Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D



Hey guys. Sorry again it's been ages! I've done a spell check before I uploaded it this time so hopefully the spellings will be correct x This is a reeeeaaaalllyyyy long Chapter btw so I hope it makes up for the long wait :L It also has quite a bit of Lian in it ;) Hope you enjoy! Love Princess x

Top of Form

*4 months later*
*Ring Ring, Hello?* came my ringtone from the phone on my counter. It was a Thursday afternoon and it was almost the end of my first week of Holidays
"Hello?" I answered
"Hey Siany!" exclaimed Liam on the other end
"...your not starting that too are you?" I sighed making him chuckle
"...seriously Sian! It's been ages!"
"Liam! We talked yesterday on the phone!"
"Not since we've talked Sian. Since we've seen eachother...last time was February and now its-"
"May I know!" I sighed "but your working, and whenever your not I am...and don't even mention school!" I sighed once more
"Well we're off next week...and your off next week, plus it's also half term for you. How about you come round to mine...the ten of us, we can all hang old times!" I could almost hear him grinning down the phone...I thought about it for a bit, then smiled and sighed
"Why not? it'll be fun!" I then stated hearing a small 'yes!' before a
"great! Pick you and the girls up tomorrow okay? Straight after school! Make sure your bags are all packed and ready! Okay?"
"umm Okay sure!" I smiled "see you then!" I hung up and went to inform Niamh Rachel and Maryanne. Justine didn't go to our school anymore, since she had the baby's she hired a tutor so she could stay closer to home, she had moved into a posh apartment thing with Louis, the rest of the boys had apartments of their own in the same building.

The next day came and Louis turned up in his big posh car with all the boys and Justine inside. The twins were to spend the week with Justine's parents, which would give Justine and Louis a little break and time for Justine's parents to spend with their grand-kids. I smiled as I saw their car turn up as Liam stepped out and took our bags putting them in the boot.
"In you get!" smiled Liam opening up the door for us
"Liam, it's a seven seater car...there's ten of us!"
"Niall and Rachel's can share a seat, so can Zayn and Maryanne's and me and you!" he grinned. I sighed and shook my head, but did not complain and got in the car squashed with Liam on the chair in the back at the corner.

...It wasn't long before I realised we weren't headed for Liam's...we were headed for the airport.
"Where are we going?" questioned Niamh
"'ll see!" Harry grinned kissing her on the cheek.

We rushed through the airport, which was rather funny as we fled the paparazzi and we're now waiting to boarding the New York City...

"I cannot believe you are taking us to New York and you didn't tell us!" I exclaimed giving Liam a large hug making him chuckle
"Well you deserved a break! You've worked hard enough...and this time next month episode one will be premiering!" he grinned nudging me
"don't remind me!" I giggled as we got on the plane and took our seats, I was next to always...what else was fate going to throw at us?

As always, I was still afraid of planes...however the take of went okay and we had been in the air for about 5 hours now, my body clock was on like 10pm...Just two hours to go...I began to feel sleepy which made me come out with all sorts of nonsense.
"The first time we were on a plane together was the first time you tried to kiss me!" I giggled resting my head against his chest
"Really?" he chuckled taking a lock of my hair a twirling it round his finger
"Yeah, don't you remember? When we were going skiing!" I smiled sleepily
"hmm, maybe you should jog my memory!" Liam said, a small smirk appearing on his face
"Cheeky!" I exclaimed as my eyes began to shut, everything around me began to feel relaxed, I could feel Liam's chest moving up and down
"Sleep tight sweetheart..." I heard Liam whisper in my ear before soundly I fell asleep.

I awoke what felt like minutes later to a light tapping on my shoulder
"Sian, wake up!" soothed Liam stroking my cheek lightly
"Liam? What's wrong?" I whispered
"Nothing!" he chuckled "we just landed! Everyone's already gone, the stewardess gave me five minutes to wake you up!" he smiles as I sat up rubbing my eyes
"Day ja vu!" I giggled as Liam got up out of his seat taking my hand
"What?" Liam questioned chuckling as he began to get the bags from the overhead luggage section
"Don't you remember...this is how the 'almost kiss' started last time!" I grinned as I began helping him with the luggage
"You, Miss Payne, have too good a memory!" he chuckled nudging me lightly. I froze, I stopped still dropping the bag I held in my hand and slowly looking up at him
"...what did you just call me?" I whispered slightly shocked not sure how to react
"umm Miss Roach?" Liam hesitated twiddling his thumbs
"nice try." I stated as a small smile began to tug at the corners of my mouth
"W-well, what did you think I said?" Liam hesitated again as I took a step closer to him, again we were back to the scene on the end of that plane journey...the first moment Liam tried to kiss me...our noses almost touching and our lips just centimetres apart waiting for one of us to close the gap
" said Payne!" I whispered
"Did I?" Liam stated, becoming more confident and less hesitant now as his breath tingled on my lips
"You did!" I whispered again as his hands found themselves wrapped around my waist as my hands began to entwine themselves in his soft chocolate locks. The centimetres that separated our lips soon became millimetres
"are you really going to kiss me Liam?" I whispered biting my lip...I had no idea why I asked that question...

