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In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


66. Niamh's and Harry's wedding

Hey Everyone! Finally I have put up Chapter 66! I know what you're thinking – 3 months? Right? I am SOO sorry it took so long to update – but I have been so busy and still am! But its half term next week so I'm sure I'll find the time to finish it off! That's right guys! Only 3 MORE CHAPTERS LEFT! Hope you have enjoyed it so far and I can't wait for you to read the end! Thank you so much and I love you all

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"No no no no no! That is all wrong! That must go there! What do you think you are doing?! Are you crazy! It's white and pink, WHITE AND PINK, so what are you doing with that blue flower?" Niamh was going crazy - it was her wedding in the morning and despite everything being perfect Niamh was more stressed out than I had ever seen her.

The baby monitor projected little Phoebe's cry across the whole garden - everyone stopped. Niamh sighed and pushed a hand through her hair

"Not now sweetheart..." she moaned

"Do you want me to go get her?" I smiled trying to take the stress off Niamh a little

"Please?" Niamh asked - Phoebe was only 3 months old - juggling a wedding and a new-born baby must have been difficult.

"I'll make you some tea while I'm at it!" I smiled.

I quickly made my way to the nursery where Liam had done a brilliant job setting up all the toys and facilities needed for our kids. Niamh was having her wedding in the venue she wanted after all, which just happened to be my house now - me and Liam didn't mind, it was actually an honour! Niamh put Phoebe in here to sleep while she was sorting everything out. Phoebe was an angel.

As I expected from the beginning Harry was a brilliant father - him and the boys had been recording today - they'd be back any minute though.

When I arrived precious Phoebe was bawling her little eyes out, I carefully took her out the bed and cradled her in my arms - she had a tuft of black curly hair on top of her head and Harry's green eyes. She was adorable.

After a while she settled down - stopped crying and stared up at me with Harry's eyes.

"Aren't you a little beauty?" I whispered to her

"She is!" replied Liam from behind me. I turned swiftly to face him and smiled - he looked from Phoebe to me

"Let's have another?" he suggested. I laughed

"You don't think our three are a handful?" I smiled

"I do...but they're so worth it!" he grinned at me pecking me on the lips lightly "who would have thought that making the baby wasn't the best part?" he said. I giggled and suddenly felt like a teenager again - when I first fell for Liam!

So much had happened since then - it had been 11 years since we met - almost 10 since we had our first kiss, 8 years since JJ was born, 5 years since we had Rosie, we got married 2 years ago and had yet another baby since then - out precious little Connor. Life at the moment was perfect - but it always was when I was with Liam.

"Hey! No PDA in front of my daughter!" Harry joked heading into the nursery - me and Liam broke away, I laughed and Harry put out his arms - I handed him his daughter and he looked down at her lovingly. Phoebe gurgled at the sight of Harry and Harry laughed

"Isn't she just perfect!" he whispered - I wasn't sure if he was talking to us or himself.

That day went by quickly. Niamh continued to stay stressed - although Harry did calm her down a little. But at the end of the day, everything was ready, everything was perfect - and all of us exhausted went to our rooms for a good night's sleep.

Since the wedding was wedding held at our place we allowed our small gang of friends to stay here - it was so much easier with all the preparations and stuff!

The next morning came quickly - by 10:00am everyone was ready and downstairs in the beautiful twilight looking garden. There were beautiful flowers and petals scattered around everywhere - twinkling lights and green vines wrapped around trees and chairs. It was beautiful, it was extraordinary, it was a Niamh paradise...

I smiled as I looked at us all - I felt a tear form in my eye. None of us had taken out places yet so we were all stood around just chatting - soon me Justine, Rachel and Erin would have to head upstairs with us being bridesmaids and everything - but now I just had a few moments to reflect.

I watched as Harry held small precious Phoebe in his arms - awaiting the arrival of her mother, and his bride nervously. Today was the day they would become a perfect family. I glanced over at Niall and Rachel, Arthur was now six years of age and little Lily had just turned 2 - plus Rachel was pregnant with another. I laughed slightly as I saw Louis and Justine trying to control their mass of children. With six kids I had no idea how they coped, but they were perfect parents - they. Oils handle anything! With the twins now just turning ten and their youngest, little Mia, at 2 years old - their family was just adorable.

Zayn and Erin. Now they were only a new couple - Zayn had legally adopted Grace and Lauren, and Erin treated and loved Zach as one of her own - from time to time he even called her 'Mummy Erin' which made her smile loads. Plus now they had a child along the way too - Erin was 6 months pregnant, with almost 4 children they were almost catching up to Justine and Louis...

Then there was my family. My baby boy JJ was already 8 years old - it was funny how time flew by! He grew up to look more and more like Liam everyday - I knew he was going to be a handsome young man. Again I though Rosie looked like Liam, everyone thought she was the spit of me, I couldn't see it though - apart from her blonde hair and blue eyes she was all Liam. Connor was just a mixture of us both. He had beautiful chocolate coloured hair and my blue eyes. We always tended to argue who's smile he had - I thought he had Liam's, one things for sure he definitely had my nose.

It was mad to think we all met in High School and to see how far we had all come was crazy. With One Direction being pretty much the biggest boy band in the world, to my great success in my acting career, Niamh and her world famous art show - let's not forget Justine and Rachel with their popular reality TV show, and then there was Erin, despite her being our 'newbie' we all loved her - she had opened a new pizza restaurant which was already popular all over Europe and its craze was quickly spreading worldwide! I was honestly and truly proud of us all!

The time had now come to collect Niamh from upstairs. As we all walked in we saw Niamh in her wedding dress, she had never looked more beautiful in her whole entire life. She smiled an ecstatic smile, I had never seen her this happy before - and years of joy were already streaming down her face.

"I'm about to marry Harry guys!" she just about squeaked with happiness as her dad came and linked arms with her. We all got ready to walk down the aisle - my stomach filled with nerves, who knows what Niamh felt?!

Everything about the wedding was so extremely beautiful - from the vows to the tears, to the kiss. Everything was so passionate and full of love...

Niamh's POV

This was the best day of my life. Every single moment, everything that had happened was just utterly perfect - I wouldn't have changed anything for the whole entire world.

"Hey gorgeous!" Harry grinned coming up from behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist "it's time to cut the cake..." he whispered. I smiled and followed him towards the cake. Everyone had all gathered round with their cameras and their cam corsets ready. I laughed to myself and blushed a little - Harry might have been used to it but I had never really gotten used to the cameras.

We cut into the first slice of cake together - everyone cheered.

"Remember that time in High School when we had that paint fight?" Harry whispered in my ear

"How could I ever forget?" I laughed looking up at him. I stared right into his mesmerising green eyes and smiled.

"Well..." he began "CAKE FIGHT!" he then shouted shoving a piece of cake in my face.

"Oh! That's how it is, is it?" I laughed picking up another piece of cake "You are so on Styles!" I grinned. We were still kids at heart.

"Want to lick it off?" Harry asked pulling me close to him. I laughed

"Cheeky!" I exclaimed and kissed him on the lips taking a bit of cake with it "mmm, pretty good!" I smiled.

"The cake or the kiss?" Harry grinned

"Both..." I laughed - Harry laughs too...

"I love you Mrs Styles!" Harry grinned

"I love you too..." I whispered as then out lips met once more.

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