smiled before my phone started to vibrate in my pocket.
*Ring Ring! Hello?* it called and I blushed as some of the girls giggle at my ringtone. I checked the caller ID. Liam? I answered
"Hey Liam! What's up?" I questioned, a few of the girls squealed
"hey me and the boys will be there soon! Sorry we're late" he exclaimed down the phone.
"No problem! Just been outside chatting to your fans" I smiled
"Ooh! Put me on speaker!" he said before I heard him mumbling to the boys about talking to the fans. I pulled my phone from my ear and put him on speaker
"As you requested Liam! You're on Speaker!" I smiled as all of the girls began screaming
"Hello!" came a chorus of boys from the phone making the girls squeal even more...

Later that night I was watching the boys perform from backstage. I felt so proud as I watched them bouncing around madly like there was no tomorrow as they sang their hearts out!

They paused for a bit and Liam began to speak!
" have a small question...?" Liam began a smile beginning to spread from the corners of his mouth
"...Do we have...any fans...of 'A Rose For the Enemy' in the audience today?" he asked and immense cheers erupted from the audience. He chuckled
"thought so!" he smiled before adding " you might know, me and the boys are pretty good friends with Sian Roach who plays Rosetta...!" he began, again there was cheers from the audience. Oh god. Where was Liam going with this?
"So who wants to meet her? She just so happens to be backstage today...?" for the third time the cheers and screams from the audience erupted filling the whole arena!

Liam ran to the side as he came quickly to drag me on stage
"No Liam! Please don't!" I sighed as he took my hand anyway "ew! Liam your all sweaty!" I moaned. He chuckled still ignoring me and dragging me onto the stage. I smiled nervously and gave a little wave.
"You wanna say something?" Liam asked, clearly the whole arena could hear him as he spoke into the mic
"No. I'm alright thanks!" I giggled to him
"Aww she's shy!" he said making a pouty face which too made the whole audience go 'aww'. I laughed and hit him across the arm
"...and what the audience doesn't know is...despite having a girlfriend, Liam still has a crush on Sian!" teased Louis
"and Sian still has a crush on Liam...!" grinned Harry winking at me. I sighed rolling my eyes whilst chuckling lightly
"Larry Stylinson is ganging up on us!" I pouted into Liam's mic "Tell them off!" I grinned at the audience making a lot of them laugh "imma go now!" I whispered to Liam before giving the audience a wave and heading off back stage
"That was Sian Roach everyone!" cheered Liam "...isn't she lovely?" he then added through a small smile...that was the most embarrassing thing I had ever soon as he got off that stage...Liam was dead I laughed smiling to myself...

I looked behind me to see Justine fast asleep with Joseph on her lap, he too was fast asleep
"Is mummy sleeping?" I then asked her smiling lightly. She nodded her head and picked up one of my earphones and placed it to her ear. Music was still playing, I had clearly forgotten to turn it off, I smiled as she passed it to me, he big blue eyes were sparkling with fascination. I placed the earphone to my ear too before smiling
"That's magic isn't it?" I smiled making her smile back and she nodded. Felicity, in all honesty was the cutest baby ever!

She then took my iPod from me, pressing the middle button and watching it light up. She smiled as she stared at my background photo inquisitively
"Cece..." she said placing her finger on the photo pointing me out
"Well done Felicity! That's me isn't it!" I smiled putting up my hand so she could give me a high five, she did so, giggling lightly afterwards before turning back to the photo. She had begun calling me Cece since she started to talk...I don't think she could actually say Sian...
"Jewome..." she then said pointing to the boy on the photo stood next to me. I took a deep breath in and sighed
"Yeah that's Jerome..." I whispered fighting back the tears. She stares up at me, put her hands out and shrugged her shoulders
"Gone!" she said
"Yeah Jerome's gone..." I whispered.
"No cwy..." she stated leaning in to give me a small hug as a tear rolled down my cheek. I giggled slightly at her adorability hugging her back
"You alright Sian?" asked Niamh who was sat next to me, I took a deep breath in and sighed
"Yeah I'm fine..." I smiled...

