Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


31. Paris Part 4 and Prom Dress Shopping!

We all went out for a nice dinner to celebrate!
"I cannot believe you did that to me!" whispered Rachel "You embarrassed me infront of everyone!" she said through a small giggle
"But thats why you love me!" grinned Niall giving her a small squeeze and a kiss on the lips!
"of course!" smiled Rachel.

It was a very nice posh restaurant. Niall paid for the meal, we all wanted to chip in but he insisted!

"Niall thanks that was lovely!" I smiled
"oi Sian back off! He's my fiancé!" she grinned sarcastically wrapping her arms around Niall's waist making me laugh as we began to walk back to the hotel with the midnight stars shining brightly above us!

I shivered slightly.
"it's cold isn't it!" I whispered wrapping my cardy round me a little tighter!
"here take my jacket!" smiled Liam lightly taking off his jacket
"oh no Liam it's fine! I-" I began but, as he had started doing lately, he cut me off
"Just take the Jacket Sian!" he sighed handing it to me. I took the jacket slowly
"thanks!" I smiled wrapping it around me. I gazed into his deep brown eyes, for a moment I forgot about everyone else around me.
"You two kiss and make up yet?" grinned Harry. Awkward turtle moment right there! I just looked away. Honestly I didn't want to talk about it!

"I can't beleve tomorrow is our last day!" I sighed changing the subject
"I know right!" smiled Justine "Paris has definetly been an eventfull week!" she added gripping hold of Louis' hand tightly
"It's definitely been eventful!" sighed Liam as the silence spread amongst us once more!

We stepped into the hotel and the warmth hit us! We all went back upstairs to bed, we had a early day ahead of us!
Me and Niamh quickly went into our room and began to get ready
"Oh I still have Liam's jacket on!" I realised "i'll just go give it back to him!" I said taking it off
"umm Sian?" asked Niamh
"yes?" I replied
"Well I was just wondering...could I sit next to Harry on the coach?" she asked
"What?" I asked "that means I have to sit next to Alice Lillith or Liam!" I snapped
"I'm sorry..." sighed Niamh
"No no it's fine!" I smiled through a sigh "I'm gonna go give this back to Liam!"

I walked over to Liam's room silently and knocked on his door. Niall answered.
"hey Niall, just wondering could you give this back to Liam?" I asked
"why don't you give it back to him yourself, I mean he's right here!" Niall smiled, he wanted me and Liam to talk most probably
"I'd rather not...I mean he probably doesn't want to talk to me anyway..." I sighed. At that moment I saw Liam appear behind Niall. Niall said a quick goodbye before Liam stepped out the room and closed the door behind him
"just wanted to return this!" I whispered handing over the jacket before turning round to walk away
"Alice is sitting next to Lillith on the coach and Harry is sitting next to Niamh!" called Liam after me
"Well I guess you stuck with me then..." I sighed turning around to give him a small smile
"you say that like it's a bad thing!" he mumbled before I turned around again
"night!" I shouted walking towards my room
"night..." whispered Liam as I heard his bedroom door open then close again...

We spent all day the next day at Disney until about 5:00pm when we had to get on the bus! Of course I was sat next to Liam. Talk about Awkward Turtle! We didn't talk for the first 5hours and that's when we got stuck in a Traffic Jam...

"Stupid Trafic!" I sighed leaning my head against the window! We were still in France
"It's annoying isn't it!" sighed Liam smiling at me, I smiled back, I didn't really know what to say! We sat smiling at eachother for a while.
"I'm sorry!" I whispered
"I should be the one who's sorry!" sighed Liam as he leaned in for a hug! I gave him a small cuddle!
"Promise that we'll never argue again!" I smiled while I was still in the cuddle
"Promise!" he sighed
"see you two have made up!" grinned Louis
"looks like we have!" grinned Liam!

I was happy that me and Liam had made up, I smiled happily closing my eyes sleepily as I rested my head on his shoulder and slowly let myself fall asleep...

"Wake up!" whispered a soft voice that I knew well
"Liam?" I asked rubbing my eyes with my hands sleepily and opening them slowly making Liam chuckle.
"Wake up sleepy head were home!" he grinned!

We weren't really 'Home' as such, we were back at school, but school felt like home because, well, we kind of lived there!

Nothing much happened after Paris, just our final exams and stuff but all of us were quite bright so we were quite confident about our exam results!

3 weeks passed and it was a week till prom, we went Prom dress shopping! Everyone seemed excited about it apart from Justine who seemed...worried! Wasn't really sure why but I was hoping we'd find out!

"I feel sick!" whispered Justine as she ran to the toilets in the shop and unpleasantly threw up!
"Justine! Are you ok?" gasped Rachel
"Umm. Not really!" sighed Justine as the shop keeper gave her a glass of water
"Why what's wrong? You've been acting kind of weird all day!" whispered Niamh as Justine started to tear up
"I don't know what to do..." whispered Justine
"Just tell us what's wrong! I'm sure everything is going to be fine" I smiled reassuring her. Jurine took in a deep breath and gulped
"I'm pregnant." she choked out before we all gave her a massive hug
"aww Hun don't worry about it! We'll support you through whatever!" I grinned a we all pulled out the hug making Justine smile a little
"thanks!" she smiled sighing as if it was a weight taken off her shoulders now she had told someone
"Louis will make a great father" grinned Rachel before she paused "Louis is the dad, right?" she asked making Justine laugh
"Of course it is Rachel! What do you think I am, some kind of a Ho or something!" she laughed.
"Says the girl who's pregnant at 16!" I grinned jokingly giving her a hug and making her laugh a little more! There was a small pause.
"Anyway girls! Let's get to picking our dresses!" smile Niamh as we all got up and started scouring the hundreds of racks of extravagant ball gowns searching for the dress we were going to fall in love with...

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