Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


46. Fresh start

She pulled away from the kiss and took a deep breath in
"No Liam. No!" she whispered her hands still clenched to my arms as she pushed me away lightly.
"...I can't! Not again..." She whispered looking down at the carpet
"...but you love me. And I love you-" I wanted to continue but she cut me off
"and look where that's got us? We're in pieces Liam! Our relationship, our friendship, is crumbling at our fingertips." She sobbed the tears still flowing no matter how hard she tried to stop them "I can't do this anymore Liam. You've broken my heart plenty of times and I can't let it happen again...I just can't..." she whispered turning away from me
"One more chance Sian? One more?" I whispered now realising the tears were falling from my eyes too
"Liam I-"
*Ring Ring! Hello?* came Sian's innocent little 'Charlie the Unicorn' ringtone, that she had on her phone since day one that i had met her, the phone cut her off from speaking as she swiftly pulled the phone out her pocket and answered it sniffling lightly.
"Hello?" he voice croaked as she attempted to stop the sobbing
" no, this isn't a bad time..." she croaked fighting back the tears that had only just stopped falling.
"...your kidding!" she gasped
"Are you being serious?" she said, I could almost hear the excitement in her voice
"YES YES YES! Thank You so much! Tonight at 8? Okay...okay bye!" she grinned excitedly hanging up. Of course I only heard one half of the conversation but I had no idea what was going on...

"LIAM!" she squealed turning around and jumping into my arms wrapping hers around my kneck tightly. I spun her around embracing the hug...just seeing her happy made me smile.
"Sian what is it? what happened?"
"...well, while you were in the XFactor I auditioned for this role in a TV show...I didn't tell anyone about it because I didn't want to get my hopes up..." she beamed a smile in my direction "then, I got a callback, and I wanted to tell you about it on Christmas but...we got...distracted..." she sort of hesitated a little, her smile fading slightly
"and...?" I questioned now getting rather excited
"That was the casting director. I GOT THE PART!" she all but screamed jumping around in excitement in a celebratory style
"Congratulations!" I grinned hugging her once more "that's great!"
"Isn't it just?" she giggled " better watch out with your lies now Mr. Payne...your not the only one in the limelight, and I warn you, if I get asked...I'm telling the truth!" she grinned with a little sarcasm turning the situation into a small joke instead of it being so serious
"...well you've certainly changed your mood. Your not angry at all anymore for starters!" I chuckled nudging her lightly
"Well, it's nice to receive some good news for once!" she smiled half heartedly.
"Good. You deserve it!" I smiled wiping the smudged mascara away from her eyes.

"Let's go tell the others your good news!" I grinned taking her hand before both of us headed towards the door
"...oh and Liam!" she smiled as I turned to her "...this time, I'm serious, and I promise, no more fights, no more arguments and no more jealousy!" she smiled like the old Sian used to, brightening up my day by just looking at her, and her eyes had a genuine look in them ensuring me everything was going to be okay
"...and no more lies. I promise. We're friends, best friends, always have and always will more arguments. Promise!" I smiled making her grin ever more prominent as we both exited the room. Sian paused one more time and turned to me
"and Liam? If you try and kiss me one more time...I'm gonna tell Danielle!" she warned cheekily
"I'll try and resist temptation!" I grinned back at her before both of us continued to walk and headed back towards the studio...

We went back to collect the others before heading back to the school. We spent the rest of the day in Sian and Niamh's room talking about the TV programme was going to be on, asking her questions about her character and trying to get her to spill some info, but she kept her mouth shut and just kept on grinning and saying "You'll have to wait and see..." though she almost promised that we could come and watch her on set one day!

Sian's POV
8pm came and the butterfly's appeared in my stomach as they usually do when I'm nervous or excited. They were different to the Butterly's I got when I was with Liam...but good different. Tonight was just a night where we met with the Director and the other members of the cast and to receive our schedule and scripts. ...this was almost unreal, I was going to be the main character on an actual TV show!

It was 7:45 and the nerves I was feeling were indescribable! I was wearing a small casual White dress accessorised with a thin red belt that was wrapped tightly around my waist, a red ribbon in my hair and my new red Tom's, my hair had been straightened and it fell loosely over my shoulders, I had applied a light layer of make up just too look...professional.

