Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


30. Paris Part 3: The Proposal

Rachel's POV
After another hour of being in this magnificent hotel we all decided to go for Lunch. We went out and got a stamp as we searched for a lovely restaurant to go eat at!

As we got to the restaurant called 'Le Roi' (which translated to 'The King') we ordered a table for 10 before realising there were only 8 of us there.
"Where are Justine and Louis?" asked Rachel
"Probably still at the hotel!" grinned Harry.
"I don't want to know!" Niamh sighed making us all giggle as the boys were still grinning!

As we got down to our table we sat opposite our partners forcing Liam and Sian to sit opposite eachother which, I must admit, was a little awkward. I sat opposite Niall and smiled as he held my hands over the table!
"what are you ordering babe?" asked Niall with a small smile on his face
"I don't know your hogging the menu!" I grinned teasing Niall, Niall always did like his food!
"Fine then! For being so cheeky you can't order any'll just have to share mine!" Niall chuckled
"oh well! There will be plenty!" I grinned, what a clever comeback!
"shut up you!" grinned Niall kissing me on the lips lightly!

Niamh's POV
I watched as Sian and Liam sat in silence awkwardly finishing their dessert at the other end of the table!
"what's wrong babe?" asked my boyfriend, I never get tired of saying MY boyfriend, Harry
"nothing!" i sighed "it's just that Sian and Liam are kind of perfect for eachother...I wish they would just kiss and make up already!" I sighed once more ad Harry slowly let his warm fingers bring my face closer to his
"We're perfect for eachother too!" he grinned placing a small kiss on my lips...I never got tired of that either!
"I love you Harry!" I whispered gently in his ear playing with one of his soft curly locks
"Love you too Niamhy!" he smirked adding a cute little 'Y' at the end of my name. I grinned. Harry was such a sweetheart!

Justine's POV
I lay in the bed, my head on Louis' bare chest listening carefully to his slow steady heartbeat as his soft breath came travelling down my kneck.

"the others must be wondering where we are...we've been gone hours!" I whispered reluctantly removing my head from his chest and looking him in the eyes softly
"let them wonder!" Louis grinned kissing me on the lips gently.
"Love you!" he whispered
"Love you too!" I whispered back as he stroked my hair!

Sian's POV
We were all sat together in a circle in the reception area on the bright yellow couches! I sat as at away as possible from Liam, I didn't want anymore awkwardness between us. It didn't help though, sometimes we caught eachoters eyes and I smiled lightly but slightly awkwardly!

"so...where were you two today? You missed the whole of La Louvre?" asked Rachel with a smirk on her face
"oh..." hesitated Justine "you know...out and about...museums are quote boring" she exclaimed looking away and blushing lightly.

Harry gave Louis a look and Louis grinned...I think I know what happened...

Justine and Rachel went up to their room after a while. That's when Niall told everyone about the proposal!

"Niall that's great!" grinned Niamh cuddling into Harry's lap
"exactly what I said!" I grinned
"you knew?" asked Harry
"yup!" I smiled proudly "I've even seen the ring!" I boasted
"I want to see it too!" smiled Niamh jumping up from her comfortable seat on Harry's lap and clapping her hands like a small excited child on Christmas morning! Niall slipped the ring box out his pocket slowly and carefully while he opened the box holding it delicately in his hands! Everyone gasped
"Niall that's beautiful!" smiled Maryanne as Zayn kissed her on the cheek lightly!
"congratulations dude!" smiled Liam ruffling his hair as Niall put away the ring carefully once more!
"but I need help with the organisation!" Niall said before we all agreed to help him "...ok here's the plan..."

We were all in Disney Land Paris! It was the second to last day of our time here and we were waiting upon Rachel! We all ha to help Niall with the proposal, it included, singing, dancing and embarrassing Rachel! We were all hid in bushes in pairs, of course I was stuck with Liam considering Niamh wanted to be with Harry, Justine wanted to be with Louis, Maryanne wanted to be with Zayn and Niall was binging Rachel over!

"Ouch Liam you stepped on my foot!" I snapped stepping backward after peeking through the branches.
"I'm Sorry!" sighed Liam "We're like Niamh and Harry before Christmas!" he mumbled lid enough for me to hear making me smile slightly
"But Niamh an Harry were secretly in love!" I paused "well not so secretly!" I smiled
"Not much difference then."Liam mumbled a lot quieter than last time!
"Sorry?" I questioned as my heart stopped beating for a moment
"nothing" he sighed
"well if you didn't want me to hear then you shouldn't have said it!" I snapped peeking out the bushes again
"Well maybe we should stop talking all together since you hate me!" he snapped making my heart stop once more
"yeah well maybe we should!" I snappe back without facing him, I dint want him to see the small tear coming down from my eye!

There was a few moments of silence. I couldn't help it. I had to say something.
"Liam I-" I began but he cut me off
"shh the parades starting Rachel should be here soon!" he said with no tone or emotion in his voice. I sighed. Liam was right though. Rachel was Terence in about 2 minutes standing in the crowd waiting as Niall's float came round the corner...

Niall was sat at the top of the float with his guitar singing Marry You by Bruno Mars! After he sand the first verse and the chorus Rachel had a small grin on her face she went all red. Loads of people had camera's out, people we didn't even know, thy were all filing and taking pictures! That's when we all ran out of the bushes right on cue dancing and singing Nuall's backing vocals! This was so fun, even though it was quite embarrassing!

At the end of the song Niall gently placed down his guitar and got down on one knee.
"Rachel Ann Elizabeth Roberts! Will you marry me?" he grinned and I couldn't help but let a small tear of happiness escape from my eye
"Yes!" she grinned jumping into Niall's arms as he slipped the ring into her finger. The cheers erupted from the crowd and Rachel went as red as a tomato! But she was happy and I was happy for her.

This could have possibly been the sweetest moment of the whole trip. Niall was such a sweetheart!


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