Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


28. Paris Part 1

Hey so there is a twist at the end of this Chapter… haha! Read and ENJOY! :D oh yeah and pretty please with sugar AND a cherry on top PLEASE!

The next morning we had to get up extra extra early as the coach left at 3! We didnt really mind through...we were going to PARIS! I sat next to Niamh on the coach because it was either her Liam or Alice and neither me nor Niamh wanted to sit by Alice, so Liam sat with Alice, I mean they were just friends...I hoped! I was half asleep as we walked to the back of the coach and I still had tight hold of my teddy, Cooper!

All of us were really tired and wanted to get to sleep apart from Louis who seemed to be bouncing up and down in his seat, which was next to Justine's of course!
"you seem excited!" I whispered through a yawn a I placed my head softly on the cold window
"well I'm off to the city of love, with my love!" grinned Louis "why wouldn't I be excited!"
"Louis that was really cheesy!" giggled Justine
"I don't care babe!" Louis smile placing his arm around her and kissing her on the lips lightly.

Nothing much happened after that! Louis calmed down and we all got to sleep.

As I awoke in the early hours of the morning, around 5:00am, I found that the bus had stopped. We were in some at park and everyone was asleep, including the driver! I sat up slowly and rubbed my eyes to find Liam and Alice cuddled together in one of the seat sections, he had his arms around her and she had her head on his chest! I couldn't help but feel a surge of jealousy wash over me! All of a sudden I felt a small tear spring to my eye. I wasn't going to cry. Me and Liam weren't together. He was welcome to her!

Silently I began to walk down the coach, opened the doors and got off for a bit of fresh air! The sun was beginning to rise! It looked beautiful! I smiled.

"Hey!" came a small voice from behind me
"hi!" I smiled through a whisper turning around to see Liam stood there in his school uniform, that was the only annoying thing about Paris was that when we weren't on free time we had to wear our uniform!
"thought you were asleep!" I added as he came to sit next to me, I was in my uniform too!
"I woke up when I heard you getting off the bus!" he smiled. I placed my head on his shoulder as both of us watched the sun rise was quite romantic actually!

"Come on you two!" sighed Alister the coach driver "we best be on our way!". Both me and Liam sighed as we got up and headed back onto the coach as everyone started stirring and began to wake! We were back on our way to Paris and the adventure was to begin there...

Nothing much happened on the coach! It was quicker than we thought! It only took 8hours! As we got there and arrived at the hotel I bumped into Niall as he dripped something!
"I am so sorry!" I apologised giggling as both of us began to pick up the stuff. One of them was a jewellery magazine!
"oooh! Planning on buying something nice for Rachel?" I giggled, he then seemed to get nervous
"actually..." he began lowering his voice "i was thinking if proposing to her..." he looked me in the eye seriously!
"Niall that's great!" I grinned giving him a huge hug
"you think she'll say yes?" he asked
"I know she'll say yes!" I smiled. Not realising I was still tight in Niall's arms!
"umm Niall can I have the key to our room?" asked Liam
"sure! I'll come up with you now" smiled Niall
"speak laters!" I smiled and waved as I quickly skipped over to the other girls!

Sian's POV
At about 1:00pm we were already to go out on the first excursion of the day. The Eiffel Tower. The romantic place in Paris...

I smiled to myself. I was in Paris. The city of love. I'm single. Liam's single...who knows what could happen?

We walked towards the tower passing all the beautiful sights along the way with the whole time with the tower in the distance slowly getting closer and closer until we were standing right infront of it!

"isn't it beautiful?" whispered a voice from behind me making me jump a little
"umm yeah!" I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a tight hug!

"you wanna go up the tower?" questioned Liam. I could see Harry ad Niamh already on their way up!
"well it's a bit high..." I hesitated making Liam chuckle.
"don't worry, I'll be there with you every step of the way!" he smiled taking my hand and walking me towards the tower and slowly I followed behind him smiling a little...

