Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


19. first skiing moments

Something cold an wet hit the back of our heads, a snowball! I turned around to see Niall and Rachel laughing "what was that for?" questioned Liam "just to make sure you two are concentrating on the ski lift and not on eachothers lips" Niall joked, Rachel was still laughing! After a few minutes I turned around to se Rachel an Niall kissing so I threw a snowball at them. "what was that for?" asked Rachel I giggled "just to make sure you two are concentrating on the ski lift and not on eachothers lips" I grinned sarcastically "shut up!" said Niall before lodging another snowball at us! "haha missed!" grinned Liam when it flew right past us and hit Justine and Louis which made me burst out laughing. Niamh and Harry joined in the fight and we were all having a massive snowball fight up the mountain!

We were halfway there and the ski lift stopped. "what' happening?" asked Niamh "don't worry babe it does this all the time!" smiled Harry taking her hand "they'll get it started soon!" smiled Louis optimistically "I hope you are right babe!" whispered Justine as he pulled her into a hug. Everything was fine until the sky started to turn grey! "Niall I'm cold!" whispered Rachel "its ok babe come here!" said Niall holding her close "I just felt a water droplet on my nose!" gasped Niamh "please tell me it's not raining!" she pleaded before millions of tai droplets fell from the sky! Niamh an Harry both protect their hair, it didn't work though, it was pouring it down with rain! They gave up protecting their hair in the end and cuddled instead to stay warm! I cuddled up to Liam! He was stroking my soaking wet hair. He dies that alot. "we are all going to get a cold!" Liam shouted over the poring rain "that's not going to stop me from skiing!" I smiled at him and he smiled back "me neither!" he replied grinning. Then thunder sounded! Uh oh! I thought to myself grabbing Liam's hand. I looked behind me at Rachel and Niall and they were in echothers arms. Niall was whispering to Rachel. She looked petrified. In front of us Louis was singing about carrot in the rain making Justine laugh and infront of them Harry was getting really worried about Niamh. He didn't want get to get ill because he was scared she would have to go back to Hospital! I rested my head on Liam's chest which automatically made him whisper lullabies in my ear as usual!

Miss Leroy came skiing down the Hill underneath where we were sat! "get down from there!" she screamed up at the chairlift "umm we kind of cant...we are stuck!" I replied before the ski lift started again "we'll be down in a Minuit!" screamed Liam down at miss as we moved through the poring rain up the hill!

Back at the chalet we turned the fire on in the Living room. We had all gotten changed into warm dry clothes and we were all sat around the living room. Justine and Louis spread across one of the sofa's. He was cuddling her while running his fingers up and down her arm. Rachel and Niall where sat in a corner of the other couch kissing. Niamh and Harry were sitting by the fire giggling and whispering. I was sat on Liam's lap, as per usual and he was platting my hair. I was a little worried about what the outcome might be of that. "I still want hair when this is finished!" I joked making Liam laugh "hey I am not that bad acctually!" he smiled before letting my hair go "finished!" he smiled turning me around to look at me "wow!" he smile "I think it's pretty good!" I quickly got up to look in the mirror. I was surprised at the outcome. It was very neat and pretty! I ran backed to the living room giving Liam a hug "how do you know how to do hair like that?" I questioned grinning, Liam shurgged "I have 3 little sisters!" he smiled "you have got to do our daughters hair when we are older!" I blurted out "what?" laughed Liam "umm I meant my daughter!" I started "you know...when im older...and married..." I whispers blushing and looking away.

Liam's POV

"you have got to do our daughters hair when we are older!" Sian giggled "what?" laughed I laughed I smiled at the thought of me and Sian having a daughter, a little blonde haired girl with Brown eyes... "umm I meant my daughter!" she began "you know...when I'm older... and married..." she blushed looking away. Aww she was so cute when she blushed "what would you call her?" I questioned trying to ease the awkwardness "who?" questioned Sian, I laughed "your daughter!", Sian smiled at me "umm probably Victoria..." she answered "Victoria?" I laughed "yes!" she said hitting me on the arm "Victoria is a beautiful name!" she grinned. "and what would you call your daughter?" she questioned, I wasnt expecting her to ask that "ummm Rose!" I smiled "I have always liked the thought of having a little Rose!" "aww!" Sian cooed.

Justine's POV

Me and Louis were laying there in silence. He was grinning at me while stroking my arm. He looked beautiful in the light of the fire! His eyes were glistening and they were full of love. "Louis?" I whispered "yeah?" he whispered back to me making our noses touch "how much do you love me?" I smiled, he sighed "too much!" he grinned kissing me on the lips "love you!" I whispered "love you too babe!" he smiled at me.

