Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


40. Love, Trust and Jerome

Hi guys didn't think I was going to update today cause I had loads of homework (those of you who follow me on Twitter will already know I've been doing Homework for the past 4hours -.-) anyways, my homework is all done now so here is the next Chapter of my fanfic xD Enoy…x

Love Princess xxx

I sighed as I lay sprawled out on the hotel room floor. Louis and Justine had worked everything out, that was great, I had texted Jerome telling him everything was fine so he could stop looking and worrying and now I was allowed to relax.

Liam lay on his tummy on the bed looking down at me as I lay still, almost lifeless on the floor. He grinned at me, I smiled was I so lucky to have a boy like him as my boyfriend?

"What cha' thinking about?" he smiled
"...about how lucky I am to have you!" I grinned getting up of the floor and sitting on my knees letting my nose touch his looking dreamily up into his eyes. I slowly leaned In to kiss him but he pulled away. I gave him a questioning look!

"...Who's Jerome?" he asked simply as I scrambled onto the bed and lay on my side next to him.
"Jerome? He's a friend!" I smiled "new head boy!" I grinned as he looked at me, he still looked a little worried. " know...he might just be good enough to replace you!" I chuckled sarcastically tracing my fingers up his tummy making his eyes lose their worried look just a little bit, he smiled and kissed me on the nose making me giggle, "You know I love you!" I grinned cuddling closer to him as he wrapped his warm arms around me
"I Love You too! Through everything! Always an Forever! You know that right?" Liam whispered in my ear. I turned in his arms so I was facing him, out faces were almost pressed together
"Liam Payne..." I whispered "what have you done?" I added questioning him, Liam chuckled
"nothing!" he smiled cuddling closer to me "I just wanted to let my girl know that I loved her..." he grinned
"...well she loves you too. Alot!" I smiled through a yawn placing my head on his chest as I began to drift off...

"Liam!" I whispered "stay with me tonight...?" I said sleepily through a yawn
"anything for you babe!" he whispered into my ear just as i slowly fell asleep in his arms...

2 weeks passed and One Direction were doing very well in the competition. Again us girls were sitting watching the XFactor backstage. One Direction came on and our eyes were all instantly glued to the TV. Thy week was the week all the contestants got to go to the shop and choose an outfit while they were swarmed with thousands and thousands of fans.
"Who got the most girls then?" grinned Dermott, Harry slowly raised his hand while all the other boys pointed at him, you could see they were all chuckling lightly!

Niamh sighed "...why does my boyfriend have to be the cutest...if it wasn't for his curls he wouldn't be getting all those girls!"
"pfft! Harry the cutest? Clearly it's Zayn!" Maryanne added
"No no no no no! Niall is cuter than both of them with his stunning eyes and blonde hair not to mention his cute little Irish accent that-" Rachel was rambling on when Justine interrupted
"it doesn't matter what any of you say Louis is just to gorgeous to exist!" I paused and looked at everyone
"are you girls blind?" I asked "have you even SEEN Liam? Come on seriously he's gorgeous!" I grinned
"Why thank you!" chuckled a voice from behind me.
"Liam!" I smiled blushing lightly quickly skipping over to give him a hug "you were amazing tonight!"
"hey and what were we? His dancing monkeys?" chuckled Niall sarcastically
"No! Of course not! You were all amazing" I smiled nudging Niall lightly

"should we all go out tomorrow?" suggested Zayn "we havent been out with just the 10 of us in ages!" he added
I sighed and looked at them all
"I'm sorry but I can't go!" they gave me a questioning look "...Teachers meeting, like the one we had last year" I began to explain now turning to Liam " and Jerome have to-" Liam cut me off
"Jerome?" asked Liam
"well he is head boy, it's not like he can't go!" I smiled giving Liam a hug...did Liam not trust me?

Ooooooh! Will Liam and Sian stay together? or will Sian's friendship with Jerome break them up? …or maybe, there is someone else in the picture all together… xD

Read more to find out… hehe ;) x

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