Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


52. Leavers party

See I told you I'm getting better at updating! Don't get used to it though because I have 7 GCSE's to do in May so I have to get revising! For those of you who are actually interested I have: RE, Psycology, Maths, English, Biolgy x2 and Geography! Anyway, enjoy this next chapter

Rachel's POV
"Niall sweetie!" I called him over "Our gate is number 27!" I said as he came over, I handed him his coffee and we began to walk towards the gate.

We had spent our first two weeks as a married couple in no other than Orlando Florida where we spent most of our time in the one and only Harry Potter World...Niall knew how much I loved it! It was honestly the best two weeks of my life! The shopping, the romantic walks, riding the roller coasters, evenings in the bedroom...everything. And I lived every bit of it. My life was perfect and nothing was going to ruin that!

As we got on the plane I rested my head upon Niall's shoulder.
"You tired darl...?" he whispered into my ear
"mmhmm..." I mumbled through a yawn
"Get some rest yeah? It's a long flight back and it's been a busy two weeks..." he whispered kissing my hair
"Yeah...busily perfect..." I whispered letting a small smile escape my lips before my eyes began to droop and soundly I drifted off to sleep...

We arrived home late that night...I was completely and utterly jet lagged as I was wide awake at 1am! We arrived in the apartment building and went straight inside attempting to get a little sleep despite that fact we weren't at all tired!

The next morning (typically now it was Morning we were feeling rather sleepy!) we staggered out of bed to a phone call from Niamh telling us to all gather at hers in an hour!

I moaned sleepily but got up anyway and got dressed and ready before me and Niall made our way across the hall to Niamh's apartment. We we're the last to arrive...Niamh seemed rather tense and nervous for some reason...and she kept pacing...

"Right. Okay..." she began "because of recent events...I have decided...decided something rather big." she sighed "I-I want to get away from this life for a little while...go away and start afresh? I mean it's not like we're going to lose contact or anything...we can still tweet and Facebook...maybe even call or text, that might cost a bit though because of the distance and possibley?" Niamh began mumbling to herself
"Niamh! Please get to the point...?" questioned Justine through a smalls sigh
"You see...the thing is...I'm moving to New York..."

As soon as she said that it was as if the word tired didn't even exist anymore as each of us jumped out of our seats!
"Are you crazy?"
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"You can't leave!"
We all started darting questions and statements at her.
"Calm down! I'm not going to change my mind! I have my visa! I've booked the tickets...I'm leaving in two weeks..."

"Hang on? Wait! What?" I questioned "What the hell has happened while we we're away?" I questioned before they began to explain the whole and Niall we're gobsmacked. I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for Harry though, he was sat in the corner looking all ashamed and embarrassed...Bless, I can't even imagine how he must be feeling...

Sian's POV
"Niamh! Wait what?" I gasped after she explained the story "we've lived together for what? Since we we're 11 many years is that? And you're just gonna leave me?" I said feeling pretty emotional
"I'm sorry Sian..." she sighed "...but you have to understand..." she whispered
"Harry!" I exclaimed "back me up here! Niamh can't leave!" I snapped. Harry looked at me sympathetically
"I'm sorry Sian...I wish I could help you there but I can' looks like Niamh has made her decision...and if there was anything I could do to change her mind...anything...I would do it! Honest!" he said...although I don't think them words were intended for me as he stared straight into Nimah's eyes as he spoke "I won't hurt you any longer..." he whispered to her before walking out the door...

I watched Harry leave before turning back to Niamh. She now had tears in her eyes...they matched the tears that we're starting to form in mine!
I hugged her tightly...somehow I felt as if I never wanted to let go
"I'm gonna miss you you know...?" I whispered as the tears began to flow
"Hey! You haven't gotten rid of me quite just yet!" she laughed, Niamh too was now wasn't long before everyone had joined into the hug and it was one big group hug...

Two weeks flew by! It was the night Niamh was meant to be leaving and it was Harry's idea to throw her a leaving do! This was rather sweet of Harry considering the circumstances...

The party went by like an emotional blur. It was strange knowing that whilst I was having fun it was all because one of my best friends was leaving...and I just couldn't have fun with that thought on my mind...

Another thing that got me a little emotional was that Harry decided it would be a good idea to hold the party in a place where we all had happy memories...he chose the castle we had prom in...

