Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


63. Drama

*2 Years Later*

I ran quickly through the airport, Rosie was rested on my hip whilst I dragged the suitcase behind me. I was following Liam quickly; JJ was running after him excitedly as Liam held two more suitcases. I wasn't really paying attention and I bumped into some woman and both of us dropped our suitcases.

"OMGOSH! I am so sorry!" I apologised quickly placing my two year old on the floor. She stood innocently watching my every move. I helped the woman pick up her suitcase

"No worries darl-" she began before she looked up at me "oh my God! You're Sian Roach!" she said excitedly

"Yeah...yeah I am!" I smiled at the recognition. I get recognised everywhere all the time but it still makes me smile every time someone points it out!

"I'm a big fan!" she smiled, she looked a little older than me, possibly in her 30's, and there were 5 youngish children stood around her. The eldest couldn't have been much older than JJ.

"Thank you very much!" I smiled

"Where about are you going?" she asked curiously

"Oh Italy! Volterra! It's for my wedding you see..." I laughed at the intrigued and shocked expression upon her face

"No way! I'm off to Italy as well! Florence!" she smiled excitedly

"Well enjoy it!" I smiled "Florence is a beautiful place!" I said picking up my own suitcase before resting Rosie back on my hip.

"Will do!" smiled the woman doing the same "it was a pleasure to meet you!" the woman then added

"It was lovely to meet you too!" I smiled at her before we parted our separate ways

*6 hours later*

I stepped off the plane into the beautiful scorching sunshine. The sky's overhead were a beautiful blue and in the horizon were just lush green fields and vegetated mountains giving the place fine element scenery. Italy. One of my most favourite places in the World...for many reasons...

"Do you remember what happened last time we were here?" Liam whispered cheekily into my ear

"Yes. JJ happened!" I laughed turning to kiss my husband to be on the lips.

"Hey! Break it up you two you'll have enough of that tomorrow!" laughed Louis walking down the steps of the plane

"Daddy! Is there a pool in the hotel?" asked Joseph jumping up and down excitedly

"Yes Joseph I believe there is!" Louis confirmed his son's expectations!

"Louis! A little help?" sighed Justine, she had both Oscar and Carlos in her arms, Elsa had tight hold of her dress and at the same time Justine was trying to get Felicity to not jump down the stairs

"Felicity! Would you stop that?" Justine scolded

"Felicity! Listen to your mother! That's very dangerous!" Louis too scolded

"I'm sorry mummy! I'm sorry daddy!" Felicity apologised blinking her eyes innocently

"Good girl!" Louis praised before gesturing to Justine "Let me take one of them!" he smiled as Justine handed him Carlos.

Justine and Louis had five kids now. FIVE! Seriously they were amazing parents! I could barely handle my two! I don't know what I'd ever do with 5! Oscar was just a little baby; he was barley 1month old! Then there was Carlos, he was two. He was such a cutie! The spit of Justine! Elsa on the other hand was growing into a little Louis, and both of the twins were a mixture of the two.

Rachel and Niall were the next to step off the plane.

"Rachel! Are you alright! Watch your step!" Niall exclaimed. Rachel laughed

"I'm fine Niall! Stop panicking!" she smiled pecking him on the lips. Rachel and Niall still only had little Arthur who looked just like Niall, however Rachel was three months pregnant with their second child.

"I just want you and the baby safe..." Niall whispered as they pulled out of the kiss

"What about me Daddy?" asked Arthur who was rested in Niall's arms

"You too sweetie!" Niall grinned kissing his cheek

"I love you daddy!" Arthur cooed

"Daddy Love's you too Arthur!" Niall smiled.

Next to emerge from the plane was Zayn and his adorable baby boy Zach.

"...and what noise does a cow make?" laughed Zayn

"moooooo!" Zach answered from his dads shoulders

"and a dog?" asked Zayn

"woof woof!" Zach replied through a giggle

"You're such a clever boy Zach!" Zayn praised "...I bet you don't know what sound a pig makes!" Zayn challenged the little boy. Zach folded his arms

"I do!" Zach protested "a pig goes oink oink!" he said proudly

"No...A pig goes..." he said before snorting loudly. Zach began laughing hysterically clapping his hands in approval. All our kids found it rather funny too and they all giggled from our sides

"Again again uncle Zayn!" Arthur cooed from Niall's arms joining in with Zach's hysterical clapping.

