Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


61. Niamh's back!!!

*3 Years Later* 

Sorry its been so long! I've been so busy with school and what not! Sorry! I'll try and update quicker next time Anyway! This is a pretty long Chapter! Enjoy xx

*3 Years Later*

*Ring Ring* I answered my phone and put it on speaker on the chair next to me.

"Liam sweetie! You're on speaker!" I greeted him down the phone

"Hey! Happy Birthday! I'll meet you at the restaurant yeah?" Liam said down the phone

"Sure thing! I'll be there in a bit!" I smiled

"Hi Daddy!" came JJ's sweet voice from the back

"JJ! There's my little boy! Daddy has missed you!" Liam exclaimed down the phone

"I missed you too daddy!" JJ replied. I smile to myself, I had the perfect little family!

"Daddy has to go now sweetie but I'll see you in a bit!"

"Okay Daddy! Bye! I wuv you!" JJ cooed

"Daddy love's you too JJ! And he lives mummy too very much!" I could almost hear him grinning down the phone

"Love You too!" I replied through a giggle before he hung up.

I continued to drive along when we stopped at a Traffic light, the light soon went from Amber to green so I checked and began to drive. Slowly I turned to my left to see a car coming at me full speed, with no sense of stopping. I gasped and put my foot down in an attempt to drive away...but I was too late, and their vehicle smashed into mine...

*1 Year later*

Niamh's POV

I had been called back over to England because of a will. 2 deaths. It was pretty sudden and unexpected, both died before their time which was rather upsetting. I walked slowly through Chester city. It had been ages since I had been brought back so many memories...

"Niamh? Is that you?" I herd a familiar voice calling

"Anne!" I smiled happily turning around to see her. Anne was Harry's mum, it was lovely to see her again but a little awkward considering what happens between me and Harry and everything...

"Shall we go for a drink...?" she asked "...catch up a bit?"

"Sure thing!" I smiled as I followed her to the nearest café.

"So what brings you back to England?" asked Anne

"...well they are unveiling one of my art pieces in the museum of London next Friday, and I've been left something in a will, so I've cane to claim it!" I smile half heartedly. Anne gave me a sympathetic smile

"You've been alright though?" she state in sort of a question. I gave a little kid as a sort of answer as I didn't really know what to say "and are you thinking of staying...?"

"I've seen a few nice apartments!" I smiled "and my friend Hannah from New York loves it here already...I doubt I'm ever gonna get her back over there!" I laughed. Me and Anne talked for a while until I said I had to go, I had a helicopter taking me to London, I know, fancy!

As soon as I left Anne got her phone out...I wonder what that was about...

Louis' POV

"Harry look! You have to get over her okay?" I sighed as Harry moped around the apartment

"This is not what she would want! She would want you to haw a nice happy life!" I encouraged. Harry still didn't say a word. I sighed "this girl, her name is Ashely, she's really nice, she is very pretty! Please just give her a chance?" I tried one last time

"...Fine!" He mumbled "...I miss her so much Lou!" he sighed as tears came to his eyes

"I know...I miss her too!" I sighed. And it's true, I did miss her a lot, probably not as much as Harry...

"Come one! You have a date in about an hour and you're not even nearly ready!" I sighed looking Harry up and down...

About an hour later Harry was all done and dusted, and he looked smashing...was it weird for me to say something like that? Nah, I guess not, we are Larry Stylinson after all!

"Do I look alright?" Harry asked me as we heard a knock on the door

"Very handsome!" I laughed "now go answer the door!"

Harry answered and introduced himself to Ashley before both of the headed off...i then hot a phone call, from Anne?

"Hello?" I said answering

"Louis! Is Harry with you?" she asked

"No he just left sorry! What's wrong?" I asked

"Just tell him, Niamh's back!"


Niamh's POV

Me and Hannah we're sat in Nando's just casually eating.

"and then we-" Hannah suddenly trailed off and dropped all her food on her plate whilst staring open mouthed at the door

"Hannah? Are you alright?" I asked. A grin the spread across her face as she turned to me again

"Don't look now! But Harry Styles just walked in!" she giggled excitedly

"What?" I almost hissed turning suddenly. I saw him and instantly turned back around...