"Are you coming or not?" came an echoing voice from the doorway. Louis. Both me and Liam coughed jumping away from each other quickly
"Yes! We're coming now!" Stated Liam hesitantly blushing slightly as he picked up the bags from the floor
"...this is exactly how it ended last time!" I giggled as the events from the past clashed into the present simultaneously as if we were re-living memories...
"...I tell no one! Right?" Louis chuckled clearly remembering last year's events as we walked down the steps of the plane...again...almost as if fate was making us re-live our memories...

We arrives at the Hotel, 8pm New York time, 1am on our body clocks.
"So that's 5 double rooms?" smiles the lady keying in the details
"umm no actually we asked for four double and two single!" coughed Liam before turning round to give me an apologetic look, I smiled back shrugging my shoulders lightly
"...oh I'm sorry sir! Let me fix that for you!" she smiled speaking with that New York accent which never failed to make me smile. She paused hesitantly, checking the computer once more before looking up at Liam with a regretful look in her eyes "...I'm sorry sir...we're fully booked, that Double room is the only room we have..." she sighed
"It's okay Li..." I smiles reassuring him "...we're friends, and it's not like we haven't shared before!" I smiled
"Well, okay then..." Liam smiled hesitantly at the receptionist "Thanks!" he added taking the room keys
"Sorry again sir!" she smiled giving him one last apologetic look before we all headed off to our rooms...

Me and Liam trekked up to the room and placed our bags down on the floor. I sighed and looked around...everything was so beautiful, from the patterns on the wall to the way the furniture was laid out around the room. I gasped looking around, I had never seen anything so delicate...I was almost afraid to touch something in case it broke! Finally my eyes fixed themselves on the bed. One King sized double bed that lay untouched and neat in the corner of the room.
"It's okay, I'll sleep on the couch!" Liam smiled
"Don't be silly Liam!" I sighed hitting him in the arm lightly "'s a king sized much room do we really need?" I smiled through a yawn "I'm going to sleep now..." I whispered sleepily as I searched round in my suitcase for my pyjamas and went to get changed in the bathroom before crawling into bed...

"You can't sleep yet you know!" Liam chuckled getting into the bed with me lightly nudging me to shuffle over to the other side
"Why not!" I moaned sleepily, my eyes still closed
"because it's only 8pm...You have to adjust your body clock to New York time!"
"I'll do that tomorrow..." I moaned still keeping my eyes closed
"Fine! But I'm gonna put Paranormal Activity on..." he said...although I had my eyes closed I know he was smirking. I sighed and sat up
" know I don't like sleeping during a film..." I sighed rubbing my eyes and resting my head upon Liam's shoulder
"...I promise we can go to bed after this!" he stated cuddling closer to me as the film began...

The morning came quickly...a little too quickly to be honest!
"SIAN LIAM OPEN THIS DOOR!" screamed Louis as he always does
"Go away Lou!" I moaned covering my head with my pillow attempting to block out the noise...