I pulled up outside the studios and looked to my left to see Liam sat beside me. I pressed my lips together and stared him in the eyes
"You'll be okay!" Rachel's voice replied from the back of the car as both me and Liam turned to look at the three people squashed into the back of the car. Rachel and Niamh on either side and Jerome squashed up in the middle.
"Why did I have to go in the middle?" Jerome moaned like a small child attempting to stretch his legs
"stop comaining!" I grinned leaning in and giving him a random peck on the nose. Jerome's face lit up in an instant as he beamed a smile at me, the two girls giggled and Liam tensed up beside me. I'm not quite sure why I just did that, was it to make Liam Jelous? Because I had no reason to do so, I knew for a fact that Liam still liked me, or loved me, so why did I feel the need to make him Jelous? But then there was also the fact that I was now single and I just didn't realise how gorgeous Jerome actually was. His eyes were a sparkling blue and his dirty blonde hair was always sweeped perfectly into a large quiff, his pale skin made his features stand out making him just that little bit more beautiful...

I was snapped out of my mesmerising daydream when a knock came on my window making me quickly bounce back to the front seat. I shot my head up to see who was knocking, it was Harry. He was staring down at me with his piercing green eyes that were showing lightly through the soft bouncy curls and a wide grin spread across his face revealing his dimples
"You coming? Or are you scared?" he sort of challenged before pulling his tongue out at me, I pulled tongues back making him chuckle as I opened the door forcing him to step back a bit before he headed towards the back door, being a gentleman and opening it politely for Niamh making her smile and blush lightly before taking her hand. The others arrived in Louis large, fairly new car. It was pretty fancy, he bought it just after he found out Justine was having twins! It was quite large and it was definitely expensive. It was navy in colour with large slidey doors and tinted Windows. As you stepped inside you could still smell that new car smell, the leather seats were tinted a light grey colour, two large seats at the front and a further three at the back. In the front of the car there were two seats, both with the same leather material tinted a light grey colour like the back making seven seats in total.

The twelve of us began walking towards the building towering infront of us which I could only describe as an office building. It was tall and rectangular however had a peculiar rounded bit on the side, every inch of the building covered in glass that shined ever so lightly in the setting sun. I stopped still as we approached the doors, carefully peaking inside to see what I might find. I took a deep breath in and calmly stepped inside followed by the others.

"No no no! This just won't do!" ushered a rather annoying voice coming from a lady rushing towards us. She was short and old with a bob of reddish browny hair and a sort of matching coloured eyes which were covered by rounded spectacles attatched to a rope round her kneck.
"I must ask you all to leave. Right now." he sighed almost pushing us out the door
"umm no actually. I'm here to see someone?" I smiled hoping for a smile in return but instead I received a intense glare. The woman sighed and scurried back to her desk, I followed her promptly as the others went to sit down in a large leather seated are in the corner of the room.

The place was large and quiet, it reminded me of my dad's office building, open, bright, airy, the odd lush green plant pot in the corner just giving the place a homey feel.
"Name?" coughed the woman from her small desk chair. I looked down at her, still no smile.
"Sian Roach?" I smiled, I was rather nervous so it came out as sort of a question
"are you sure about that!" she coughed sarcastically under her breath as a brief smile tugged at the corners of her mouth before her face transformed back into it's usual blank expression.
"ahh yes, actress?" she said, the tone of her voice sounded as if she was interested but her face still had no emotion
"umm yes!" I beamed a smile at her as she began to print of a form before grabbing my wrist and wrapping a band around it.
"This will do for now but we'll have to get your ID card sorted out later on. Take the lift up to the fourth floor, the lift should work if you scan that. And just so you know, you must go there alone so your little monkeys will have to wait here under my watchful eye!" she said, her emotion still not changed in the slightest.
"Thanks!" I said for the last time giving her one last smile hoping for one back. Didn't happen obviously.

