Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


53. Liam's 18th

I awoke the next morning to find my head rested upon Harry's chest. The Friends DVD was still in the DVD player and the title menu kept playing over and over again. I sat up slowly rubbing my eyes and yawning a little. I took the remote from the side and turned off the TV before pushing a hand through my hair and attempting to wake up Harry. 

Hey! So, I posed last time and asked who was Team Liam and who was Team Harry, which surprised me a little because olot of people seemed to be team Harry…after 51 Chapters of Liam and 1 Chapter of Harry you change to Harry. Traitors. Haha I'm joking of course its your opinion and I thought it was very interesting to see! Hehe anyways heres the next Chapter For all you Team Harry people…I'm sorry…but for those who are Team Liam…ENJOY ;)

I awoke the next morning to find my head rested upon Harry's chest. The Friends DVD was still in the DVD player and the title menu kept playing over and over again. I sat up slowly rubbing my eyes and yawning a little. I took the remote from the side and turned off the TV before pushing a hand through my hair and attempting to wake up Harry.

"Harry! Wake up!" I said hitting him across the arm.
"No Lou! 5 more minutes!" he mumbled rolling over and falling off the couch. I laughed
"It's Sian!" I then giggled putting out my hand to help him up.
"Oh. Hey!" he smiled taking my hand and staggering up off the floor. Harry was definitely not a morning person. I laughed again
"What's so funny?" he asked furrowing his eyebrows in curiosity
"nothing!" I said shaking my head holding back the giggles
"You want breakfast?" he asked. I looked down, I was still wearing my little navy playsuit
"Thanks but I need to get ready, I have work in a few hours!" I said glancing at the clock. Series two of A Rose for the enemy was up and running and it was supposed to air in the middle of next September. It was the end of July now so not long to go!

"Okays! See you later?" he asked
"sure!" I smiled heading out the door and giving him a little wave. As I got outside I saw Louis standing in the hallway grinning at me
" you spent the night at Harry's?" he grinned
"Yes! Watching Friends! I just happened to fall asleep! That's all!" I stated walking towards my apartment. We all lived on the same floor in the same apartment building...that reminded me of Friends a little actually!
"Whatever you say Sian!" he laughed before he went inside his apartment.

Work that day felt like it dragged. It was rather long and tiring an we didn't finish till about 11.
"Alright everyone! Good Filming today! As you know we tend to go abroad for the last week of this time, we're going to Italy!" grinned Cassie! Everyone cheered, i turned to give Ruby a high five "so from the 24th till the 31st or August we'll be in Italy! Write it in your calanders! Dismissed!" she smiled as everyone started grabbing their bags and piling out
"Cassie! I can't go then...can we do it some other time...?" I then asked
"Sian! No, of course not! We're on a tight schedule!" Cassie sighed
"It's just that it's Liam's 18th and I-" I began but she cut me off
"I'm sorry Sian, this is your job! The tickets are booked there is no turning back now!" she exclaimed before she too headed off.

I sighed, grabbed my bag, and headed home...

Liams's POV
"Sian! It's gonna be great! Seriously! There's going to be balloons and a pool and a bug chocolate cake...
"...and don't know what else but..."
"I'll come up with idea's! Do you think we should hire a bouncy castle, or is thy too childish? Because-"
"LIAM!" Sian the shouted interrupting me from my utterance
"Yeah...?" I then said
"Look! I am so sorry! And your party sounds really does...but I can't go..." she mumbled out
"What? Why?" I asked with no disguise or attempt to hidden my disappointment
"I'm sorry Liam! It's just that I have to go to Italy to film the final scenes if 'A Rose For The Enemy'..." she sighed
"Can't you go some other time?" I asked, my voice probably sounded a little whiney now
"I tried to get Cassie to change the dates but she can't! I'm sorry!" she said, she stared up at me with her sparkling blue puppy dog eyes and blinked innocently, the look in her eyes told me she was genuinely sorry
"It's alright..." I sighed "You want to get a Starbucks?" I then asked as we walked past the shop
"Sure! I'll pay!" smiled Sian
"No no, I'll pay!"
"No...I'll pay! I said it first!"
"Well I'm being a gentleman so I'll pay!"
"no me!"
"Liam! I'm paying..."
"No Sian! I am"

Sian's POV
The weeks went by quickly. I got into my Hotel room and crawled into the bed. I had been up since 5 filming for two days straight! It was now the 26th of August...3 days until Liam's big day...and i wasn't gonna be there. I sighed and closed my eyes, i was too tired to do anything else, I was too tired to move even, I attempted to drift off to sleep...