Niamh's POV
"You alright Sian?" I asked as she wiped the tear from her cheek
"Yeah I'm fine..." she smiled through a small sigh.

It must have been so hard for Sian...especially with having to stay on at school every day, being alone as head girl...

We all sat by the river sketching the beautiful mountainous landscape.
"Remember guys this is just to help you get ideas for your final piece when we get back to school!" called our Art Teacher Mr Bowland, I smiled at him and took out my pencil glancing up at the scenery then back down at my paper and began to sketch what my eyes could see.

"Alice! Don't get too close to the water!" sighed Mr Bowland startling Alice as she was attempting to balance on the slippery wet rocks that lined the rushing river.
"Alice!" moaned Jerome quickly rushing over to her.
"Leave her Jerome..." I sighed smiling lightly. Since him and Sian were dating, I got to know him more. Jerome was lovely but he just cared about everyone way too much, it would be Alice's fault if she slipped anyway...

"ALICE GET DOWN FROM THEM ROCKS!" Mr Bowland screamed as she was using them as stepping stones to cross the river. Jerome sighed and got up
"Look! We don't want anyone to get hurt! Just come here!" he moaned trying to take her hand
"Let go of me!" she snapped before she slipped on a rock, using Jerome to pull herself back to the side pushing Jerome in in the process.
"JEROME!" I shouted quickly running to the edge. I couldn't see him. Just the water rushing past "Where is he? JEROME!" I screamed again...Sian would be distraught...I hope with all my heart he'd be okay...

We were back in the log cabin all of us sat waiting nervously at the table.
"How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?" Alice moaned
"Alice! You don't understand! If Jerome's..." I paused unable to say the word "...if Jerome doesn't make'll have to do the explaining to Sian...!"
"He'll be fine! He's not going to die? he...?" stated Alice, her voice getting progressively quitter as she looked around the room for approval, receiving nothing but cold glares from everyone.

Mr Bowland walked into the room looking at the floor, he looked up and straight into my eyes shaking his head. That when I knew, Jerome was dead.
"We're going home..." he mumbled as we all quickly took our bags and piled onto the coach.

The journey home was quiet. The only sound was a few sniffles, most of them coming from me I think. I cried silently the whole could this happen?
I took out my phone and tapped in Harry's number
"Harry...?" I croaked
"Niamh! Darling are you crying? What's wrong?" he gasped his voice full of worry
"I'll be at the school in an hour...bring the boys? Sian's gonna need Liam..." I whispered
"Niamh! What are you talking about?"
"Promise me you'll be there...please?" I croaked
"I promise!" he whispered "I love you!" he added
"I love you too..." I whispered back before hanging up. If anything like that ever happened to Harry...I don't know what I'd do...

We arrived at the school. I took in a deep breath and made my way off the coach drying my eyes from tears. Harry greeted me with a hug
"Are you alright Niamh...?" he questioned
"I-I'm fine..." I whispered

"Niamh? What's wrong?" asked Sian curiously running up to me and giving me a hug "Are you alright? Where's Jerome?" she asked, her eyes were glazed over with a look of worry. At the mention of his name my face turned White and I felt physically sick to the stomach
"Sian I'm so sorry..." I whispered, I didn't know how to say it
"Niamh? Is Jerome okay...?" she asked, she too went pale. I shook my head
"There was this the river..." I began
"Niamh! No! Tell me this is all a big joke! Tell me Jerome is okay!" she pleaded. I shut my eyes...I couldn't bear to see the look on her face
"He didn't make it Sian I'm sorry..." I blurted out letting a few tears roll down my cheeks. Suddenly I felt arms wrap around me, I looked to see it was Harry, he was holding me tight stroking my hair.

I quickly took a glance over at Sian who was sat on the ground, her head buried in hers hands as floods of tears fell from her eyes as Liam was sat with her, wrapping his arms around her whispering in her ear...