I shuffled back to the place all my friends were sitting
"Look, I have to go up alone but you can stay here" they all looked up at me and smiled dying nothing but giving me encouraging looks "...just try not to break anything!" I said lowering my voice, they all chuckled
"...just Go Sian! Good Luck!" smiled Liam giving me a cuddle
"Do I look okay?" I asked ad I pulled out of the hug blinking my eyes innocently, I could feel the butterfly's actually flying round in my was almost as if you were trying to escape
"Sian, you look amazing!" he smiled staring down at me with his sparking brown giving me a small peck on the cheek " go!" he smiled giving me a little push towards the lift.

I quickly shuffled over towards the lift, scanned the wristband before the doors automatically opened with a ping. I stepped inside and turned around once more to see everyone giving me an encouraging smile, I smiled back before the doors closed and began heading upwards.

I got to the fourth floor and made my way down the long narrow hallways passing dozens of doors on my way. The hallway seemed never-ending but I soon reached my destination, room 427. I took a deep breath in and closed my eyes for a few seconds before plucking up the courage and opening the door to see a few people already sat inside, waiting for me I presumed.
"ahh, Sian, finally, the star has arrived, come on in, take a seat!" smiled a voice coming from a woman I recognised. She was the casting director, I had met her two times before, once at the auditions and once at the callbacks. She was a tall lady, always dressed smartly in a suit skirt and blazer, her hair was cut in a bob and died bleach blonde which really brought out the sparkle in her green eyes.

I took a seat on the only empty seat left, next to two boys who were the spit of eachother, twins i presumed, each of them had chocolate coloured brown hair that was spiked up and eyes that matched their hair perfectly, their skin was beautifully tanned, it looked as if they had just been on Holiday. They reminded me of my Liam, umm, actually just Liam.
To my right was a small girl, she was very pretty, she had thick mousy brown hair which was styled with tight curls cut in a short bob and emerald green eyes that sparkled like diamonds. There were a few other people in the room, most of them were first time actors and actresses like me apart from two boys I noticed to be Eugene Simon and Andrew Lee Potts...I was actually a big fan of them both...and now I think about it, Eugene looked very much like Jerome...

After a while we all got to know eachother, we talked for a few minutes introducing ourselves and the characters we played in the series. We received our schedules which seemed very busy...considering most of us were still at school or being home schooled the schedule began at 3:30pm, half an hour after school finishes and then we would be 'working' till 10:30pm and at weekends it was 7:00am till 11:00pm. They wanted the first series out by June which meant a lot of work. We received our first load of lines we were to Learn for Monday which was when rehearsal started and then were dismissed.

I sighed as I looked down at my script, analysing it carefully. I had a lot of lines...I don't know why I was expecting less, I was the main character after all! I sighed and stuffed both my script and timetable into my bag before looking up and noticing everyone had already left...apart from Eugene who was waiting by the door.
"Hi!" I smiles as I approached him
"Hey!" he smiled back "I'm Eugene!" he grinned
"...oh I know who you are!" I giggled "I'm Sian, and I'm a really big fan!"
"Really?" he sounded surprised "well thanks! You play Rosetta right?" he asked referring to my character
"Yepp!" I smiled enthusiastically
"well I play Rielly, the role of your seems we'll be working together a lot!" he grinned
"I'm looking forward to it!" I smiled as he opened up the door for me letting me through. We walked in silence towards the lift and both stepped in, the lift doors open and closed again before Eugene began to speak
"...since I play your brother, would it be awkward if I asked you out to dinner sometime?" he smiled, his cheeks slightly red, Eugene was pretty charming...
"wouldn't be awkward at all!" I grinned...was Eugene Simon really asking me out?
"How about Monday night? Straight after rehearsals!"
"Sounds great!" I replied taking out a pen and scribbling down my number on his hand "call me." I smiled as we reached the bottom and the doors reopened
"I certainly will!" he smiled stepping out the lift followed by me and heading out the front doors stopping to turn and wink at me before he finally headed out.

"How was it?" grinned Justine as I rushed over to them
"Great!" I exclaimed a little too enthusiastically "and I have a date with Eugene Simon Monday night!" I squealed
"OMGOSH! Really?" Rachel gasped jumping up and down with me
"Yeah!" I smiled! Things haven't been great recently, but I things were beginning to change for the better, and very soon, everything would be going according to plan!