Rachel's POV

"Rachel!" "Rachel!" "Rachel!" whispered Niall in my ear "are you asleep he whispered to Me "no!" I grinned turning to face him "good!" he smiled "I was missing your lips!" he whispered in my ear before his lips gently met mine!

Sian's POV

We had been skiing for 3 days now and everyone was getting the hang of it. It was 5:00am Thursday morning and I suddenly heard the high pitched ringing of the house phone! I waited for a few seconds to see if someone would answer but no one was going! "I'll get it!" my voice echoed through the chalet as I jumped out of bed but on my slippers and ran towards the phone "hello?" I asked sleepily "I can not come today cos of ze blizard!" said the Italian voice on the other end, it was the cook "what blizzard?" I questioned through a yawn "look at ze window!" said the cook "ok!" I said after finishing my yawn an headed towards the window. I looked outside, it was pitch black however absolutely everything covered in virgin snow! It was more snow I had ever seen in my life! It would probably come up to like my waist or something! I screamed down the phone hearing an ow then a beeping tone a the cook hung up! "what is it what's wrong?" screamed everyone running down the hallway towards me "it snowed!" I grinned "there has been snow here all wee Sian! What are you on about?" questioned Louis who was clearly annoyed I had awoken him at 5:00am! "look out the window!" I grinned running in my room and going to get ready to play in the snow! I heard loads of gasps and shuffling of people who were also clearly going to get ready!

I ran outside and made a massive snow angel before anyone else and then began to build a little fortress to protect me from snowballs when we had a snowball fight! It was still pitch black and I could barley see anything! I could hear footprints in the snow behind me coming out from the chalet. The others were here so I quickly started to build snowballs and hid behind my fortress! "really Sian?" giggled Justine who was now standing above me "it might be fun..." I giggled back "you are so childish sometimes you know!" grinned Harry "you can talk!" I smiled "you are supposed to be the mature sensible head girl" grinned Liam "I am a mature sensible girl..." I started "...when it's not snowing!" I added at the end of my statement! Liam laughed at me "come on!" I moaned "please!" I smiled. They all looked at me grinning "you are all just scared I am going to beat you!" I grinned "you are on!" grinned Rachel "Niall's on my team!" she added dragging Niall over to build a fortress "I'm with Niamh!" smiled Harry making Niamh giggle "me and Justine are team Tomlinson!" smiled Louis "why are we not team Tomlinson and Jones?" she questioned "because Tomlinson will be your last name too someday!" he grinned at her before they too went to build their fortress! I grinned, this meant I'm with Liam "I guess you re stuck with me!" I smiled at him "you say that like it's a bad thing!" he grinned "plus, we have a head start!" I smiled as we started to build. "I must say though!" he smiled "if we were against eachother I would so win!" he was seriously competitive...I love that about him. My heart fluttered as I stuck my tongue out at him "keep building Payne!" I grinned as I started adding snow to the fortress!

The fight lasted 2hours and I was right! It was fun! Niamh an Harry won in the end but me and Liam came close second! I smiled to myself as we walked inside at 7:00am. Our stomachs were rumbling. We were really hungry! The cook wasn't coming round today either...great... "well there is some Cornflakes in the cupboard!" said Niall. Me and Niamh looked at eachother and grinned "say cornflakes again!" I smiled "cornflakes?" asked Niall. "I love your accent Niall!" grinned Niamh "it sounds so Irish!" "well I am from Ireland!" he stated laughing "Cornflakes!" said Niamh trying to imitate Niall "Cornflakes!" I did the same. This carried on for I while "Irish cornflakes" I smiled! "Irish lepracauhn cornflakes!" Niamh giggled "I heard that lepracauhn's are a type of fairy!" smiled Justine "Irish Lepracauhn fairys who like to eat cornflakes!" me and Niamh giggled at the same times! It was from that day on that me and Niamh were officially Irish Lepracauhn fairy's that like to eat cornflakes! We equally shared out the cornflakes into eight bowls. Niamh left the room to call her mum to see how she was doing! "hey!" smiled Harry "do you want to see Niamh go all hypo?" he grinned at us all "you just want to kiss her again!" I smiled at him "that is not the point!" whispered Harry "he didn't deny it!" teased Louis "I want to see her go hypo!" grinned Rachel before Harry took a load of sugar an pored it all over Niamh's cereal!


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