I would have said 'shut up, you'll wake the other guests' but there were only our five rooms on this floor, they were the exclusive penthouse rooms.
"Open the door or we're coming in!" echoed Niall's Irish accent a few seconds before the door flung open.
"What do you want?" moaned Liam sitting up ruffling his hair
"We're going out in an hour, go get ready!" grinned a highly cheerful Harry "Where's Sian anyway?" he then questioned
"I'm here..." I mumbled removing the pillow from my head and sitting up pushing a hand through my hair.
"Wait-You two? You..." Harry hesitated trying to think of a way to fraise the question " nobody slept on the couch then?" he said as he finally chose his words
"It's not like that!" me and Liam both sighed simultaneously
"...Okay..." said Louis as a small smile began to tug at the corners of his mouth. I sighed shaking my head
"You've got an hour to get ready! Chop Chop!" grinned Niall before the four of the headed out the room
"...hey where's Zayn?" I questioned rubbing my eyes before they could actually leave
"Umm, I don't know, maybe in his room...he wouldn't answer the door!" Answered Niall
"So you decided to wake us up instead?" Liam sighed pushing back his hair
"Well you two aren't a couple...we didn't expect to walk in on anything..." Harry smirked
"You didn't walk in on anything!" I answered chucking a pillow at him before getting out the bed and walking down the hall in my pyjamas
"ZAYN! MARYANNE? OPEN THIS DOOR!" I shouted knocking on the door but giving up quickly and taking a small hair clip out my hair, picking at the lock opening the door wide to find an untouched empty room.
"...they're not here..." I whispered feeling rather was like the beginning of a horror film or something; the murderer could jump out at any minute...

"LIAM!" I screamed making him run down the hallway
"What? Sian? What's wrong are you okay?" he whispered pulling me into a hug as soon as he saw me
"I'm fine! ...but Zayn and Maryanne aren't here..." I gulped "I-I didn't want to go in the room alone..." I admitted pulling out of the hug looking up at him blushing lightly. Liam chuckled and took my hand
"I'll protect you!" he mocked as both of us stepped into the room carefully and quietly. I soon saw a note had been left on the table

'Don't worry, we've decided to take a Holiday of our own, we'll be back tonight! Promise! -Zayn'

"nothing to worry about!" Liam chuckled as we finished reading the note; I breathed a sigh of relief...
"Come on, let's go get ready!" I smiled as me and Liam both headed back towards our room.

Zayn's POV
After a few hours of flying we finally touched down in our destination. Vegas. We rushed out of the busy airport and straight to the place we planned to go all along...

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I whispered to Maryanne as we stood outside the big wooden doors
"...all I know is that I love you, and I want to be with you forever..." she whispered as a wide grin spread across her face. I lifted up her chin so that her eyes were looking straight into mine and smiled back at her before placing a light kiss on her lips
"I love you too..." I whispered taking her hand and facing the door
"Ready?" she questioned smiling up at me
" be with you forever? I was always ready!" I smiled again as we headed through the chapel doors to be Married...

Liam's POV
An hour had passed and all of us were making our way to Starbucks to have breakfast before heading off to Central Park!

"Do you know what I want to do that I haven't done in ages?" Sian grinned taking a sip out of her Frappuccino as she beamed a smile, her blue eyes glistening in the sunshine and hair long blonde locks blowing lightly in the slight breeze, my heart began to beat just a little bit faster as she looked me in the eyes and I gazed at her...trying to figure out what was running through her mind
"What?" I chuckled
"...a cartwheel!" she smiled giggling before getting up and running towards a big open field and casually doing I cartwheel in the middle of it. I chuckled at her innocence as she ran back towards us
"That was so fun!" she giggled, she never sat back down, but she began trying to pull me up.
"Liam! Come on! Come do another cartwheel with me! You'll love it!" she grinned attempting to pull me up
"no! No I'm rubbish at cartwheels!" I protested pulling her was like a mini tug of war...but with no rope.
"I don't care! Come on!" she giggled, again attempting to pull me up again
"No!" I chuckled, tugging her with one last heave making her tumble over and before I knew it she was on top of me, and both of us were clambered in a small pile on the floor.

Out faces were just inches apart as Sian's hair swept over one of her shoulders and it flowed down almost touching my face
"are you okay?" I whispered. Sian didn't reply with words, she just nodded lightly and smiled a little
"Hey we're off to the museum of Natural two can come or you can lay there and let this weird romantic tension grow..." chuckled Harry. I coughed lightly as Sian quickly got up and held her hand out for me to help me up
"Thanks!" I chuckled
"Any time!" she smiled