The boys went on tour and we had just stayed in school for a while, not doing much really. I began rehearsals and went on my 'date' with Eugene. Nothing much really 'happened' between us, I mean he was such a lovely person and he was gorgeous but there were no sparks! Nothing like I had with Liam. Me and Eugene were just friends and for now it was to stay that way. It was a Wednesday evening, I had been at rehearsals for five hours now and since i wasn't in the scene they were rehearsing I was sat in a corner doing my Phsycology homework. Juggling a career like acting and doing 'A Levels' at the same time was so much harder than it looked...

I sighed and looked down at my sheet...Aim's and Hypothesis? How was I supposed to know that? ...Justine was in my Phsycology class, so I took out my phone, tapped in her number and pressed the call button, waiting patiently for the phone to start ringing.
"Hello?" answered a voice I didn't recognise to be Justine's
"Rachel? Where's Justine? I need help with Phsycology!" I said
"...she's in the Hospital. She's gone into labour!" she said, a small smile began to spread across my face, Justine was going to be a mum in a few exciting!
"Why didn't anyone tell me?" I cooed
"because you were at rehearsals and-"
"It doesn't matter now! I'm on my way! Has anyone called Louis?" I questioned
"no not ye-" Rachel began
"I'll call him!" I smiled "see you soon!" I said finally before hanging up before putting on my Gillet, picking up my bag and shoving my phone in the Gillet pocket.

I quickly ran over to Eugene.
"Eugene!" I whispered tapping him on the shoulder
"Sian? What's wrong? Are you going somewhere?" he questioned looking me up an down
"umm yeah my friend Justine just went into labour!" I grinned excitedly clapping my hands
"...but we're about to rehearse the-" he began but I cut him off
"Cover for me please? I'll be back in like 2hours!" I smiled giving him a peck on the cheek "thanks!" I smiled before quickly scurrying away.
"2Hours? Sian? Sian get back here!" he hissed calling after me, I just sort of ignored him and gave him an apologetic wave and scurried out the door.

I grabbed my phone from out of my pocket and dialled Louis number
"Sian? Want to talk to Liam?" he asked
"No no! It's you I need to talk to!" I smiled almost out of breath as I ran out the building and towards my car
"Okays! Sup' Siany!" I could almost hear him smile as he said that
"You have to get here now! Justine has gone into labour!". There was silence. No response at all.
"LOUIS!" I screamed down the phone then hearing a little crash, a bit of scurrying and then Louis soft voice came through a whisper
"'re kidding!" he whispered "I'm on my way!" he gulped hanging up.

I shoved my phone back in my pocket and made my way to the Hospital. Once I arrived I ran inside as fast as possible only to find myself bumping into Niamh!
"Louis on his way! How's Justine?" I gasped completely out of breath
"Good! And Justine is fine, she's with Rachel...they're only supposed to have the father but since Louis not here Rachel's allowed in as a temporary replacement!" Niamh explained smiling lightly.

About an hour had passed and I heard familiar voices mumbling slightly and footsteps staggering down the hall at a quick pace!
"My girlfriends having a baby..." gasped Louis voice from round the corner! Me and Niamh recognised the voice automatically and ran towards them seeing four normally dressed boys and one dressed as a Carrot stood at the desk talking frantically to the receptionist!
"Boys! She's this way!" called Niamh's voice over to us
"...Louis what are you wearing?" I questioned, giggling lightly as I studied his Carrot suit
"Shut Up! I'm about to become a father!" he smiled proudly
"...and that's really what you want to be wearing at this moment?" I giggled
"It was supposed to be a joke on tour and then you phoned me and there was no time to get changed-" Louis began
"Dude! There is no time now! Your girlfriends having a baby!" sighed Harry who looked even more stressed than Louis did
"Oh Yeah." cooed Louis as if he already forgot " go in there! Wish me Luck!" he grinned striding into the room Justine was in.

Not long after Rachel walked out and fell straight into Niall's arms kissing him firmly on the lips.
"How's Justine?" asked Niamh
"She's Okay!" smiled Rachel "it looks painful though!" she sighed before turning to Niall "...never put me through that pain..." she stated making Niall chuckle
"What? You don't want kids!" she grinned nudging her
"Of course I do! Let's just have the wedding first...and then maybe wait a few years!" she smiled resting her head on Niall's shoulder
"Whatever you say Princess!" he smiled as they went to sit down on some chairs next to me Zayn and Marryanne who was rested upon Zayn's lap.

