Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


60. DNA test

*3 month later*
Harry's POV
I was flicking through Facebook trying to keep my mind of things. This didn't help at all.

Sian Roach: Aww as if my little JJ is already 3 months old 3 3 Still looking as adorable as the day he was born! *Attached Photo*
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I sighed deeply and clicked on the photo. The baby boy had a beaming smile upon his tiny face, his glimmering green eyes looked at the camera as if it was the most amazing thing in the world and he had a small tuft of curly brown locks upon his head. I smiled, that could be my son… The smile soon turned to a frown. Why was I upset about this? It was almost as if…I wanted him to be mine, and I wanted the World to know. But what difference would it make if he was mine anyway? It's not like me and Sian would become a couple…that would be kind of weird anyway. It would just ruin her relationship with Liam…break apart their perfect little family. I didn't want that. That wouldn't be good for anyone. I sighed; I could still watch him grow up, right? I could still see him each and every day of my life! I could still act like a father to him. No one could stop me from doing that, and at least I wouldn't be breaking any hearts. But still, I would have to live with the fact I didn't know the truth! Fair enough, he could still be Liam's baby…but it's just not knowing…and living with the possibilities hidden in secret. I sighed. I had to tell someone. I had to. But who…?

I picked up the phone and dialled the number.
"Sup Hazza!" came Louis overly enthusiastic voice
"Louis! Have you got a minute?" I asked, if anyone would understand, it would be Louis.
"Sure thing! Are you alright Harry?" he asked his voice now becoming more serious
"I-I'm fine!" I lied "just hurry up!" I then added
"I'll be there in 2!" Louis said before hanging up.

A few minutes later me and Lou where sat in my living room, and suddenly I was lost for words.
"Harry! Are you sure you're alright?" asked Louis. I sat with my head in my hands.
"I think…" I began trying to find the right words "…eugh! I don't know what to do Louis!"
"Harry! Just tell me what's wrong and I can help!" Louis encouraged trying to get me to
"His eyes are green Lou! Green! And I don't know what happened that night, neither does she! For all I know, I mean, maybe, we could of…and maybe…maybe he's mine." I blurted out not really knowing that I was saying
"Whoa! Harry! Slow Down! What the hell are you on about?" Louis said, he looked at me as if I had just hit him in the face with a brick "Start from the beginning…" he then added. I sighed and took a deep breath in.
"Do you remember the Leavers Party? You know, when me and Sian kissed…" I asked him rather hesitantly, Louis nodded without saying anything, implying that I should carry on "…well that night, Sian stayed over at mine…" I began
"I'm aware of that!" Louis said through a small smile
"…well, I didn't realise at the time, but we had about 7 bottles of wine between us…and I don't remember what happened…and Sian doesn't remember what happened…so maybe…I don't know…" I sighed and looked up at Louis and he raised an eyebrow at me, still Louis didn't say anything "It's his eyes Lou! They are bright green…just like mine…and his hair, he has curly hair…like mine. I mean…what if…what if he's my baby…?" I asked.

"Oh Harry!" Louis moaned "You're probably just being paranoid!" Louis sighed but then added "but, if you knew for a fact he was your baby, what would you do?" Louis asked
"I-I don't know!" I sighed. There was silence for a while as I thought. "I would want what was best for him…and if that meant a stable family unit…then, I would keep my mouth shut and let him be." I admitted, as much as it hurt to say.
"So…if that's what you want Harry then leave him. It would probably kill your more if you found out he was yours, and the chances are pretty slim, okay?" Louis smiled patting me on the shoulder. I nodded
"Thanks Lou!" I smiled before he headed out the door…

Sian's POV
"SIAN! His diaper needs changing!" Liam called from the other room. I sighed.
"Liam! Can't you do it? I'm warming up his milk bottle!" I moaned
"Fine!" Liam sighed "Come on stinky let's get you changed!" I heard his say before his voice trailed off. I laughed to myself as I put JJ's bottle in the microwave. There was then a knock on the door which was surprising, I wasn't expecting anyone…

I opened the door to see Harry stood there.
"Oh. Hey Harry! What's wrong?" I asked
"Nothing, I was just wondering how JJ was doing?" he smiled
"Umm he's fine! Liam's just changing his diaper!" I laughed "Why don't you come in for a bit?" I asked opening the door wide enough for him to trail in
"Thanks!" he smiled walking through.
"You want a cup of tea?" I asked leading him through to the kitchen
"That's would be great thanks!" he smiled

