Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


65. NEW CHAPTER changes

Hey everyone! Sorry its been so long again! Its almost been a month – it's a month tomorrow acctualy! Anyway I hope you enjoy this update – and thanks to all the people who are still reading – Please follow me on Twitter: Princess_Sian_x Thanks x

*3 years later*

Zayn's POV

There was a knock on the door, it was three firm knocks. I sighed and walked towards it opening it up!

"DADDY!" called Zach excitedly jumping up into my arms

"Zach!" I exclaimed back cuddling my boy "I got a present for you in the living room!" I grinned putting him down

"AWESOME!" he shouted "LOVE YOU DAD!" he screamed back as he ran towards the living room.

I then turned to the door to see Marryanne stood there - with Brad.

"Hey!" I said blankly to her

"Hey!" she said back handing me Zach's suitcase "you remember Brad right?" she half smiled at me

"Yes." I said blankly "how could I forget the guy my wife cheated on me with!" I mumbled at her under my breath. Marryanne sighed

"Zayn! You know I'm sorry!" she said through her sigh

"Yes! I know! You say that every time!" I sighed rolling my eyes "enjoy your holiday!" I said almost shooing them out the door

"Bye Zach, baby!" Marryanne cooed as she walked away

"BYE MUMMY!" Zach called from the living room not giving a second glance back. This made me laugh a little. As soon as the door was closed I went to join my son in the living room.

"So, do you like it?" I asked as he was almost tearing open the packaging of a remote control car

"Like it? Daddy I love it!" Zach grinned jumping up and down wrapping his arms around me.

"How about we go the park so you can test it out, hey?"

"YEAH!" Zach screamed excitedly like any 6 year old boy would!

"Come on then!" I said swinging him up onto my shoulders as he gripped tight hold of his toy car - and we headed out the door together, towards the park.

I sat on the bench as Zach ran around he was chasing and directing the car in and around the obstacles of the park...he even made it do down the slide which scratched it a little as it flew off the end!

"Zayn? Zayn is that you?" came a voice from the other side of the park. My first reaction was 'oh god! Not another fan!', don't get me wrong, I love fans but right now I wasn't really in the mood!

Then I realised the persons voice was rather familiar and as I looked over - I could hardly believe it! There stood Erin, from High School!

"Erin? Hi! How are you?" I asked getting up to give her a hug. She embraced me with open arms and wrapped them around me tightly before replying

"I've been good thanks! What's brings you to the park?" she asked curiously

"Well it's my week with my boy Zach so I've taken him out for some fun!" I smiled nervously. Erin hadn't changed since High School, I remember thinking she was very beautiful, but could never say anything because I was with Maryanne! The only thing that changed about her was her hair, she had dyed it to a caramely ginger auburn colour that really suited her!

"What brings you here?" I asked realising I had been standing in awe for about a minute now - I was pretty shocked to see her again!

"I brought my two daughters, Grace and Lauren!" Erin smiled as he gestured towards to small girls skipping through the park, they both looked around Zach's age.

"Oh." I said a little disappointedly "so you're married?"

"No no!" she chuckled "my boyfriend walked out on me as soon as he found out I was pregnant!" she sighed

"Oh...well that's his loss!" I smiled at her putting my hand on her shoulder. She smiled back and we stood there for a few moments, in silence.

"DAAAADDDY! Daddy I'm hungry!" came Zach running over

"Well would you like to go to Pizza hut? We haven't been there in a while!" I asked him curiously

"YEAH! I love Pizza, I do, Daddy!" Zach exclaimed

"Would you, Grace and Lauren like to join us?" I asked Erin

"Are you Grace and Lauren's mummy? I like Grace and Lauren! I let them play with my toy car, I did!" Zach smiled excitedly

"We would love to join you both!" Erin smiled turning from me to Zach "Will you go get them for me?" Erin asked Zach politely

"Okays!" Zach grinned

"ERIN GRACE DO YOU WANT SOME PIZZA!" Zach shouted as he ran into the crowd of busy children in the playground.

Sian's POV

"Well Finally!" I exclaimed running up to give Niamh a hug, and to get a closer look at her ring "Congratulations! The rings beautiful! Well done Harry!" I approved winking at him

"Your husband helped pick it out actually!" Harry laughed as I turned to Liam gobsmacked

"What can I say? I have an eye for beauty!" Liam winked. I blushed and rolled my eyes "anyway!" I said "got a date yet?" I asked curiously.

"Nope - but we want it to be soon!" smiled Niamh who was now wrapped in Harry's arms

"And have you got a theme or anything?" Rachel asked - finally getting a chance to speak after my little excite rant

"I have a few ideas!" Niamh grinned looking up at Harry as she but her lip

"Whatever you want, you'll get sweetheart!" he smiled placing a kiss lightly on her cheek.

"...and there is something else too..." Niamh grinned excitedly

"What is it?!" asked Justine curiously. Both Niamh and Harry looked at each other, Harry nodded and then Niamh turned to us.