About another half an hour passed. We kept asking the boys about the tour and they asked us about school and were rather curious about how my filming was going. Before long Louis shuffled out of the room with a wide grin spread across his face. He was still dressed as a Carrot which made me giggle slightly
"Come on..." he whispered instructing for us to come inside "...there are two small people I would like you to meet!" he whispered as all of us trailed into the small hospital room to see a now normal looking 'un-pregnant' Justine sat in the bed holding a small baby girl in her arms, next to her was a cot, inside the cot a sleeping baby boy...

I felt tears prick up in my eyes
"Aww! They're so beautiful" I whispered as Louis took the small boy out of the cot
"This little Joseph-Trevor!" He smiled handing him to Rachel
"He's gorgeous!" Rachel cooed looking down at the sleeping baby boy in her arms
"Rachel, Niall! We'd like you to be his Godparents..." Justine whispered now looking up at Rachel instead of the girl she held in her arms
"Really?" Rachel gasped her voice barley a whisper, Louis nodded at her and walked over to Justine taking the small girl from her arms and placing her in mine.
"And this, is Felicity-Joyce..." he smiled then going to sit on the bed next to Justine "and Harry? Sian?" he then added, me and Harry shot our heads up and looked over at him "would you do us the honour of being Felicity's godparents?"
"Wouldn't have it any other way!" grinned Harry, the tears now welling up in my eyes
"Of course!" I grinned looking down at the small in my arms. She reached up with her tiny delicate hands and began to tug on a lock of my hair making me giggle. She had the most beautiful sparkling blue eyes which she inherited off Louis, and the smallest tuft of thick brown hair on her head
"...congratulations!" I cooed to them as I carefully handed Felicity back to Louis. This moment couldn't have been more perfect...
"Hey Lou!" smiled Justine who was still lying in the bed
"Yes sweetheart!" Louis answered grinning madly at her
"Why are you wearing a Carrot suit?" she giggled as Louis sighed making us all laugh...

Eugene phoned me not long after and I rushed back over to the studios. Cassie, the director, wasnt very happy with me but her mood soon brightened up when I showed her the pictures of the twins and told her the good news that I was going to be a Godmother! We rehearsed for another 3hours after that and it was almost midnight by the the time we finished!

Half term came quickly, we had one weekend off filming and then we had to be back filming on much for staying at Jerome's for the week! Friday came and One Direction were off on Holiday...unfair. Anyway, I was staying at Jerome's tonight after we finished rehearsals and then I was going to visit my Family on the Sunday before starting school again on Monday...

The gang trailed in to watch me filming! I felt so nervous it was almost unreal!
"So, when does filming begin?" questioned Zayn giving me an encouraging smile
"we usually start filming in the afternoon, it's generally rehearsals all morning!" I smiled checking through the days timetable

"Hey Sian!" grinned a familiar voice, I looked up from my timetable to see a smiling face looking down at me
"Oliver!" I smiled, Oliver was one of the twins who I sat next to on the first day, he played Jason, my 'Love Interest' in the programme!
"Hey, umm, Cassie wants us in make-up in 5minutes ready for rehearsals at 9!" he smiled before heading off towards the Make Up and Wardrobe department!

"So you wanted to see what it was like to work on a TV set? Off we go to Make Up!" I grinned casually strolling over in the direction Oliver strolled off in.

It always took ages to do my hair and make up. Well, more hair than make up really! They always made my hair look thicker than it really is by adding extensions that pretty much reached my waist styling it with loose floaty curls.

"Wow you look beautiful!" smiled Oliver kissing me on the cheek
"Hey! We're not rehearsing yet!" I chuckled
"I know!" he smiled winking at me making me giggle a little more.