"…there we are, nice and clean, let's go to mummy to get your bottle sorted!" Liam smiled walking into the kitchen whilst looking down at the gurgling baby boy in his arms "Oh, hi Harry!" he smiled looking up
"Hey Liam!" he smiled
"How've you been mate? It feels like we haven't talked in ages!" Liam said attempting to hand JJ to me
"I'm fine thanks. Can I take him?" Harry said quickly just before JJ entered my arms
"I was just going to give him his bottle and then put him down to sleep!" I smiled taking him
"I can do it! Harry said looking at me with puppy dog eyes and smiling showing his dimples
"umm, okay." I said "Shall we go into the other room?" I suggested still had a tight grip on JJ. Harry walked in first and Liam gave me a look when his back was turned, I gave Liam the same look…why was Harry acting so strange?

Liam sat down on the couch and Harry sat on the arm chair, I handed him JJ and the bottle before taking my seat next to Liam on the couch. Harry was staring down at JJ lovingly…as if…as if he was his own…

After Harry had put JJ down to sleep he came back into the living room.
"So, we we're thinking of inviting everyone over and getting a takeaway, you interested?" I asked Harry
"Yeah sounds great!" Harry smiled as Liam started phoning up the others…

Harry's POV
Later that night we we're all sat around the TV watching 'Friends' it brought back memories of the night of the Leavers Party and I felt my stomach churn slightly…I could hear JJ crying over the baby monitor.
"I'll get him!" sighed Liam getting up from his seat next to Sian
"No no! It's alright! I will!" I butted in quickly getting up and almost running towards the baby's room.

I took the small child out of his cot carefully and held him in my arms, rocking him back and forth gently until he stopped crying.
"Harry…" came Louis' voice from behind me, I turned swiftly to see him stood there looking at me sympathetically shaking his head slightly "…look I know you want to be like a father to him in any way you can, but he is Liam and Sian's baby you have to accept that!" Louis sighed
"But what if he isn't Liam's? What if he's mine Lou!" I moaned
"Harry…" Louis began
"No Lou I can't! I can't take it anymore! I can't just sit back and watch them play happy families when there is a chance I could be the farther of this baby!" I blurted out a little louder than I thought it was going to come out
"What do you mean you could be the father?" asked Liam stood in the doorway…
"Oh no…" I whispered…

Sian's POV
" Harry explain!" I heard Liam snap from the bedroom before little JJ's crying began again
"Is everything alright?" I asked walking in
"Is it true?" Liam snapped at me almost in tears "Could JJ be Harry's?" he raised his hour before adding "Have you been lying to me?"
"What?" I questioned " Liam what are you on about?" I asked rather confused. Liam just shook his head and I looked over at Harry who was trying to comfort my crying child in his arms
"Harry...give JJ to me...I'll take him..." I whispered nervously
"No I'm fine!" Harry snapped
"Please...please Harry...give me my baby..." I whispered slowly walking closer to him feeling a little nervous now. It looked as if Harry was crying
"...look at his eyes Sian! Look!" he whispered as soon as I got close enough. JJ had stopped crying now, Harry held him in the light, JJ looked up at me blinking his emerald eyes innocently "Bright green Sian. Bright. Green!" Harry stated.

I took JJ quickly and held him closely against my chest.
"No! Harry no! I mean it's not possible! We didn't..." I trailed off
"The night of the leaver's party..." Harry began
"No Harry! Nothing happened that night!" I forced myself to remember...nothing did happen...did it?
"Are you sure?" Harry asked
"Yes. No. Maybe..." I said quickly pausing slightly in between each one.
"...I want a DNA test..." Liam said from the other side of the room
"Liam?" I gasped "Don't you trust me...?" I whispered
"Sian, I'm sorry...I need to know..." Liam pleaded. I took a deep breath out
"Fine." I sighed deeply holding in the tears...

*1 week later*
I was sat in the living room with Justine. JJ was sleeping and the twins we're running around the living room having fun.
"How've you been...?" Justine asked taking a sip of her tea
"Good." I sighed nodding slightly "I mean, it's been a bit tense between me as Liam, and awkward between me and Harry..." I stated "but the both of them seem to be getting along alright, they're going to a football match tonight!" I said, Justine laughed
"Well at least they're getting along!" she smiled
"What about you?" I asked
"Great actually, me and Louis are going out tonight...and, we're gonna try for another baby..." she smiled
"Really Justine? OMGOSH! That's great!" I exclaimed excitedly. It was at that point that Louis came in
"I'm sorry sweetheart we can't go our tonight, the babysitter cancelled!" Louis sighed
"I'll watch the twins!" I offered
"No Sian you don't have to-" Justine began
"No no! It would be my pleasure! They'll be no trouble!" I smiled as I watched them sat on the floor giggling at re kids programme on TV
"Okay then! I'll see you tonight..." Louis said to Justine winking at her and giving her a small peck on the lips
"See you tonight!" she smiled back blushing slightly...