"Oh. My. God. Hide me!" I said quickly putting up the Menu in front of my face "Quickly! We need to get out of here!" I squealed

"What?" Hannah gasped "but it's Harry Styles!"

"Yeah! Who also happens to be my ex boyfriend and it looks like he's here on a date! This is a situation I would like to avoid please!" I sighed. Hannah sighed too scowling at me slightly as we got up and left. Luckily, in Nando's you pay the bill before you eat...

*1 Year earlier*

Liam's POV

As soon as I heard about the crash I rushed to the hospital. I scurried towards the reception desk

"Sian Roach and Jason-Jerome Payne please? Are they alright?" I pleaded

"Through there!" the nurse nodded towards a small room

"Thank You!" I said desperately before sprinting towers the room and stumbling inside. I found Sian sat on the bed holding an ice pack to her head.

"Sian thank god your okay! Where is JJ?" I asked

"He's fine! He's just got a few scratches and bruises, he's out there with Rachel at the minute!" she smiled

"and you? Are you alright?" I asked

"I'm fine Liam! Just a nasty bump, that's all!" she laughed cheerfully. I breathed a sigh of relief...thank god they we're both okay!

"well this is gonna be a memorable 21st Birthday!" she laughed

The doctor came in soon after

"Good News miss Roach your baby is perfectly fine and healthy!" he said cheerfully

"He's hardly a baby anymore, he's 3!" I laughed. The doctor gave me a confused look and then turned to Sian. I turned to Sian too, probably giving her the same look as the Doctor gave me.

"I was going to tell you tonight at the restaurant..." she sighed. I was speechless...was she really

"'re..." I couldn't get the words out. Sian laughed, stood up and walked towards me, she toon my hands and gently placed them on her stomach

"Yes Liam. I'm pregnant!" she smiled happily. I was overwhelmed with joy an happiness, I picked her up and spun her round kissing her in the lips passionately

"That's great news!" I mumbled against her lips putting her down. I was going to be a father again...

*1 year later*

Lillith's POV

I felt nervous. Me and Alice were having our picnic, but I ha to tell her something, and it would break her heart.

"Alice..." I whispered to her

"Yeah?" she said smiling at me

"I-I think I'm in love with someone else..." I whispered to her.

"What?" she squealed "I don't believe this!"

...the next few moments were a bit of a blur. I don't know what happened exactly...but suddenly Alice was at the bottom of the cliff. And no where to be seen.

I froze with worry and fear. Knots tied up in my stomach. She was dead...there was no way anyone could survive that thing kept running trough my mind, the fact that she didn't know who I was really in love with. Sian. I didn't know what else to do...I walked to the edge of the cliff and closed my eyes. I waited for a few moments, then, I jumped.

Sian's POV

I sat quietly in the Church. I clung on to my small daughter, rocking her gently to keep her quiet. I looked over to Liam who was sat next to me with JJ on his lap. I felt so blessed. I had nothing in life to regret. Firstly had my dream career; an actress was something i had wanted to be my whole life! Secondly I have my little family, Liam and my two beautiful children, Jason-Jerome and Rosalie-Carmen...

I took a deep breath in and looked back to the front as a few tears escapes my eyes. I didn't want to cry, it's not like I knew Alice an Lilith well anyway...I felt like I didn't belong here...but both of them dying so young and before their time was pretty upsetting. I felt like I should have known them better...

"Why awe you cwying mummy?" asked JJ from upon Liam's lap not even attempting a whisper. Could you blame him? He was only three after all!

"It's nothing sweetheart don't you worry..." I whispered to him, he was too young to understand.

"Do you want a hug?" he asked. It was a bit of a rhetorical question as he slipped himself off Liam's lap and wrapped his arms around me carefully ensuring he didn't hurt Rosie.

"Thank You sweetie! That has made mummy feel so much better!" I whispered to him! He smiled looking ever so pleased with himself before he climbed ever so clumsily back onto Liam's lap! I looked at Liam an Liam smiled at me sympathetically before taking tight hold of my free and and giving it a squeeze

"You okay?" he asked, his voice too sounded a little croaky...

"I'm fine!" I whispered back forcing a small smile.

Whilst coming out of the Church I noticed Erin, Alice's twin sister! it was years since I had seen her! School was the last time I think! I decided to go and say hello!