The Museum of Natural History was actually pretty interesting, it was a lot more interesting than I expected! It was also quite funny to watch Sian scurrying around the Dinosaur section.
"Liam! Liam come look at this!" she grinned running over to me and taking my hand dragging me towards this massive dinosaur that was stood on two legs with a large tail that stretched up really high almost touching it's head...and it's head was rather small for its body, but that's basically the case with all dinosaurs. I smiled at her enthusiasm as she looked from me to the Dinosaur and back again.
"It's...big!" I chuckled not really knowing what to say
"It's big? Liam it's an actual skeleton of a real live dinosaur and all you can say is 'it's big'" Sian exclaimed
"Dead Dinosaur..." I corrected her chuckling lightly
"what?" she questioned her face turning slightly confused
" said real 'live' dinosaur...but it's dead, so it's a real dead dinosaur..." I chuckled
"Shut up Liam!" Sian stated poking me in the ribs lightly before taking my hand once more and leading me to another Dinosaur. We must have spent hours in that museum; Sian was just gazing in awe for ages at each and every Dinosaur we passed! It was dark by the time we left the Museum and all of us were feeling rather hungry so we decided to go get something to eat.

Niall's POV
"Do you think they have a Nando's round here?" I questioned looking around to see if I could spot one
"Niall. We had Nando's yesterday at the airport for Lunch!" Rachel giggled taking my hand
"it's my New Year's resolution to have Nando's every day!" I grinned proudly
"...It's May Niall. That plan already failed! Maybe 2012 will be your year!" Rachel smiled resting her head upon my shoulder
"...okay!" I sighed "but I was being serious about there being a Nando's here" I said making Rachel giggle
"We can go to Nando's tomorrow. I promise...but right now I'm in the mood for Pizza!" she smiled taking both my hands and giving me a light kiss on the lips
"...Fine. You convinced me!" I whispered pulling out of the kiss and wrapping one of my arms around Rachel's waist " who wants Pizza?" I then said to all the others as they all agreed that Pizza sounded good!

We got a few take away Pizza's from 'Pizza Hut' and headed back to the hotel where we sat in Sian and Liam's room. Rachel was sat on my lap; I had my arms wrapped around her waist as she kept feeding me pieces of Pizza.
"So what do you want to do tomorrow?" asked Niamh who was sat next to Harry with her head rested upon his shoulder
"What about the Empire State?" I suggested
"Or Liberty Island!" smiled Sian
"Or maybe-" Rachel began before there was a knock on the door.

"Come in! Its open!" shouted Sian before the door creaked open and there stood Zayn and Maryanne hand in hand, both with a wide grin spread accross their faces
"Where have you two been then? Tell us about you mini vacation, we're interested!" grinned Justine from Louis arms
"Umm well first things first. We're married!" exclaimed Maryanne excitedly; it was almost as if she was going to start jumping around. Each of the girls ran up to Maryanne squealing almost as excitedly as Maryanne and instantly started begging to see the ring, which was then followed my more squealing as Maryanne put her hand out for the others to see.
"Congratulations!" I grinned giving Zayn a small hug
"So Vegas?" Louis stated in more of a question
"Yeah! Its seriously great! Niall, you should go there for your Stag Do!" Zayn exclaimed
"I think we should get the Wedding sorted first!" I chuckled.

We continued to talk for a few more hours before me and Rachel headed back towards our room.
"So the newlyweds...that'll be us soon!" I grinned coming up behind her and giving her a tight squeeze and a light peck on the cheek
"mmm!" she sort of mumbled shuffling in my arms so she could turn to face me
"...and then I'll be married to the most perfect man on Earth..." she whispered kissing me on the lips passionately letting sparks fly...

We broke apart reluctantly, both of us rather breathless, I still held Rachel in my arms
"I love you Rachel!" I whispered against her lips
"more than Nando's?" she asked through a small giggle
"Always!" I whispered kissing her lightly once more...

Louis' POV
"Do you think the babies are okay?" asked Justine for about the millionth time today
"Justine! Would you calm down? You parents are great with kids!" I chuckled giving her a small cuddle
"How do you know that my parents are great with kids? The last time they looked after a baby was me! I mean what if-" she began but automatically I cut her off in an attempt to calm her down
"Justine! I know they are great with kids, because for 16 years they brought up the most perfect girl on they must be great with kids..." I beamed a smile at her. She shook her head blushing and giggling lightly at the compliment before giving me a peck on the cheek and taking my hand as we continued to stroll happily through central park!

The sun was shining ever so brightly down from the sky and I was reflecting on last night's main event. Zayn and Maryanne getting married! It was kind of strange to think they were married...although it also felt kind of strange that I'm a dad. I love it! Every time the word 'dad' pop's into my head it just puts a small smile on my face. And to think I should be so lucky as to have the most beautiful girl in the world as the mother of my's unreal!