After a few hours the party was getting a little much for me and I headed outside slowly and silently, just for a little alone time! Everything had completely changed since I had been here last. One Direction weren't famous yet, neither was I for that matter, Harry and Niamh were still together, me and Liam began our short and sweet relationship and Danielle wasn't in the picture...

I sighed deeply as I glanced over to the gazebo where me and Liam shared our first kiss. Slowly I began to take small steps towards it before letting my fingers gently run down the cool white wooden planks that lined the outside of the Gazebo before finding the courage to step inside and span around lightly taking my mind back to the best memory my mind had held...

Thunder clapped loudly above my head making me jump and look up between the small gaps in the gazebo that were mainly wrapped in vines and flowers of sorts. I heard a small chuckle from behind me. I gasped turning swiftly.
"Harry?" I gasped smiling was nice to have at least a little company
"reliving moments are we?" he chuckled coming to stand next to me taking my hand
"...kinda!" i sighed smiling lightly looking up past his curls into his mesmerising green eyes. Wow. I didn't notice how beautiful his eyes actually were...No Stop it Sian! I began to change the subject in my mind...I was not attracted to Harry...was I...? "how are you feeling?" i asked, he must have felt terrible, with Niamh leaving and everything. Harry shrugged as we both went to sit on the small bench.

There was silence for a while, I rested my head on his shoulder an sighed
"Why do our relationships have to be so messed up?" I moaned "it's not fair" I then added again
"Life's not fair." sighed Harry taking a lock of my golden blonde hair and twizzling it round his finger. It almost felt like i was sat here with Liam again...
"That was deep..." I chuckled raising my eyebrows at him making him laugh lightly "See I knew I could get a genuine smile our of you..." I smiled nudging him lightly
"You're great Sian, you know that?" he laughed returning the nudge
"Yeah I know..." I laughed agreeing with the statement jokingly
"Cocky much...?" he laughed making me laugh too...

I felt a small drop of rain fall from the dark gray cloudy sky and land on my cheek, this was soon followed by another and quickly by another and another and before we knew it, it was chucking down with rain...

Me and Harry both stood up, almost trying to run separate ways to get out of the rain but bumping into eachother. I let out a little squeal as i almsot fell but Harry grabbed me by the waist insuring that I didn't fall.
"You okay?" he asked as he beamed smile in my direction, his piercing green eyes shimmering lightly as his hair began to flatten out because of the rain. My heart began to beat a little bit faster and i began to wonder if he could hear it...

We stood there for a few moments in wasn't awkward, it was just quitet! I smiled nodding lightly, as I was reminded of something
"...didn't you say you were still waiting for your passionate kiss in the rain?" I asked curiously blushing lightly
"where did you hear that?" he chuckled pulling me closer
"...just something i read on Twitter!" I whispered just loud enough for him to hear above the noise of the pouring rain
"Well..." he began as his glistening smile beamed even more as he shook his hair lightly letting the water drip off his now flattened curls making me giggle "...maybe I won't have to wait for much longer..." he mumbled as I let his lips touch mine before we kissed lightly our noses pressed together. The kiss was nice, it made my heart beat just that little bit faster as his arms pulled me closer. I smiled giggling lightly breaking the kiss, our noses still touching
"...I think I needed that!" I whispered giggling lightly
"our little secret" grinned Harry taking my hand has we ran quickly inside away from the poring rain...

Niamh's POV
"Louis!" I called running over to him. I was trying to say my goodbyes to everyone quickly
"I have to catch my plane in a bit, so I've just come to say a quick goodbye!" I smiled giving him a light hug
"Bye Niamhy! You make sure you call me, or Justine once you get there! Okay? Just so we know you arrived safely!" he said rather sternly
"Yes dad!" I laughed sarcastically
"I'n serious!" he chuckled pulling me in for one last hug!
"I have to go! My Taxi is outside!" I sighed
"Have you said bye to Harry yet?" he asked. I looked at the ground an shuffled my feet nervously "Nimah! You can't leave without saying bye to Harry! All this was his idea you know! He paid for most of it too!" Louis stated probably trying to make me feel guilty!
"Okay fine! Do you know where he is?"
"He went into the gardens just a few moments ago..." Louis smiled
"Thanks!" I said before heading off towards the gardens.

I stepped outside clutching my cardy closer to me sheilding myself from the cold
"Harry?" i asked as I couldn't see him...he probably wouldn't be able to hear me anyway? The thunder, lightning and rain was too loud!