"Harry! Harry stop it!" Niamh laughed quickly running down the steps of the plane as Harry came after her, attempting to tickle her

"Aww come on Niamh! You know you love it!" he said wrapping his arms around her in a big hug. Niamh just laughed and said nothing.

They weren't a couple, although the belonged together and EVERYONE could see it they refused to admit it. The press was speculating...obviously. You wouldn't be a celebrity if the media wasn't sticking their nose in all the time! They had gotten a lot closer friends again, just like they used to be. It was Isle Esme that did the one knows what actually happened on that island but once they got back they were inseparable. It's magic...

I giggled as we all headed towards baggage and quickly collected our bags. It's not like we were in a massive rush but we all wanted to get to the hotel so we could sit back and relax...but that was the last thing we were going to do...

"Rachel! Can you pass me my Wedding Dress please? I don't want it to get all crumpled!" I smiled...tomorrow I was to become Sian Payne. Sian sounded rather strange but it had such a beautiful ring to it...

"Sure! Where is it?" Rachel replied

"The purple case on the bed!" I smiled. There were a few moments of silence before Rachel spoke again

"...A-are you sure...?" she asked curiously, there was a hint of panic in her voice

"Yes! Of course I'm sure! It put it in that suitcase so it wouldn't get crumpled or squashed!" I smiled walking into the room to find the purple suitcase, wide open, on my dress, just shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.

I paused. I stood frozen still for a few moments staring, thinking. What-What could have happened to it? ...a smile began to tug at the corners if my mouth, that smile soon turned into a grin, and that grin into a laugh. Before I knew it I couldn't contain my laughter anymore. Rachel gave me a strange look

"...what's so funny...?" she asked

"You are!" I barely said through the breaths I was taking due to laughing

"but...but why?" she asked, the look of confusion spread across her face. I calmed slightly and caught my breath back.

"That's really funny Rachel! Now where did you put my dress?" I asked looking around the room

"Sian...I didn't take your dress..." Rachel whispered

"Oh come on Rachel! Games over just tell me!" I laughed looking around the room

"No. Sian...seriously. I didn't take your dress..." she whispered

"Rachel?" I said in more of a question. Rachel stared at me; her eyes were so full of concern and worry. She wasn't lying. My dress truly wasn't there...and then it hit me.

"Oh my god..." I whispered "...this isn't my case."

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked

"Do you remember that family on the plane? They had a large family...about 5 kids...and they had the same case as me...this must be their case. I have their shoes...they have my dress." I whispered, pausing for several moments before speaking once more "we have to find them. Now."

Rachel gathered up the other girls quickly as I ran out my room and towards the hire car getting in the front seat. I quickly checked my pockets getting ready to go...

"Liam's got the keys..." I sighed getting back out the car and running up the stairs back towards mine and Liam's room.

I walked in and called his name

"LIAM?" I called; the worry in my voice was so prominent even I could hear it!

"Sian? What's wrong?" he asked running towards me

"I-I need the car keys!" I whispered to him trying to sound calmer...I didn't want him to panic. After all it was his wedding too; I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I would.

"Why? Where are you going? You aren't having second thoughts are you?" Liam rushed taking both my hands and sitting me down on the bed. I laughed at his anxiety

"No Liam! Don't be stupid!" I laughed hitting him in the arm "...look I don't want you to panic, but I kind of misplaced my dress but I know where it is so no worries!" I said in an attempt to reassure him

"Well I'll go with you to get it!" Liam suggested

"No Liam! It's bad luck for you to see my dress before the wedding!" I smiled

"but I won't look I'll-" Liam protested

"ah ah ah! We can't risk it!" I smiled leaning closer to him. Our lips brushed against each others and Liam chortled slightly

"You and your crazy superstitions!" he laughed placing his lips to mine. Our lips move perfectly in sync as he cupped my face in his hands...

"Hey! Your honeymoon doesn't start till tomorrow!" Zayn laughed Making me and Liam break apart "Anyway, Maryanne and the others are looking for you Sian!" he smiled. Zayn looked a little distressed and although he put on a happy mask you could see he was hurting inside.

