Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


17. On the Plane x

Sian's POV
I was comfortable lying on Liam's lap his hand still in my hair. We weren't talking but I could here him breathing
"sleep well babe!" whispered Liam. I was half asleep so I didn't reply "I love you!" he whispered. I smiled to myself, to tired to speak. Liam loved me and for now that's all that mattered...

It was 1:00am and I hadn't slept! I was awake smiling to myself about Liam's little statement!
"we appologise for the delay but would the passengers boarding to Italy please come to gate B23. we appologize for the delay but would the passengers boarding to Italy please come to gate B23" repeated the woman's voice over the speaker.
"delay!" mumbled Harry who was now awake "we have been here for 9 hours!"!
I sat up rubbing my eyes!
"babe wake up!" I whispered to Liam tapping him on the shoulders
"what?" he whispered waking up unaware of his surroundings
"the plane is boarding!" I whispered waking everyone else up!

As we walked out the door to board the plane the midnight air struck us and the goosebumps appeared on our skin. It was clear that we all wanted to hurry up and get on the plane where we would soon be warm...

I was scared. I had never liked planes and I probably never will. I was shaking, not of the cold but of fear. I was known to cry as we were taking off or scream when we land.
"you alright babe?" asked Liam
"umm yeah!" I lied. Liam could see right through me.
"it's going to be ok!" he smiled pulling me into a hug as we started to board the plane. We were on one of them big planes that went 2 seats then 4 and then two again and they all had little touchscreen TV's! We were all sat in two's. Me with Liam, Niamh with Harry, Justine with Louis and Rachel with Niall. Me and Liam where at the very back, Justine and Louis infront of us, Niall and Rachel infront if them and Niamh and Harry at the front!

We placed our hand luggage at the top in the little compartments and all took our seats.
"please make sure your seatbelt is on all tables and blinds are up and all electrical items a switched off while we are taking off. Thank you!" said the captain over the speakers.

I grabbed hold of Liam's hand tightly and shut my eyes so much it was pitch black.
"Sian, we are not even moving yet!" whispered Liam gently placing my head on his chest and stroking my hair. I sniffled
"I hate planes!" I whispered into his shirt.
"don't be scared Liam is here to protect you!" he whispered to me as if I was a 5 year old. I didn't really mind because at the moment I guess I was acting like one...

Taking off was ok I guess, we were now in the air. I was still a little jumpy when the plane shook a little but Liam held my hand the whole way.

Infront of us Louis Justine Niall and Rachel were disscussing who's first kiss was better!
"ours was better!" argued Louis
"yours was on stage infront of everyone!" added Rachel "at least mine and Niall's was private!" she smiled with a grin on her face
"I'd rather kiss on stage than in a cupboard!" Justine smirked
"it was a romantic kiss in a cupboard!" protested Niall
"well we had a romantic kiss on stage!" smiled Louis at Justine
"we kissed on stage, you kissed in a cupboard and they kissed in a tree!" grinned Justine at Niamh and Harry
"shut up Justine!" mumbled Niamh. We all started to laugh, it was quite funny teasing Niamh and Harry about their kiss.

I giggled from the back row.
"hey you can be quiet you are not entirely innocent!" grinned Niamh at me
"what are you on about?" I questioned
"you two have kissed on the cheek!" smiled Niamh again
"oh yeah!" grinned Justine
"but that's just a kiss on the cheek...that's completely innocent!" I protested and Liam agreed with me!
"hang on hang on! When did this happen?" questioned Louis who was also grinning
"when they went to that teachers meeting!" smiled Rachel
"oh look at you two getting all flirty!" Harry grinned
"it was a kiss on the cheek Harry get over it!" mumbled Liam!

They all shut up after a while and started talking about the skiing trip. Harry had to stay with Niamh the whole time because she had literally just come out of hospital and Harry was a professional skier!