The Hotel phone began to ring what felt like seconds later. It was actually the morning of the 27th...
"No!" I mumbled to myself "I'm supposed to get today tomorrow and Wednesday off relaxing!" I moaned before answering the phone
"Mizza Roacha, dere iz a Meester Payne in ze lobby here to zee you..." came a man's Italian accent came down the phone.
"Payne? Wait? Liam's here?" I exclaimed quickly hanging up the phone not letting him answer and running effortlessly down the stairs to find Liam, and the rest of the gang, stood in the middle of the lobby!

I ran straight into Liam's arms!
"Liam! What are you doing here?" I gasped happily as we broke away from the hug
"Well since you couldn't come to the party I thought why not bring the party to you...?" he grinned cheekily "I sent out an invitation to everyone who his coming and most people said they can make it...I've also hired out this hotel, so it should be fun..." he laughed
"Oh! Liam! You really didn't have to!" I smiled over enthusiastically, the smile didn't match my words at all. In fact I was so ecstatic he brought the part to was just too sweet...
"I didn't have to...but I wanted to!" he smiled adding to the sweetness "Party is tomorrow night!" he grinned before all of us headed up to our rooms...

The next day flew by and soon we were all enjoying Lia's part. I saw a few familiar celebrity faces which was strange...some of them even said they loved 'A Rose for the Enemy' and said they we're bug fans! I saw Liam stood by the pool sipping his drink!
"Hey Liam!" I called over to him with a slight smile on my face "So it's still the 28th meaning your not 18 legally your not allowed to be drinking this!" I grinned taking the alcohol away from him
"You're one to talk! You don't turn 18 until next month so legally you're not allowed to drink either!" he laughed snatching both my drink and his drink of me
"Hey! Give it back!" I laughed reaching out to grab it
"No..." he grinned putting his arms up high in the air making me jump. He flashed a bright beautiful grin in my direction
"You're enjoying this aren't you?" I laughed finally giving up
"Very much so..." he grinned before he too gave up and gave me my drink

"LIAM!" screamed a voice a few moments later
"oh hey Danielle!" I smiled as she stormed towards us
"Move out the was you boyfriend stealing bitch!" she snapped pushing me aside
"Woah! Danielle calm down!" Liam sighed
"It's always her isn't it?" she the hissed
"What are you talking about?" questioned Liam
"You two are constantly texting, constantly talking or communicating in some way! It's not fair! Sometimes it feels like you love her more than me...I'M your girlfriend Liam! ME!" she snapped before storming off
"Danielle wait-" Liam called after her but she was already gone. Liam sighed deeply and looked to me for comfort before saying
"I-I think she's had too much to drink..." he sighed
"Just go after her Liam!" I smiled reassuringly. Liam smiled back quickly before running off in her direction...

Liam's POV
"Danielle!" I called catching up to her taking her hand "What's wrong?" I whispered cupping her face in my hands
"Everything I just said...every last word!" she whispered. I sighed
"Look Danielle, Sian's my friend okay? That's it! You're my girlfriend. You!" I said almost felt as if it should be the other way around
" you love me?" Danielle asked
"I do Danielle" I replied
"I don't want you to talk to her anymore...Sian I mean..." she said
"What? Danielle that's crazy-" I began
"Liam if you really love me you'll do it!" she exclaimed. I sighed deeply and stared straight into her beautiful Hazel coloured eyes
"Well in that case..."

Harry's POV
I was just jumping around enjoying Liam's party. Being myself really. Laughing, smiling, joking...flirting...just a little bit. It was then thy I saw Sian looking a little lost
"SIAN!" I called her over, she looked up at me and beamed a smile before skipping over merrily
"Hi Harry!" she smiled flashing a small smile
"You alright?" I asked "You looked a bit lost before..."
"Yeah...I just sort of got in-between Liam and Danielle a little..." she said hesitantly looking down at the floor in shame
"It's alright! I'm sure they'll sort everything out!" I smiled reassuringly patting her on the back making her look up at me as she smiled slightly "wanna go for a walk?" I asked
"Sure!" she smiled. I took her hand and we headed away from the party a little and towards the small town centre.