"I'm pregnant!" she whispered excitedly - a small tear formed in her eye. We all cooed!

"Aww congratulations-"

"You'll both make beautiful parents!"

"When are you due-?"

"We beat you!" mocked a voice I recognised cutting off our conversation

"Nuh uh! You cheated!" came a younger, higher voice

"Liar! We beat you fair and square!" the little voice squealed "mummy tell him!" Rosie moaned almost in tears as she ran up to me.

"Now what's this about?" I sighed

"He started it!"

"She started it!"

Both my children tattletaled in unison

"I don't care who started it - I'm going to end it! If you can't play nicely no one's going to play at all!" I said to them both "where's your brother?" I asked them

"Watching cartoons." JJ replied simply. I smiled and sighed - "Come on then we best get home, I still need to cook your tea and everything!" I sighed walking towards the living room to pick up my baby boy - he was turning one next month!

When we were home I got a phone call.

"Liam? Can you hold Connor please? And put the kids to bed - it's Niamh!" I smiled

"Sure thing sweetie!" he said taking Connor off me and kissing me gently on the lips

"Come on off to bed...or am I going to have to get the tickle monster after you?! RAWR!" Liam shouted down the hallway - our children squealed excitedly as they both ran off into their rooms. I laughed before picking up the phone

"Hey Niamh!" I smiled

"Hey Sian! I need you to do me a favour!" she said

"Sure! What's up?" I asked

"Well...I know where I want the wedding to be, and I was wondering if you could book it for me? I mean - you're really good with all that stuff!" she said through a smile

"Yeah sure! Where do you want it to be?" I asked sitting down on the couch

"The castle. The castle we had prom in."

I stepped out the car door and smiled - Rosie and JJ ran into the gardens quickly

"TAG YOUR IT!" I heard Rosie scream as she ran off. I smiled and watched them go

"STAY IN THE GARDENS! DON'T TALK TO ANYONE YOU DON'T KNOW! BE CAREFUL!" I screamed after them like any worried mother - Liam came round the other side of the car. Connor had his little dungarees on - his soft blonde hair fell down in small curls around his face and he had soft brown eyes that matched Liam's. His small hand was wrapped tightly around Liam's pinky finger as he toddled along beside him.

"Do you remember when we first came here?" I asked curiously "it seems like just yesterday..." I whispered feeling my throat prick

"It's been almost ten years though..." Liam whispered staring in awe at the castle " quickly time flies by..." he said then turning to me and smiling "it has been a wonderful ten years though!"

"I agree..." I whispered taking tight hold of his free hand - entwining my fingers with his and placing my wad against his shoulder as we walked towards the castle.

"For SALE?" I almost shouted "who are you selling it too?" I asked the manager

"Most probably him, Madame!" he replied "nothing is finalised yet though!" he said nervously "good day!" he smiled - he almost ran from me. I walked over to the man the manager had pointed too earlier before

"Excuse me? Sir?" I said, he turned to look at me - and expression of annoyance soon turned into shock "Hi! I'm Sian Payne - it's nice to meet you sir!" I said shaking his hand

"I know who you are!" he smiled taking my hand happily "big fan!" he said

"Thank You!" I smiled before continuing "I've heard you are going to be buying this building?" I said to him in a sort of question form

"That's the plan, ma'am" he replied

"'re not going to be making many changes I hope, you see my friend - she wants to get-" I began to say but the man began to laugh

"Changes? I'm tearing the whole place down!" he said handing me a flier "Sunny-side Apartments!" he said - which is what the flier read "you interested?" he asked

"Interested?!" I asked outraged "you can't do this! You CAN'T! This is a beautiful piece of History! You can't just tear it down! You'll NEVER get the planning permission!" I shouted

"Already have!" the guy laughed smugly. I sighed, tears welled up in my eyes - all the memories I had here, everything, it was going to be gone - teared out! I couldn't let that happen...I just couldn't!

"SOLD?!" I screamed "but it's only been a week!" I moaned standing outside this castle for what seemed like the last ever time

"I guess there is nothing we can do..." Liam sighed - he didn't sound too worried, to bothered.

"Nothing we can do?! We can protest?! Don't you care about this place?! Everything that's happened here! All our memories! They are about to take it away they-" I stopped talking as a smile began to form on Liam's face

"...what?" I asked

"Alright! I can't keep it a secret any longer!" he laughed

"What?!" I was extremely confused now "What?! Liam what?!" I asked curiously

"Well...I thought the only way we could save it was to buy it, but then I thought what are we going to do with a castle...?" Liam began to grin - he placed his hand in his pocket - I heard something jingle, something metal, it sounded like, like, like keys...

"L-Liam?" I questioned, I was gobsmacked and speechless as he pulled a set of keys out his pocket - he took my hand and placed them in it closing my fingers around it lightly. He leaned closely and whispered in my ear, a smile still spread across his face

"Welcome Home!"

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