Rachel's POV
"you tired babe?" Niall whispered in my ear and his breath lingered on my cheek
"no!" I lied staring into his eyes our noses touching
"yes you are!" he smiled at me, his breath now on my lips
"how do you know?" i questioned leaning in a little further our lips almost touching now
"I'm not going to kiss you until you admit you are tired!" he grinned
"you are such a tease Niall!" I said smiling. We sat there for a moment, he was breathing on my lips
"fine I'm tired!" I gave into temptation "kiss me now?" I asked cheekily before he gently placed his lips to mine!

Justine's POV
I was sat with my head on Louis chest and my hand in his hair. I was seriously in love with this boy. He was humming a beautiful tune. His singing voice was perfect. Everything about him was perfect. I sighed.
"what where you thinking about babe?" asked Louis as he stopped humming
"just about your perfection!" I smiled at him
"I'm liking this" he grinned "tell me more!" I giggled
"your perfect hair, your perfect smile, your perfect voice-" he stopped me suddenly by kissing on the lips, when he pulled away he looked into my eyes an grinned at me
"the perfect kisser" I continued my small list. Louis was clearly beaming!
"well you!" said Louis still grinning "are the perfect girlfriend!" he smile kissing me on the lips once more
"I know I am!" I whispered against his lips as he let out a small laugh!

Sian's POV
Harry took his phone out on the plane, you are not supposed to but he did. His phone vibrated and he read a text smiling at it.
"who you texting?" said Louis to him snatching his phone as he walked passed
"oi give it back!" snapped Harry jerking over to get the phone of him, he missed of course.
"can't wait till you come back from skiing babe. Love you. Lily with 3 kisses!" grinned Louis
"shut up Louis!" Harry snapped
"who is Lily?" Louis questioned still grinning
"umm my mum" said Harry looking away "now give back my phone"
"wait!" said Niall "your mum is not called Lily!"
"ooo Harry's got a girlfriend!" cooed Liam
"shut up Liam!" snapped Harry folding his arms "give me back my phone Louis!" snapped Harry again, he was now getting really annoyed.
"not until you tell me who Lily is!" he grinned
"it's Lillith ok!" Harry snapped once more "now give me back my phone!" Harry almost shouted waking up some people on the plane.
"awkward turtle" whispered Louis, who was now shocked like all of us quickly tossed Harry back his phone before awkwardly taking his seat next to Justine. Nothing much happened after that so I let myself slowly and silently fall asleep on Liam's chest...

"Sian!" whispered Liam "babe!" he whispered again "wake up!" he gently prodded me on the shoulder
"what's wrong Li?" I questioned
"nothing babe, we just landed!" he whispered to me softly
"oh!" I replied slowly lifting up my head rubbing my eyes and patting down my hair, I had completely forgotten we were on a plane
"where is everyone?" I questioned looking around, me and Liam where the only ones on the plane
"they have all gone!" he smiled "the stuardess gave me 5minutes to wake you up!" he smiled at me
"well I'm awake!" I giggled. We slowly got up from our seats and went to get the hand luggage when I tripped. I gasped but Liam caught me. His hands round my waist and mine on his chest
"thanks!" I whispered looking up at him. We were closer than I thought we were. His big brown eyes were right infront of mine and our noses were almost touching. I opened my mouth to speak but Liam stopped me by placing his finger to my mouth for a breif second
"shhh!" he whispered to me as he took away his finger. He started leaning in. He was about to kiss me. I suddenly felt nervous. I held by breath as his lips came closer
"you two coming?" came a voice from the aeroplane door. Louis stood there grinning. Me and Liam jumped apart quickly.
"umm yeah!" I replied picking up my hand luggage while gazing in to Liam's eyes and smiling at him for a brief second before turning around and following Louis off the plane!
"you tell no-one!" I whispered to Louis sternly, he gently nodded and laughed a little as all three of us calmly walked down the steps of the plane into Italy!


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