"...are you alright Zayn?" I asked as I passed him

"...yeah fine." he sight unconvincingly. He picked up Zach who was stood next to him

"Come on buddy! Shall we go play in the pool?" Zayn said to him over enthusiastically

"YEAH!" Zach screamed excitedly. I laughed. Zayn was such a good father; he clearly loved Zach and would do anything for him! You could see that Zach lived Zayn too...more than anything. He was the spit of Zayn though; you could just see Zayn in every inch of him!

"Wait up Zayn! I'll bring JJ and Rosie!" Liam smiled

"Be careful!" I demanded

"You know I will be!" Liam sighed through a smile giving me a peck on the lips before I ran off.

...all the lads were looking after the kids. On their own...oh god. It was going to be like 'Daddy Day Care'...

I got to the car to find the girls patiently waiting for me, like Zayn, Maryanne looked a little flustered.

"Are you alright Maryanne...?" I asked

"I'm fine..." she sighed getting in the car just casually shaking it off. I sighed too and got in the driver's seat. My hands was shaking slightly, I was a little panicky.

"...Sian? Are you alright to drive?" asked Justine. I took a deep breath in

"I'm fine." I sighed "...what if we don't find the dress?" I asked...the feeling of dread made me almost unable to start the car...

"We will! I promise!" Justine smiled placing her hand on my shoulder

"Now come on, let me drive!" she laughed. I sighed rolling my eyes and handing her the car keys before we swapped places.

As We neared the city of Florence the nerves hit me. My stomach began to churn and I realised how impossible this challenge was. I knew what the family looked like and they were on Holiday in Florence. That's it. The only clue's I had...the only two things that could give me the slightest chance of finding my dress. I sighed and pushed my hands through my hair as we parked up.

"It'll be alright Sian!" Niamh reassured noticing the stress I was feeling

"...will it?" I asked. Niamh didn't reply after that, she knew the chances of finding my dress were pretty slim.

"Where should we start?" asked Justine

"Hotels. Check all the hotels!" I almost demanded.

We all split off in different directions. It had been 5 hours! 5 long stressful hours of running round and asking questions. I almost have up...I thought I would try one last time. I sighed looking up at the building that towered over me. 'Hotel Royale' the sign read. I sighed and stepped inside heading slowly and hopelessly towards the reception.

"Bonjourno Madame! Can I assiste youa wid anyting?" a 'typical' Italian man at reception asked

"Hi. It's a long story, but is there by any chance a family, 5 kids 2 adults, that arrived in this hotel today? There has been a mix up with our suitcases..." I sighed, this was my last hope.

"Do you have a lazt name Madame?" he asked again, his string Italian accent kept pouring through

"no..." I sighed "I'm sorry-" I began when I heard a familiar voice

"WE HAVE TO GET THIS BCK TO HER STRAIGHT AWAY-" screamed a woman's voice from down the hall. I turned instantly to see her stood there, the woman from the airport, dragging along my suitcase. She noticed me stood at reception, I smiled at her and she stood there abseloutley speechless. It felt like magic almost!

I ran towards her and wrapped my arms around her.

"Thank You!" I whispered to her as I handed her her own suitcase and took mine

"Any time!" she laughed probably overwhelmed by the situation "Have a brilliant day tomorrow!" she added giving me one last smile before turning back to her room.

"WAIT!" I stopped her; she turned to look at me "I never learnt your name!" I smiled

"It's Crystal!" she smiled

"Well Crystal..." I began "I don't know how to thank you for everything..." I began

"It was no problem-" she said but I cut her off

"would you like to come to the Wedding tomorrow Crystal? You and all the family?" I asked through a huge smiled "Just to say thank you for everything you've ever done!"

"Would I? I would love that! Thank you ever so much!" she grinned excitedly.

As we exchanged details and I told her the place of the venue, everything almost seemed to sink into now felt so real. I was getting married tomorrow; to the boy I had been waiting for since I was just a young 15 year old girl. Tomorrow Liam Payne would be mine, and nothing, no person in the whole entire universe could ever change that...I smiled. I loved Liam with all my heart and I already knew, no matter what happened, and tomorrow would be perfect.

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