"What are you smiling at?" questioned Justine using her free hand to twirl a lock of her silky brown hair around her finger
"Just thinking about you..." I grinned
"...course you were..." she giggled sarcastically poking me in the ribs lightly
"I was! Honest!" I smiled turning to face her "and do you know what I like the most?" I whispered as I pressed her forehead to mine
"the fact that I like carrots?" she grinned giggling and fluttering her sparkling brown eyes
"Exactly! You know me to well Jones!" I chuckled placing a light kiss upon her lips before continuing to walk through the park once more...

"The Statue of Liberty is so beautiful!" gasped Justine getting off the boat as we reached Liberty Island
"not as beautiful as you m'love!" I stated through a small smile taking her hand as we casually began to walk towards the statue towering in front of us.

"...the statue looked a lot smaller from the mainland!" stated Sian gazing up at it with awe
"That's probably because from the mainland it was further away..." Liam chuckled standing next to her and wrapping his arm around her. I gave Liam a warning glance and he removed his arm from around Sian, although I loved them two as a couple, Liam was dating Danielle...if he wanted Sian as his girlfriend he'd have to do it properly and break up with Danielle first! I made him promise me that! If anything happened between Liam and Sian in New York it would not only ruin his relationship with Danielle but could possibly ruin Sian and Liam's friendship too and we didn't want that to happen...again.

"What's wrong sweetie?" questioned my Justine who had clearly noticed the look of concern on my face
"Oh. It's nothing!" I smiled reassuringly kissing her on the lips once more to stop her from asking any further questions!

Harry's POV
after trekking round Liberty Island for about an hour we travelled back to the mainland and headed towards the centre of New York City!
"New York is so beautiful! Can we come again Harry please? Next year? Next month? Maybe we can just stay another week! Please? I love it here!" she beamed a smile whilst almost begging with her sparkling puppy dog eyes that were shining golden in the light.
"We'll see!" I grinned chuckling at how excited she was getting! She was basically running around town absolutely adoring everything she saw.

"HARRY! Come look!" she exclaimed running up to me like an excited child and taking my hand before running off again towards a large glass building! I chuckled lightly as we ran it was rather amusing to watch how enthusiastic she was...but that's what I loved about her, getting excited over the simplest of things...

"What am I looking at? How cute we look as a couple?" I grinned giving her a cuddle as I gazed at our reflection in the large glass window.
"...although we do look cute...that's not what I was talking about! Look!" she grinned pointing at a small sign that was pinned to the door. It read:

Penthouse Apartment FOR SALE! Viewing Today! 15/5/11
Anybody Welcome!

"You want to view the apartment?" I questioned raising my eyebrows up at her
"Yes!" she smiled giving me a straight answer
"No Way!" I sighed shaking my head
"We don't have to buy anything! Harry comes on please?" she begged gazing at me with irresistible eyes. I sighed and pushed the door open
"Go on then!" I sighed smiling at her as she ran inside quickly and headed straight for the lift.

"...and this is the balcony...again..." moaned the estate agent after we spent about 3 hours in this apartment
"Oh! I love it so much! After 13 times I still love it! It's perfect Harry! Perfect!" she smiled spinning in circles. I paused to think about it...although I hated the idea of buying it at first...after viewing it 13 times it did kind of grow on me...and seeing Niamh happy just made me smile constantly anyway...
"I didn't think I'd say this but...I kind of love it too..." I admitted looking over at the beautiful view of the city. I wrapped my arms around Niamh's waist and pointed towards the statue of Liberty in the distance.
"We were there today!" I smiled whispering in her ear
"mmm!" she smiled too gazing over in the direction I was pointing at and resting her head upon my shoulder...

...we stayed there for a few moments in silence before I whispered
"let's go halfies!"
"What?" Niamh questioned turning swiftly to face me
"Halfies! On the apartment! You still have money left over from Skiing and I'm being payed now with One Direction and everything...we can afford why not?" I grinned revealing my dimples
"A-are you sure?" she asked as a small grin began to spread accross her face
"Positive! And then we can visit New York whenever we want!" I added, I too was now grinning.
"Harry! THANK YOU!" Niamh grinned happily hugging me tightly, she pulled out of the hug and gave me a small peck on the lips
"I love you, you know?" I smiled at her as we pulled out of the kiss
"Love you too Harry!" she smiled hugging me once more and resting her head on my chest

"We'll take it!" I said to the estate agent making her smile for the first time today as I wrapped my arms around Niamh and we watched the sun set in the New York sky...