Sian's POV
After Jerome died I didn't know what to do. I remember being completely distraught, especially having to see his family at the funeral...that was the most hardest experience I had ever gone through. But Liam stayed with me, every step of the way! I loved him for that, and I always would! The last night I spent with Jerome was the night before he went on that Art Trip. We went on a 'Double Date' me and Jerome and Danielle and Liam...I must say it was rather awkward at times...
"Hey Beautiful!" smiled Jerome greeting me with a small hug and a peck on the cheek.
"Hey!" I smiled back taking his hand
"Where are we meeting them...?" he asked curiously
"Outside the restaurant!" I smiled resting my head on his shoulder a we continued to walk.

As soon as I saw the both of them stood outside the restaurant I ran over automatically!
"Liam!" I grinned as he pulled me into a bear hug "It feels like it's been ages, how've you been?" I exclaimed pulling out of the hug
"Good thanks!" he said grinning as I gave Danielle a small hug too
"Danielle! Good to see you again!" I smiled politely
"You too! You look stunning by the way darling!" she smiled
"Not as pretty as you!" I smiled back and she laughed lightly taking tight hold of Liam again making my stomach flip with jealousy. I took a deep breath in and gave a forced smile
"You remember Jerome?" I smiled taking Jerome by the hand and pulling him over
"Alright mate?" he said to Liam as they exchanged a small 'man handshake' and he pulled Danielle into a hug, giving get a peck on the cheek like a true gentleman
"I'm Danielle!" she smiled "I don't believe we've met!" she added pulling away from the hug
"Jerome!" he replied.

The night went rather smoothly, but every time I looked at Liam and Danielle together, acting the way me and Liam used to, I couldn't help but feel the jealousy rush through me. I should never have let Liam go. Ever. I thought quickly back to New York, the 'One Night' we shared together...then my mind flicked to what he said the next day
'Danielle's perfect...everything I could ever ask for...'
After those words left his mouth I left, I couldn't bare to hear anymore...

I sighed as I looked down at the sleeping girl on my lap. Felicity had fallen asleep, I smiled, I wished I had a little girl of my own...I had always liked the thought of me and Liam having kids someday...but that was never going to happen! Liam and Danielle's relationship was still going strong and since New York nothing much had 'happened' between me and Liam. I sighed slipping out of my little fantasy and back into reality.

A few months after Jerome's death, Niamh received a present from Harry, two tickets to see the Breaking Dawn Premiere! The moment I found out I thought she was the luckiest girl alive...and when she said she was taking me I could hardly believe my ears!
"Wait! Me? You want me to go with you?" I questioned rather shocked
"Of course!" she smiled handing me the ticket
"...but what about Harry?" I asked
"He didn't really want to go anyway!" she smiled "Come on Sian! You deserve it!" she smiled before I finally gave in and took the ticket off her.

The night of the premiere arrived, I was wearing a bright blue dress that matched my eyes, I straightened my hair so that it appeared longer and tied a matching blue ribbon in it. Niamh's dress what too, extremely beautiful! It was a scarlet red scattered with flowers and she had matching coloured flowers in her hair that pinned it up ever so neatly.

As we walked down the red carpet people were screaming our names! Despite this being the second premiere I had been to, the experience was still so unreal! We met loads of the XFactor contestants who were on that year, including Frankie Cocozza, who I had been a massive fan of, and I got his number!