"Erin!" I gave her a sympathetic smile whilst greeting her

"It'a good to see you again, it's a shame it has to be under such unfortunate circumstances!" I said sympathetically

"It's alright! I knew you hated them!" she sighed rolling her eyes

"Still, it's sad to see them leave at such a young age..." I whispered trying to make the situation sound as 'nice' as possible. Erin gave me a small smile before someone else greeted her...

It was that night that Lou told us the news...

"Niamh is back? What do you mean Niamh is back?" I questioned

"Anne called. Said she was in London to get the will sorted and says she might stay a while! She told me to tell Harry!" Louis replies rather calmly

"Well what happened to telling me then?" Harry snapped

"You we were on that date! I didn't want to get your hopes up!" Louis sighed giving here an apologetic look! Harry sighed as I pulled out my phone!

"Well I'm arranging a meet up!" I said. "haven't seen that girl in 3 years ! We have a lot of catching up to do!" I smiled whilst dialling her number...hopefully she still had the same number she had 4 years ago...

After talking to Niamh for a while I hung up with a big smile spread across my face.

"Well?" asked Harry enthusiastically

"She's coming to mine at 12:30!" I grinned

"Sian! You're supposed to be picking the kids up from Zoe'a at 1!" Liam sighed

"Oh God!" I moaned pushing a hand through my hair "I completely forgot!" I sighed

"I'll do it! I'll pick them up and bring them back here" Harry said quickly

"Harry are you sure-" I began but he cut me off

"Yep! Positive! I'll be there! on the dot!" Harry insisted

"Thanks Harry! you're an Angel!"

Niamh's POV

The next day came quickly! Was it weird that I was nervous to be meeting up with my childhood friend again? Here I was back at our old this place brought back many memories! I was happy to be back but it was also a little emotional!

I knocked on the door and Sian answered she looked very grown up! ...well she was 21 now...So was I! I must have looked grown up to her too! I remember her as a teenager, a child in a way...but she was an adult now...we both were!

"Niamh" she grinned greeting me happily with open arms "It's so nice to see you again!" she grinned opening up the door wide an letting me in "why don't you come in?" she smiled happily. I walked through the door to find a strange sight. The apartment looked normal, as I remember it mostly...but it was filled with kids toys...

"Sorry about the mess!" Sian apologised "why don't you sit down?" I did sit, we sat and we ate cupcakes and drank tea! It was a little more sophisticated that whatever used to hang out like but it was still nice and fun to catch up.

After about 45minutes of chatting I finally plucked up the courage to ask the question

"I have noticed there is a lot of toys you have kids?" I asked curiously. Sian laughed before saying

"Yes I do actually, two! JJ and Rosie!" she smiled lovingly ! Honestly I was a little shocked at this!

"Really?" I asked "How old are they?" I added taking an interest

"JJ is three and Rosie is 3months now!" she smiled lovingly at the thought of them. Her eldest was three? That means he couldnt have been born long after I left...

"Same dad?" I questioned curiously. Sian laughed again

"Yep!" she smiled blushing slightly

"...and who might that be?" I asked through a grin

"Who do you think?" Sian laughed. Someone obvious...the first name that popped into my head was Liam of course but-

Someone walked through the door

"Guess who's back!" a familiar voice called as some footsteps toddled In through the door along with an adult

"Mummy!" called a young boy's voice as a small boy with sparkling green eyes and brown curly hair came running round the heart skipped a beat.

Sian picked the small boy up and cuddled him in her arms

"JJ!" she squealed happily "Did you have a good time at Auntie Zoe's?" asked Sian and the bundle of innocence in her arms nodded enthusiastically, the ecstatic cheeky grin that spread across his cheeks just added to his adorability as he gurgled happily. Zoe I knew was Sian's agent.

The next thing I knew was another person striding round the corner. In his arms he held a tiny baby girl with the tiniest tuft of thin blonde hair upon her head and her eyes were closed tight shut. The small child was sleeping in the arms of a man. A man I knew very well.

"Hi Niamh." he greeted me nervously with a small smile

"Hi Harry" I greeted him back, possibly with the same amount of nerves he greeted with...perhaps even more...

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