Liam's POV
"LIAM!" came Sian's sweet voice from the bathroom
"Yes sweetie..." I cooed as I heard her giggle, she popped her head round the door and smiled
"Where are your straighteners" she questioned smiling
"I didn't bring them." I stated continuing with the packing...The week had gone so quickly! It felt like just yesterday when we all went out for a drink and Niamh had blurted out that her and Harry and just bought an apartment! But it was the last day and we were due to leave the next morning
"Your kidding!" she sighed "You didn't bring your straighteners? My hairs a mess!" she moaned heading back into the bathroom
"I like you with curly hair!" I grinned "it's cute..."
"Liam, You like any living thing with curly hair..." she called from the bathroom
"...that's a bit harsh!" I stated
"You know you'd love France." she giggled
"Why? Is there a lot of curly haired girls there?" I questioned
"Nope...Poodles!" I could almost hear her grin from the bathroom. I chuckled and shook my head not even attempting to think of a comeback!

"...can you give me my dress...?" she questioned
"which one?"
"the cute one. With the frills!" she replied, I could almost hear her smiling
"they're all cute and frilly!" I sighed searching through her many dresses
"the purple one!" she exclaimed
"there are about ten purple ones..." I moaned still searching through the never ending mass of dresses "...Sian, we're only here for a week how many clothes do you need?" I questioned.

Sian let out a deep sigh a stormed out the bathroom wearing just her towel.
"Your hopeless Liam!" she smiled shaking her head at me whilst picking up the dress she needed and headed back off towards the bathroom.
"Yeah." I mumbled not paying much attention to what she was saying but more attention to what she was wearing...or not wearing...

What seemed like hours later Sian finally emerged from the bathroom looking as beautiful as ever.
"Do I look okay?" she asked nervously
"Breathtaking." I whispered stepping towards her and taking her hand.

As we got down to the reception area everyone was already waiting for us, I saw everyone smirk a little as they saw us hand in hand, I think Sian noticed to as she quickly let go of my hand and smiled blushing lightly.

Everyone stepped outside and began to walk towards one of the most romantic restaurants in the whole of New York 'Blue Hill'...

I took Sian's hand again and stopped her from walking swiftly turning her round, forcing her to face me as our eyes met.
"Promise me something...?" I whispered
"Anything!" she smiled
"...nothing will be awkward...and we can enjoy tonight, like old if we were still a couple!" I smiled hoping with all my heart she wouldn't object...and my wish came true...she smile sweetly and nodded her head a little whilst replying with a simple

The restaurant was beautiful, the only thing I could possibly think was more beautiful, would be the small blonde girl sitting opposite me. Sian.

"You look truly stunning tonight..." I whispered to her taking her hands across the table, she removed them instantly
"...Liam..." she moaned through a small sigh
"Sian! You promised! Like old times!" I sighed
"One Night!" she then smiled lightly placing her hands back into mine...

We talked laughed and generally had a good time all night. It was just like old times...just the way I liked it! The night was nearly over as we both got up out of our seats ready to leave. The formally busy restaurant was now virtually empty, just us and one other couple, the other couple was rather old...yet they still seemed so happy!

I payed for the bill, Sian insisted but I still payed anyway.
"Liam! You really didn't have to pay!" she moaned as both of us got up, I wrapped my arm around her waist and she rested her head on my shoulder
"Yes I did!" I protested as we walked past the old couple.

"You two make a Beautiful couple!" said the old woman sat at the table.
"Oh we're not-" Sian began but I cut her off
"Thank you!" I just smiled politely as both of us headed out of the restaurant.

"Liam!" Sian moaned again when they were out of earshot
"You promised me one night!" I stated "and the nights not over yet!" I smiled. She sighed once more but didn't protest as we headed back towards the hotel.

We stopped outside our hotel room door, Sian had the key but she stood if she was waiting for something
"...are you going to open the door?" I questioned chuckling lightly. She looked up at me with sparking eyes that were shining with a glimmer of hope as she bit down lightly on her bottom lip
"I promised you one night...if we're going to do this properly...I need a goodnight-" she didn't have to carry on...I knew exactly what she was thinking. I moved in quickly making our lips meet before she could change her mind.