Liam's POV
"Wow you look beautiful!" smiled Oliver kissing Sian on the cheek making me tense up a bit
"Hey! We're not rehearsing yet!" she giggled...Sian used to be like that with me
"I know!" he smirked winking at her making Sian giggle a little more...I loved it when Sian smiled...although I wish it was me making her giggle like that.
"Calm down Liam, Sian's single...she's allowed to flirt...and you have a Girlfriend!" Niall sighed nudging me probably noticing the way I was glaring at this Oliver...I sighed and looked over at Niall
"...sorry!" I sighed as we all sat down on the floor waiting for Sian to start rehearsing!

"Page 42?" Sian questioned checking her script as Oliver nodded
"...Jason! Just promise me you'll stay here this time...the last thong we need is you getting yourself killed!" she stated now obviously in character
"But Rose! She's too dangerous! ...I mean what if you die...?" choked Oliver, he too was in character...I mist admit both of them were amazing actors...
"I won't. I promise." she whispered tears falling from her eyes
" can't promise that!" Oliver whispered taking a step towards her, he too was now crying...even I almost wanted to cry just watching them "I love you Rose..." he whispered taking a lock of her hair and tucking it behind her ear
"...I love you too Liam..." she whispered back. My heart stopped and everyone's head shot over to me and looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders at them before turning back ti watching the scene
"It's Jason!" chuckled Oliver now not in character anymore. Sian bit her lip and giggled lightly
"Sorry..." she chuckled "Go again?"

They began the scene again and this time...everything went perfect...too perfect.
"...I Love you too Jason...but you know the rules!" she sighed before Oliver placed his finger to her lips
"What type of Prince plays by the rules?" he whispered removing his hand from her lips and placing his hands round her waist and placing a gentle kiss on her lips
"...are you trying to kill me?" she whispered as she pulled out of the kiss
"...and CUT!" screamed a voice...the director I presumed "that was excellent guys! Oliver, we need you now for filming, Sian you need to go find Lizzie for the ending scene!"
"Kay!" she smiled

Sian's POV
"that was excellent guys! Oliver, we need you now for filming, Sian you need to go find Lizzie for the ending scene!" Cassie exclaimed
"Kay!" I smiled sighing as I took my water from the side and taking a sip avoiding eye contact with Liam.
"...great rehearsal...but I think you need more practice!" grinned Oliver winking at me. I laughed
"Oliver your such a flirt..." I grinned back nudging him
"Oliver! Filming now!" shouted Cassie to him
"Your gonna have to finish flirting later!" I giggled "I new to go find Lizzie anyway!" I smiled
"see you laters then.." he smiled giving me one last wink before heading off for filming

"That was brilliant!" grinned Rachel
"Thanks!" I smiled "I need to go find Lizze, you coming?" I smiled shuffling off as the others followed.

I must admit, it was a long day but now it was 10:30 and it was finally over and we were on Holiday...two day Holiday...but it was better than nothing!

"Sian!" I heard someone calling my name as I was about to get into Jerome's car
"I'll leave you two to talk!" smiled Jerome stepping into the car leaving me to wait outside
"Liam!" I smiled...I hadn't really talked to Liam all day since the 'I love you too Liam' incident
"You were amazing today!" he smiled giving me a tight hug
"Thanks!" I grinned returning the hug...I didn't really want to leave his arms...but I had too
"...and you and Oliver?" he began nervously pushing his hand through his hair
"Acting Liam. It's called acting!" I giggled shaking my head and nudging him lightly making him chuckle
"We're going to LA soon..." he sighed " this might be that last time is see you in like a month or so!" he sighed a small frown appearing on his face
"You know I'm gonna miss you!" I smiled giving him another hug and a light peck on the cheek "call me Monday, okay? We'll share the phone bill!" I grinned joking a little
"Okay!" he smiled "Work Hard!"
"You too!" I smiled back at him before getting into Jerome's car
"See you soon!" He smiled waving as me and Jerome drove off!

Jerome's family was lovely. His brothers kept pestering me for a photo and an autograph knowing that I was soon to be a 'celebrity' which made me laugh a little. I also got on really well with his sisters and all of them seemed to get along well as a family! The net morning me and Jerome drove up to mine and we stayed there for the night. My parents were constantly telling me how proud thy were of me and how they couldn't wait unilateral the programme aired. Typical parents...right? It wasn't long before me and Jerome were driving back to school and my busy routine was to start once more...

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