Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


23. Extra Little Romantic moments

In the living room I walked straight towards Liam and sat next to him, Niamh grinned at me
'Dont say anything' I mouthed to Niamh and she giggled! I sighed placing my head on Liam's shoulder
"what's wrong Sian?" whispered Liam in my ear. His soft warm breath lingered on my ear and it made me smiled!
"nothing!" I whispered!
"if you say so!" he sighed, he could clearly sense there was something wrong with me but was smart enough to know I didn't want to talk about it.

"Let's go swimming!" Liam smiled
"I don't feel like swimming!" i sighed "why dont we just sit in the jaccuzzi?" I suggested
"sound fun!" he smiled getting up to get ready!

15 minutes later all eight of us were sat in the jaccuzzi, it was all nice, warm, bubbly and relaxing! I was sat next to Liam and I still hadn't gotten over his six pack! I grinned at him cheekily. Everyone was completely silent. It was peaceful and quiet!

A few days had passed and it was the day before we had to go home! Miss Leroy came in to remind Niamh about the competition she ha tomorrow
"hang on wait? When did I sign up for this?" she questioned
"the other day when you went hypo!" I smiled taking a bite out of my cookie
"wait? What?" she questioned
"I tried to tell you!" sighed Harry before turning to me "hey can I have some of that cookie?" he asked
"sure!" I smiled breaking off a piece and giving his some
"mmm!" he smiled biting into it "it's really good!"
"isn't it?" I smiled agreeing with Harry "the cook made them this morning!"
"really?" he smiled taking another bite
"can we talk about this stupid skiing contest and not the cookie!" snapped Niamh
"why don't I help you prepare!" Harry smiled
"ok!" Niamh giggled twiddling with her curls "I'll go get ready!" she smiled, Harry followed her, he needed to get ready too!
"have fun!" I called after them!

Louis POV
I could hear Harry arguing on the phone while Niamh was getting ready!
"Come on Harry we have to go!" shouted Niamh, her voice echoed softly through the chalet
"That was Niamh!" sighed Harry, I can only guess the other side of the conversation buy I think they were asking who shouted him
"just skiing!" he paused before shouting softly "well I have to otherwise she might break her kneck and die! Do you want her to die?" he paused "...that's harsh!" he said with annoyance in his voice before storming off towards Niamh!

"woah! Dude! What happened?" I stopped Harry
"look I don't wand to talk about it! Ok?" he sighed trying to get passed me
"no no! You are going to tell me wether you want to or not!" I said making Harry sigh
"I'll tell you tonight! K? Right now I have to go help Niamh!" he snapped
"ok!" I sighed letting him passed. Harry was going to tell me everything wether he liked it or not!

Later that evening Harry and Niamh arrived back at the house!
"you were amazing! You didn't need my help!" grinned Harry
"I did too! I'm not that good!" giggled Niamh
"You are a natural!" Harry smiled tapping her lightly on the nose with his finger!
"night!" Niamh giggled before turning towards her room.

Harry gazed after he lovingly!
"you going to tell me?" I questioned. Harry sighed before starting to speak
"when she was in a coma untold her!" he was talking about Niamh in a coma, I think, but the rest I wasn't sure about
"told who what?" I asked
"told Niamh that I love her!"
"so where does the argument come into this?" I asked. Harry lowered his voice
"Lilith is blackmailing me!" he whispered "cos she heard me! And if I don't go out with he she'll tell everyone! What if Niamh doesn't feel the same way? I'll look like a complete idiot!" he whispered shouted
"I'm sure she does!" I said reassuring him while in my head counting all the times their moments
"I am not going to risk mine and Niamh's friendship..." he sighed "...not again!" he added at the end
"fine!" I sighed not really agreeing with his method
"and don't tell anyone!" said Harry sternly
"I won't!" I reassured him once more before he slowly shuffled off towards his room!

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