The kiss lasted longer than expected; I wrapped my arms around her waist whilst she wrapped hers around my kneck, entwining her fingers into my hair.
After a while we pulled away, both of us breathless
"...kiss..." Sian whispered continuing with her original sentence; the corners of her mouth tugged up into a small smile as she removed her hands from round my kneck and unlocked the door as she giggled lightly.

As soon as the door was firmly closed behind us I couldn't resist temptation any longer and kissed her again this time holding her firmly against the wall so she couldn't move out of my grip. The kiss was strong and was like no kiss we had ever shared before. She kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my kneck once more and running her fingers through my hair. I guided her towards the bed and laid her down gently, still kissing. Sian began fiddling with the buttons on my shirt, undoing them carefully one by one before it was completely open and she allowed herself to run her hands down my chest. I let my hands drift up her dress, slowly making their way up her body.

Everything was going perfectly until suddenly Sian broke the kiss as she hesitated lightly placing her hands on mine and removing them from her grip before pushing me aside lightly, sitting up and hugging her knees.
"Liam I cant!" she stated pushing her hands through her hair and getting up off the bed taking one of my hoody's off the side and pulling it over her head, then taking her Gillet putting that on too before finally slipping on her uggs.

"Wait! Sian where are you going?" I snapped
"Out!" she snapped back as she headed out the door slamming it behind her. I followed her out
"but it's raining! You're not dressed for the rain" I called out after her; she stopped at the end of the hallway and turned to look at me
"not dressed for the rain? As opposed to what? Wearing nothing at all?" she suddenly hissed, her mood changed in a second
"Sian you know I don't mean it like that! That's hardly fair!" I complained "you're going to catch your death out there its freezing!" I added
"I have my Gillet on don't I?" she answered back before turning to walk down the hallway again
"Sian that's not fair!" I shouted after her, she didn't stop "You can't just lead me on like that and then drop it!" I snapped suddenly, I had no idea where that came from; it just sort of slipped out...
"I'm sorry Liam but I cant. I won't! I won't be the girl you cheated on your girlfriend with!" she shouted back, her voice trembling slightly
"'s a bit late for that..." I replied a little quieter trying to push back a small smile that appeared on my face
"Grow up Liam!" she hissed heading round the corner and down the stairs.

Quickly I ran back into our room, quickly throwing on another one of my hoody's that was on the side and ran after her.

"Sian? Sian?" I screamed out into the street. I saw a yellow taxi and ran to get it
"TAXI!" I screamed running through the pouring rain, it stopped and the guy rolled down his window
"Where to?" he questioned in a strong New York accent
"Could you please just drive around? I'm looking for a girl..."
"Aren't we all!" he chuckled
"! I mean a particular girl! She's a friend. A best friend. And I don't want to lose her...even though I might have just lost her forever anyway...I just want her to be safe..." I sighed almost forgetting I was talking to some Taxi driver
"What did you do? Admit your feelings for her?" he said trying to sound sympathetic but he couldn't hide a small chuckle
"...something like that..." I admitted, the rain was getting heavier as I let out a deep sigh
"Get in then." sighed the man
"Thank you so much!" I breathed a sigh of relief and got in the back of the Taxi, as we began to drive around searching for Sian.

About 15 minutes passed. I had been scanning the streets ever so carefully but couldn't see her. After 30minutes I had almost given up all hope until suddenly I saw her! Sat on a bench just outside Central Park with her head in her hands!
"Stop the Car!" I screamed at the Taxi driver who broke hard as I ran out the door slamming it shut behind me and ran towards where Sian was sat.

"Sian?" I whispered as I went to sit next to her
"Liam?" she questioned sniffling lightly
"Look! Its pouring it down with rain! You don't have to talk to me but I don't want you getting ill...just come back to the Hotel? Yeah?" I whispered. She nodded before getting up and I guided her to the Taxi.
"Back to the Palace Hotel please?" I questioned, the Taxi Driver gave me a sympathetic smile and nodded before he began to drive again.

The drive back was longer and quieter than I expected. Sian began to shiver, from the cold I presumed...
"You cold?" I asked
"A little!" she exclaimed nodding lightly
"Wanna be an emperor Penguin?" I asked opening my arms to her. She smiled and shuffled towards me, allowing me to wrap my arms around her.

It was silent again for a while before Sian spoke
"I'm sorry Liam...I really am..." she whispered
"What are you sorry for? Not sleeping with me?" I chuckled nudging her "you have nothing to be sorry for!" I smiled as we pulled up outside the hotel. Both of us got out the Taxi.
"You go on inside...okay?" I smiled, Sian nodded and headed in the door as I turned to pay the Taxi Driver.