It was while I was signing a few autographs when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to see none other than Robert Patterson stood behind me giving me a light smile.
"Hey your Sian Roach, right?" he asked
"Yeah!" I smiled a little star struck
"I'm Robert Patterson! I'm a big fan of 'A Rose for The Enemy'. It's a brilliant programme!"
"Really? Thanks!" I grinned "I adore the Twilight Saga! Team Edward!" I smiled before cringing slightly. He chuckled which was a good sign I guess!
"So you're not Team Jacob then..." Taylor chuckled walking over
"Nope! Sorry! Vampires over Wolves any day!" I smile apologise before introducing myself "I'm Sian by the way!" I smiled as Niamh walked up to me
"Hey Sian! I think everyone is going inside now!" she smiled
"Robert, Taylor this is Niamh! Niamh this is Ro-" I began
"Shh! Sian I know who they are!" she hissed at me "Robert Patterson! Taylor Lautner! Nice to meet you both!" she smile shaking both their hands in turn
"You too!" smiled Robert he said flashing a smile at her whilst Taylor just grinned "Come on we best get inside..." Robert added before Kristen took his hand and he began walking off
"I can't believe I just shook Robert Patterson's AND Taylor Lautner's hand!" she fangirled as we both headed inside...

I smiled at the thought. I had become particularly close to Harry too these past few months. I had always thought he was ether big headed...but you just have to learn to love him, that's just part of his personality...
"Hey Sian, you alright?" came Harry's voice from behind me. It was a beautiful spring day at the park, the sun was shining brightly through the crystal blue sky and there was no cloud in sight...
"Fine thanks!" I sighed smiling lightly patting the grass next to me implying for him to sit. He did so and sat up hugging his knees, copying my pose. My gaze was fixed on one couple in particular. Both of them were laughing, flirting and generally having a good time...

"You still like him don't you...?" Harry grinned nudging me lightly I wasn't really paying much attention "Hello? Earth to Sian?" he chuckled waving a hand in front of my face making me jump a little
"Sorry! What?" I questioned breaking my gaze from Danielle and Liam and up to Harry staring him straight into his eyes
"Liam! You still like him! Don't you?" Harry grinned nudging me once more
"Yeah!" I said without thinking before quickly adding "Well as a friend obviously..." I said whilst blushing
"Oh come on! Don't lie to me!" he chuckled "You luuuurrrrve him!" he grinned whilst winking
"Shut Up! I do not!" I giggled blushing turning back to Liam, his gaze met mine and my heart began beating that little bit faster as he flashed a smile and waved. I waved back...maybe I did 'luuuurrrrve' him...
"Oh come on Sian! Seriously? You text about him to the girls all the time!" I heard him chuckle
"Hey how would you know-" I began turning to face him before I noticed he was scrolling through my messages "Oi! Give me back my phone Styles!" I snapped whilst fighting back a laugh
"It's not just Liam you talk about either!" he grinned before continuing "You have to admit, he is kinda gorgeous with his beautiful green eyes and curly locks...seriously Niamh you're one lucky one can resist the curls! With a wink face! Why thank you very much Siany!" he laughed pulling the phone away from me as I snatched for it. My eyes widened as he read out the text and I felt my cheeks burn up...
"Harry Styles! You give me back my phone right this minute!" I giggled attempting to snatch it off him once more
"Something to hide Sian?" he teased handing it back. I sighed, giggling and shaking my head as I rolled my eyes
"What are we going to do with you Harry Styles...?" I giggled...

July this year we had also finished our last year at school. Our time at St. Theresa's Catholic Boarding School was now over...the memories and moments we shared there. It had been my home for basically 7 years and now I had to's funny how quickly the time passes while your having fun...and those were 7 years I would never forget. The first day of year 7, working hard, making friends, making enemies, GCSE's, becoming Head Girl, meeting Liam...through all the times I had loved there, laughed there and cried there...It was truly a place I would never forget. I place I would always love with all my heart...

"Hello everyone. The plane is just flying up to Hawaii now. We should be landing in 15 minutes, if you'd like to take your seat please and fasten your seat belts, make sure your seats and tray tables are up. I hope you enjoyed flying with us today and all of us at Hawaiian airways hope to see you again soon!" came the all to cheerful voice over the speakers.

We were off to Hawaii for, wait for it, Rachel and Niall's wedding! Yes! The moment had finally arrived! After 2 Years of carefully planning to every little detail, it was finally upon us and Rachel and Niall were soon to be husband and wife...

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