Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


29. Paris Part 2

Louis' POV
We were all back at the hotel, Liam was in pieces and Sian was no-where to be seen. I think everyone was worried about her, even Liam though he won't admit it!

"Look we need to go find Sian!" sighed Rachel looking concerned
"Let's split up and take your phones, if you find her text us, some of us stay here incase she comes back!" I suggested as everyone nodded their head in agreement.

I ran out the building searching every street and corner of Paris
"Sian!" I shouted hearing nothing but my voice echoing through the dark streets, that was until I heard the slight sobbing of a soft voice I recognised, Sian!
"Sian!" I whispered slowly walking up to her, she was sat in the park under a huge oak tree rather like the one back at school!
"Louis?" she questioned quickly wiping away the tears and sniffling "what are you doing here?" she questioned as she looked up at me, I could dimly see her face in the moonlight
"We weren't going to leave you alone in Paris now were we!" I chuckled going to sit next to her
"where are the others?" she questioned sniffling as she started twiddle her hair
"still looking for you!" I smiled.

It was then silent for a while.
"I don't hate Liam!" whispered Sian as yet another tear rolled down her face, I laughed a little as I texted the others telling them I had found her
"we know you don't! you can tell you two are crazy about echother!" I grinned wiping away her tear making her giggle
"is it really that obvious!" she smiled
"umm yes! You two are like meant for eachother!" i replied before she began to smile "and yeah I know that was cheesy!" I grinned making her laugh
"no I think it was sweet! I can see why Justine fell for you!" she then paused "...wait I didn't mean it like that!" she corrected herself worrying a little making me laugh
"nah we're buddy's!" I grinned "anyway I couldnt come between your and Liam's weird little not so secret romance!" I grinned
"and I couldn't come between you and Justine!" she grinned as we sat in silence again for a bit.
"come on!" I said after a while "we best get back to the hotel!" I sighed standing up
"sure!" she smiled standing up beside me before looking at me straight in the eyes "thanks Louis!" she whispered before giving me a small peck on the cheek
"no problem!" I smiled giving her a small hug before we walked towards the hotel!

Sian's POV
As me and Louis got back to the hotel I was greeted by many little hugs from all my friends apart from, the person I wanted a hug from the most right now, Liam!
"where's Liam?" I asked through a whisper
"ummm he's gone up to bed!" smiled Justine sympathetically
"oh!" I sighed "well I'm going up to bed to, it's been a long day! Night!" I whispered as I began to walk up the stairs before anyone could say anything.

I walked quickly down the hall until I got to Liam's room and I was tempted to knock and go in...I didn't in the end, I just sighed and slowly carried on walking to mine and Niamh's room!

As soon as I got into the room and the door was shut firmly behind I began to weep a little. Despite what Louis said I was still heartbroken! I lay down on the bed, still in my clothes and as silently as possible cried myself to sleep before Niamh came in...

The next morning I got up quite early! Niamh was still asleep. I was in Paris, the city of Love and romance! I was not going to let Liam ruin everything!

I sighed silently getting up, into the shower and then getting dressed. It was when I was brushing my hair that Niamh woke up!
"hey!" she smiled
"hey!" I grinned
"what are you doing today?"
"well I think we are all going to La Louvre, you know the museum-" I began before Niamh cut me off
"no what are YOU doing today?" she asked again "...I mean about Liam!" she hesitated a little. I froze. I quickly ran over to check my phone. Nothing. Normally Liam would call me of there was something wrong. He didnt.

"haven't really thought about it!" I lied! All morning I had been thinking about it
"oh!" sighed Niamh going to get ready. She could tell I didn't really want to talk about it...

And I was right, we did go to La Louvre but I was still a little and Liam hadn't talked all day!

"hey I forgot something back at the hotel...I'm gonna go get it!" he said smiling at Justine
"I'll go with you babe!" Justine smiled as they both got in a taxi and drove off. Something was going on there but I wasn't going to ask...

It had been almost two hours as we tracked round La Louvre, it was such a beautiful place but I felt a little lonely! It was either that or be a third wheel...

"Hey!" smiled Niall from behind me as I admired the Mona Lisa which I mistakingly said it was made by Leonardo Dicaprio...hey I like the film Titanic, it's an easy mistake to make!
"Hey!" I smiled turning to look at him "where's Rachel?" I asked
"she's gone to see some random painting with Niamh!" he smiled
"oh right! And hows the planning for the proposal going?" I whispered
"great acctually!" he grinned "got the ring!" he whispered taking a small box and opening to see a beautiful diamond encrusted ring!
"Niall that's beautiful!" I whispered as he put it away
"do you think she'll like it?" he asked with a little worry in his voice
"no!" I replied making him panic a little "I KNOW she'll LOVE it!" I grinned as he sighed a sigh if relief!

" are you and Liam?" he asked after a few moments of silence
"umm. Bad!" I sighed looking away
"don't worry Sian!" he whispered "I swear he was mumbling in his sleep about you!" he answered trying to reassure me
"I'm not quite sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing!" I sighed half smiling
"well that depends!" grinned Niall "on what?" I asked curiously
"if you want him to apologise and love you!" he grinned nudging me a little making me grin
"he did not say that!" I laughed
"Sian, I'm sorry, I love you Sian!" laughed Niall imitating Liam's voice but failing dramatically "that's what I heard all night...he was clearly dreaming about you...or having a nightmare!" he grinned sarcastically in his Irish accent!
"shut up Niall!" I laughed before both of us went off again to find the others!


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