"No need son. Just promise me this...hold onto her yeah? She's one in a million!" he smiled refusing my money getting back into his Taxi and driving off...
"...One in a Million..." I whispered to myself as the taxi drove out of sight. I sighed and headed back into the hotel.

As I got up to the room, the door was still slightly ajar. I creaked it open staying as quiet as possible to see an already fast asleep Sian on the bed. I chuckled lightly closing the door behind me and began to get ready for bed myself! Tonight, was the first night in New York that I actually slept on the couch...

The airport the next morning was rather was an early flight so there weren't many other people about. I hadn't talked to Sian much...not properly, like one on one...not since last night.

Louis' POV
it was about 7am and I was sat with Justine and Rachel while they casually chatted. I blanked out a much as I loved my Justine this girly chat was not for me.
"Hey Angel imma go talk to Liam for a bit!" I said smiling lightly at her
"sure sweetie!" she amused back giving me a quick peck on the lips before turning back to Rachel
"Liam? You alright stubbly" I questioned chuckling lightly trying to enlighten the mood whilst nudging him in the ribs. He gave a forced smile back but didn't say a word and just sighed instead.
"...I heard you and Sian arguing last night..." I mentioned getting straight to the point since Liam wasn't going to tell me himself
"Louis! I'm not in the mood for 'I told you so' okay?" he sort of moaned through a whisper
"I wasn't gonna say that! I just wanted to ask what happened..." I sighed placing my hand on his shoulder
"...I messed up...big time."
"Liam! What happened?" I questioned again trying to make him get to the point
"I-Well Sian-I mean-We- almost..." he trailed off "We almost had a 'One Night Stand'" Liam mumbled using air quotes over the words 'One Night Stand'
"You didn't!" I gasped, my mouth dropped open with shock
"Just keep it quiet yeah?" Liam sighed pushing his hands through his hair "I'm so confused Louis!" he then added
"Why? What's going through that brain of yours?" I asked casually trying to act less shocked
"because I love her..." he whispered
"Who? Sian or Danielle?"
"So what are you going to tell Danielle?"
"I don't know!"
"are you going to tell her about last night?"
"I don't know!"
"are you going to break up with her?"
"Louis! I. Don't. Know!" Liam now snapped, the few people that were sat in the airport turned to look at us. Liam hushed his voice again "Sian is One in a Million...but a risk...and Danielle...she's perfect...everything I could ask for..." Liam whispered
"But..." I added sensing that word was going to come up
"...but she's not Sian..." he whispered burying his head into his hands
"...I think you have your answer there mate!" I smiled patting him on the back getting up "please just go for it! Before it's too late?" I sighed before walking back towards Justine...

Liam's POV
It was a long quiet journey back to the UK. Sian was asleep the whole time, resting her head against my shoulder. I looked down and smiled at the small blonde haired angel that was soon to be mine. I did it, I made my decision...I was going to break up with Danielle...I had to. Sian was the one, I was in love with her and no force on this matter how great it may be...will change that. As soon as I broke up with Danielle Sian was mine, and I'd have no regrets...

We arrived in England. It was a smooth and simple journey, and very quiet. We got our baggage and got through passport control before entering through the doors met by loads of screaming girls. I forced a smile at them all...I was rather tired and didn't really feel like meeting up with fans at the minute.

I then saw a recognisable wasn't of a fan though...more of a friend...if you could call him that.
"Jerome!" gasped Sian happily dropping her bags and running towards him...she was greeted with a tight squeeze
"I missed you!" I heard him say to her over all the screams
"I missed you too..." she whispered back through a small smile. Quickly, for a split second she glanced over at me before turning her head back to Jerome and kissed him right on the lips. He held her firmly round the waist allowing her to wrap her arms round his kneck.

My heart split in two. As much as I wanted to turn away from the sight I couldn't. My eyes were glued to them...if I was alone I would cry...because I seriously felt like crying. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I suddenly found the strength to turn away. Lou stood there and gave me a sympathetic smile
"That should be me Lou..." I whispered to him
"I'm sorry mate..." he whispered back. I lost my chance. That was it...I would never get Sian back ever...the girl I truly loved was now in the arms of another and I couldn't do anything about it. I could just stand here and do nothing.







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