It was a really quiet walk. But nice all the same! I let Sian rest her head on my shoulder
"You know sometimes with you, it feels like I'm with Niamh again..." I sighed
"Do you miss her?" she asked curiously
"Very much so..." i sighed
"If she was still here...but she had a boyfriend...would you still do everything in your power for her to be yours?" Sian asked curiously...I know began to realise she wasn't talking about me and Niamh anymore...but I played along
"Well, if she was happy, that's all that would really matter!" I smiled. It was now Sian's turn to let out a deep sigh
"True..." she mumbled
"It's different between you and Liam two a sort of made for eachother..." I chuckled
"You really think so?" she said
"Yeah! Why don't you go see if he's alright!" I then smiled t her encouragingly
"Thanks Harry!" she smiled pecking me on the cheek before she began to run off quickly. "Oh and Harry!" she said turning around to face me "You and Niamh are perfect for eachother too...true love never dies..." she smiled before turning to skip away again...

Sian's POV
"Liam..?" I questioned creaking the door open lightly to see a distraught Liam sat on the bed "are you okay...?" I whispered cautiously stepping into the room and taking baby steps to where Liam was sat before sitting down next to him. He sighed and looked at me, the room was rather dark and the only light was the dim moonlight that streamed in through the window
"...I've been better..." he sighed
"I'm sorry..." I whispered but Liam sort of ignored my little statement

"...Danielle doesn't want us to talk anymore..." Liam sighed looking down at the floor
"Oh." I stated rather blankly looking down at floor as my eyes began to fill with tears
" I broke up with her..." Liam then added making my head shoot up, he looked me straight in the eyes...they were sparkling with tears
"Liam! You know I only want you to be happy...and if Danielle makes you happy then I will walk out of your life forever. You do know I'd do that for you right?" I whispered

"Are you kidding me?" Liam almost sounded offended "...without you my life would be worthless Sian! How can you not know that?" he paused before adding "That wasn't the reason I broke up with Danielle anyway..." he said his voice trembling lightly
"oh. Well then why did you break up?" I questioned shuffling a little closer to him
"because it's true. Everything she said...every last word."
"...that i'm a horrible boyfriend stealing bitch." i i must have sounded offensed
"No. No! Not that! What she said about...about ME and you. I mean It IS you, your the one who makes me smile in the Morning because I always receive that little text that just simply says 'Morning!' or just before I go to bed and you text me 'Night''s the way you know everything about me, if I'm having a bad day and need cheering up you can tell just by the way I text or's you Sian. It always has been you and it always will be." he whispered taking my hands
"As-as like a best friend?" I questioned...Liam can't be saying this now...he just can't, not after all this...
"No Sian! I love you. And no matter what feelings I had for Danielle I always loved you a million times more. And no one, no one on this Earth, no one in this entire Universe can change that." He exclaimed whilst smiling.

Both of us were now standing, his hands were wrapped tightly round my waist and mine around his kneck. I stared up into his sparkling brown eyes and I could tell he was telling the truth. I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks yet I had nothing to say...I wanted to say something, I just didn't know what. I had noticed Liam had moved closer to me now, he was so close that my tears were flowing onto his cheeks...our noses were pressed together and our lips were centimetres apart. "I love you Sian. Why can't you see that?" he whispered before I couldn't take it any longer and my lips crashed against his. The kiss was so much more passionate than it had ever been before as my fingers entwined into his hair forcing our faces closer together as our lips moved perfectly in sync. Slowly and gently he began to lay me down on the bed, he too began to lay down just slightly on top of me, our lips still firmly attatched. I ran my fingers through his hair while he ran his hands up my body as they found themselves carefully slipping the straps of my dress off...

...the last time me and Liam kissed like this was...was in New York...the night we almost...we can't though? Can we? It's different this time...isn't it? He's single this time...and he LOVES me. I hesitated a little breaking the kiss.

"You Okay?" Liam questioned. I paused and looked at him smiling a little
"I'm perfect!" I grinned biting my lip and fiddling with the buttons on his shirt. Liam chuckled and his lips met mine once more.

The night that we started in New York was finally finished in Italy and, I can honestly say, that was the best night of my life...

Hope you liked it :') please Review, i'll try and put the next Chapter up soon :) x

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