Niamh's POV
"You coming with me?" asked Harry his piercing green eyes looking down at me and his lips carressed a smile.
"where are we going?" I questioned giggling. If Sian was right this gorgeous boy stood beside me was in love with me...
"up the Eiffel Tower!" he smiled putting out his hand for me to hold.
"but what about Lillith?" i questioned
"shes going to get a croissant! i dont think she'll mind if we go with out her!" I took his hand gently. It was warm and soft.

We slowly headed to the top of the Eiffel Tower hand in hand. My heart was beating faster than usual. I was seriously in love with this boy! As we reached the top I quickly ran to the edge and looked over!
"wow what a view!" I smiled turning round to see Harry standing close behind me! I gazed into his eyes quickly before looking down!
"Harry I have to ask you something!" I whispered before quickly looking back up into his eyes
"what is it Niamh?" asked Harry pushing a small strand of my hair back behind my ear!
"I know everything!" I whispered "about the blackmail...about you being in love with me..." I puased as Harry looked away!
"...and the truth is!" I began to lower my voice "I'm in love with you too!" I smiled as he looked up. His eyes full of shock and happieness! Harry placed one of his hands round my waist and another under my chin as he slowly lifted my head and kissed me! The kiss was different to last time! It had more meaning and spark plus there was no awkwardness! It was moments like these that I didn't want it to end...but it had to. We both pulled away and went straight into a hug!

"Harry?" squealed Lillith before she ran away down the Eiffel Tower!
"Niamh Carrington, will you be my girlfriend?" asked Harry with a cheek smirk on his face completely ignoring Lillith!
"Of course I will!" I grinned melting into his arms...Harry Styles was officially my boyfriend...and I was officially the happiest girl in the world!

Lillith's POV
I ran as fast as I could down the stepst of the Eiffel Tower full of rage and anger! How could this happen? Niamh wasn't in love with Harry? Was she?

I stormed down the steps, each step I took was full of anger and wrath! I hate her! I hate her! My plan had been ruined! As I got to the last small flight of stairs i slipped and quickly began tumbling down them landing with a bang on the ground before searing pain rushed through my leg!
"ouch!" I screamed at the top of my voice making Miss Leroy run over in worry!
"Lillith what happened?" questioned Miss Leroy as she knelt beside me! It was then that a clever idea sprang to mind. And idea, of revenge!
"Niamh pushed me down the stairs!" I lied forcing out some tears

"Niamh wouldn't do that!" snapped Sian folding her arms
"anyway you deserved it!" snapped Rachel following Sian's actions
"yeah you little blackmailer!" snapped Justine in the same fashion as the others
"Blackmailer? What is going on here?" asked Maryanne!

"Lillith blackmailed Harry into going out with Niamh because she knew Harry was in love with Niamh and he didnt want Niamh to find out!" shouted Sian!
...since when did they know the story?
"is that true Lillith?" asked Maryanne
"n-n-No!" I protested hesitating a little
"it is!" shouted Sian
"how do you know?" asked Maryanne sticking up for me
"Liam told me!" she smiled before Maryanne redirected her eyes to Liam asking the same question
"Niall told me!" he sighed before doing the same think to Niall
"Rachel told me!" said Niall as Maryanne's eyes landed on Rachel
"Justine told me!", Maryanne's eyes travelled along the line towards Justine
"Louis told me!" and last but not least her eyes met Louis'
"HARRY told me!" shouted Louis stressing Harry's name "and Harry wouldn't lie about something like that" he sighed, Maryanne seemed to believe him
"Lillith how could you do something like that!" she snapped and Miss Leroy Turned to me clearly gobsmacked by all this!
"It wasnt my fault!" I screamed "Niamh doesn't deserve Harry!" Which was at this point I felt a searing pain accross my face, it's so happened that Justine had just slapped me!