I was about to head back inside when I saw them. Harry and Sian. Kissing. I wouldn't have really minded if it was any other girl...I mean I expected it from was Harry for gods sake! I wouldn't have expected any less...and I DID break up with was Sian I was more surprised about! She was supposed to be my friend...but I guess not...

I quickly stormed back inside! I couldn't bare to watch any longer!
I quickly ran out the front door and unto the Taxi! My new life was going to start, whether I say bye to Harry or not...

Harry's POV
"Hey Lou! Have you seen Niamh?" I called over to him as a soaking wet me and Sian walked inside.
"She just left! Didn't she say bye to you? She was outside just two minutes ago..." he stated. My eyes widened automatically
" no no no no!" I began pushing my hands through my hair
"What? What's happened?" questioned Lou concerned
"Harry! I am so Sorry!" Sian exclaimed placing her hand on my shoulder
"Can you drive me to the airport?" I questioned
"Yes! Yes of course!" Sian smiled reassuringly quickly running to pick her bag up from the side.

"Harry..." Louis moaned "what are you going to do...?"
"Look Lou. There is a chance Niamh might have seen me and Sian kissing...if there is anything I can do to set it straight between me and Niamh...I'll do it!"
"You and Sian kissed?" he hissed as if he was angry with me
"Look! It was a spur of the moment thing! You know what I'm talking about!" I said slyly making Louis fall silent, I knew full well that he had once kissed Sian in a 'Spur of the Moment' fact the whole nation knew...

I ran after Sian quickly and we got in the car before we sped of to the airport...the whole journey was complete and utter silence...I just kept praying we would get there on time...

Sian pulled up outside the airport and I stumbled out the car
"Run! Quickly! And good luck!" she smiled encouragingly and I ran, ran as fast as my legs could take me...just to see if I could make it on time...

Sian's POV
I went and parked the car before I headed Ito the airport and waited for Harry...I waited for about 20 minutes until Harry came out of the gate followed by security. His head was hanging down in sorrow and his eyes were red with tears.
"Oh Harry!" I whispered running up to give him a hug "they wouldn't let you through the gate?" I asked curiously
"no...I got to the gate..." he mumbled
"and?" I asked curiously but not that hopefully considering the look on his face. He just shook his head and let out a deep sigh "I didn't make it...she hates me Sian...she hates me..." he whispered through sobs melting into the hug
"Shh! Harry calm down! She doesn't hate you..." I whispered comforting him. He still kept crying though, so I just held him for a hit longer "Come on Harry...let's get you home yeah?" I whispered.

The drive home was so quiet. The silence was so prominent you could cut it withs knife! At least Harry had stopped crying...I guess that was a plus! I sighed deeply as we pulled up in the exclusive car park outside our apartment block.

The weather outside was so dreary. It was dark and still chucking it down with rain, and grey clouds covered the whole sky, hiding behind it were the brightly shining stars and the elegant moon. The only natural light was the occasional flashed of thunder that crashed through the midnight sky.

I got Harry settled into his apartment and made sure he was okay before I attempted to he'a out.
"Sian stay for a bit?" he asked stopping me from leaving "I just don't want to be alone right now..." he sighed staring at me with great big sparkling puppy dog eyes.
"Fine!" I sighed "Get out you're Friends boxset!" I smiled as I went to sit down on the sofa.

After a few hours of watching Friends I was beginning to feel a little sleepy. We were watching the one where Phoebe has Ross AND Joey as her back up plans(for those of you who don't know, a back up plan is someone who you agree to marry if none of you are married by the time you are 30) ...
"Be my back up plan?" Harry said casually. I laughed
"Seriously?" I asked through a small giggle
"Yeah! Seriously! Come on! It'll be reassuring to know we at least have some sort of future and we don't die old and lonely!" Harry then laughed
"I guess that is true..." I said considering it "Okay deal! But once we're married we're having kids straight away..." I laughed
"That's fine with me!" Harry smiled cheekily
"...and you have to get a divorce first!" I laughed
"Oh god! Don't remind me!" Harry chuckled pushing his hand through his hair. We continued to watch Friends...I think I fell asleep after a while though, because I don't remember much more of that night...

So what do you think? Team Liam or Team Harry? …this sounds like Twilight now doesn't it haha :L (not that my Fanfic is half as good as Twilight! I'm Team Edward btw, for those of you who want to know!)

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