*2 weeks later*
Liam's POV
I sighed and turned and turned to the back of the car. The gurgling baby boy was sat their giggling. Life for him was simple. For me, not so much...

Sian had gone to New York for her movie premiere. It was a movie linked to 'A Rose for The Enemy' and they filmed it whilst filming the series. Me and Harry were still waiting on the DNA test but we agreed that whatever happened nothing would be weird between us. We we're mates, and we always would be.

JJ gurgled and waved his arms slightly. I smiled at how adorable he was.
"Come on then let's go see nanny and granddad!" I smiled putting on a brave face. I had come with JJ to my family's house for the week, it took my mind off things and it gave my parents and sisters some time to spend with JJ.

Before I even got out the car yet were here greeting me.
"Liam!" my mum called giving me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek
"Hi mum!" I smiled laughing slightly. I managed to wriggle out of her grip and went to the back to take JJ out of the car.
"Aww...look how big he's grown!" my mum cooed as we headed inside.

After a few hours we we're all having good chat. It was good to be back with my family again...I missed it. JJ was lying on the play-mat gurgling as Ruth and Nicola fussed over him.
"He is the spit of you, you know!" she smiled
"Mum don't say that..." I moaned...things like that were getting my hopes up, I was preparing myself. I don't actually know what I'll do if he's Harry's...
"No honestly Liam! I must have some photo's somewhere!" she smiled putting down her coffee and scouring through the cupboard for a photo album
"Where do you think he gets his green eyes from...?" I asked curiously but as casual as possible
"You probably!" my mum answered pulling a photo album from the cupboard "You had the greenest eyes as a wasn't until you we're about 7 that your eyes started to turn brown." she smiled sitting down next to me again and opening up the book.

First page was a baby. It was almost as if I was looking at a photo of JJ...he was the spit of me...I smiled to myself...maybe he was mine after all...?

Sian's POV
Camera lights flashed everywhere as the crowds screamed my name. I smiled and waved and signed a few autographs but I couldn't keep my mind off JJ...

"...Sian?" I heard a familiar voice behind me
"Niamh!" I said turning around excitedly to see Niamh stood there grinning at me. I gave her a massive hug
"What are you doing here?" she asked
"umm hello? Star of the film?" I laughed sarcastically "what are you doing here?" I questioned
"Oh. My um boyfriend was in the film..." she stated nervously
"Boyfriend?" I asked before yet another voice aloes my name
"Sian!" called James Hill, he played my arch enemy in the film
"Hey James!" I smiled greeting him with a hug
"I see you've met my girlfriend, Niamh!" he smiled going to stand next to her
"Believe it or not me and Sian go waaaay back!" Niamh laughed
"Really? What a coincidence!" laughed James
"It's a small world! I smiled as we headed into the film premiere...

We all headed into the after party together.
"The film turned out pretty well didn't it?" James smiled proudly
"Yeah it was great!" I grinned
"I'm gonna go get us some drinks!" smiled James giving Niamh a peck on the cheek and walking away. I sighed and looked at her
"You know, this probably isn't the best time to say this, but Harry misses you like hell!" I stated
"Sian..." Niamh sighed "I don't want to talk about Harry..." she moaned
"But he really misses you! He talks about nothing else and you can see in his eyes he's not happy! Come on! You can't day you don't miss him!"
"Of course I miss him Sian...but do I forgive him?" she sighed and shook her head "I don't know..."
I sighed as James returned with the least I tried...

...the week flew by like a dream. It was great to see Niamh again. I got back to the apartment late Sunday night. I went in as quietly as possible to find Liam fast asleep on the couch, with JJ lay gently on his chest, he too was fast asleep...
"Like father like son..." I whispered to myself under my breath when my phone started to vibrate in my pocket.

"Hello?" I answered
"Sian it's Harry! Are you back yet?" he asked
"Yeah I literally just got in!" I whispered trying not to wake Liam as JJ
"I got the DNA test results..." Harry said
"...and?" I asked curiously. Butterflies suddenly appeared in my stomach as there was a moment of silence before Harry spoke
"It's good news. He's Liam's!"

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