"don't you dare talk about my friends like that!" she hissed at me, Miss Leroy didn't even tell her off, I guess she kind of approved of it!
"This is so unfair!" I screamed tears streaming down my face!
"yeah! Well life is unfair!" snapped Rachel as they all turned away and headed towards the the Eiffel Tower!
"Lillith Sullivan you are in so much trouble..." glared Miss Leroy

Sian's POV
We all headed up the Eiffel Tower, Liam's arms around me as I was a little scared! Slowly but surly we reaches the top, greeted Niamh and Harry, congratulated them on being the newest couple and explained the whole Lillith situation before they both went down in the lift.

The others ran to the edge staring over in amazement saying how beautiful the view was.
"Come on Sian! You can't come to Paris and not see the view from the Eiffel Tower!" he grinned
"No no!" I smiled nervously "I'm fine right here!", I sighed placing both my hand together behind my back and looking down.
"Come one!" sighed Liam taking my hand and beginning to pull me towards the edge!
"No-Liam-Please don't!" I protested squeezing my eyes shut
"Isn't the view beautiful?" asked Liam
"I wouldn't know Liam! I have my eyes shut" I sighed squeezing Liam's hand tightly
"Just open your eyes Sian!" whispered Liam in my ear smiling lightly!

Slowly and carefully I began to open my eyes to see an extravagant view! I held my breath and grabbed onto Liam's hand more tightly
"it's beautiful!" I smiled as I span around to see Liam standing there with a cheeky grin on his face!

"I told you you couldn't come to Paris without seeing the view of the Eiffel Tower" he whispered getting closer and closer towards me with each word, our noses were now touching and hour hands were interlocked!
"You two coming?" questioned Louis grinning!

Why is it always Louis Who ends up ruining our moments...

That evening we were all on a Romantic boat drifting slowly down the Sienne river. Now of course me and Liam were the only two who weren't a couple so it was a a little awkward!

"You two! Who are you going to the prom with?" asked Misd Leroy directed at me and Liam
"umm no one yet!" I admitted and so did Liam
"fine then you are going together!" smiled Miss Leroy "you are the head boy and head girl so you might as well go together!" she sighed then giving us an option
"sure!" smiled Liam and hey, I'm not complaining, I was going to the prom with Liam!

It was a few minutes after this, as the boat came into dock, when I began to talk to the girls about Prom and dresses and stuff!
"I'm going to get a blue dress!" grinned Justine
"that colour would really look beautiful on you!" smiled Niamh
"I think I want to get a pink one or a red one! I'm not quite sure yet, but when we go shopping I'll know!" I grinned
"don't get a pink one!" said Liam from behind me "it's too princessy!"
"but it's Prom!" I answered back "your supposed to feel like a Princess, that's the whole point!" I sighed
"But you can feel like a princess without looking like a chav!" said Liam
"excuse me?" I began to raise my voice "don't you tell me what I can and can not wear to Prom!" I snapped
"I'm only trying to help!" he Shouted at me
I could seriously not believe this was happening...
"no one asked for your help! Ok? No one wants your help! No one ever wants your help" I screamed at him, ok maybe she was a little harsh but I was really upset at that moment in time...
"oh says you little miss perfect! You know you are so bossy! And you always have to have your way! Don't you?" he screamed
"No! No I don't always have my way! And at least I don't go in a fat mood when I'm jelous" I said still screaming at him
"What are you talking about?" Liam shouted
"Ardeche ring any bells?" I asked implying about Josh
"Well maybe that's because I was in love with you!" he screamed taking me aback a little
"well you have a funny way of showing it!" I shouted back at him but my voice a little lower
"that's because I yose the word 'Was'! Have you never heard of the past tense!" he screamed! It felt as if someone had just walked right over and ripped my heart out
"alright alright break it up!" whispers Miss Leroy as she began to walk towards us but ended up slipping and falling off the boat! A tear streamed down my face! How could he say that? Doesn't he know how I feel about him?
"I hate you!" I blurted out tears still streaming down my face "...and there is no past tense in that!" I whispered running off the boat and away as Liam stood there shocked and everyone else began to help Miss Leroy back on the boat!


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