Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


13. Christmas, New Year and Skiing!

Sian's POV
The weeks went passed and the play was brilliant! We all went home for Christmas. I lived in a big house in the countryside and I was an only child so it was just me and my parents! We had an average Christmas but it was still nice, and Liam came over on boxing day which made it better!

"Sian! Your boyfriend is here!" screamed my mum up the stairs!
"mum he's not my boyfriend!" I hissed running down the stairs fixing my hair while running. I had straightened it so it looked really long!
"hi!" I said once I reached the bottom if the stairs to see Liam standing there
"hey!" he said back! I took hi hand and gave him a tour of the house! He seemed to like it!

He stayed at mine that night, in the spare room of course, my dad would have killed him if he stayed in mine! The next day me and Liam drove to Cheshire, where Niamh lived and coincidently Harry lived there too! Us girls and the boys stayed at Niamh's until new year where we had a huge New Year's party ...

I was with Justine in the kitchen, we were both preparing the party snacks.
"Hey Babe!" said Louis hugging Justine from behind and kissing her on the cheek. Ahh the newest couple of the group! They were dead cute together! Justine looked at me as if to say can I go? I simply nodded and her and Louis went off as I carried on preparing some of the party snacks.

Rachel's POV
After a few hours we were all in the living room chatting. Loads of Niamh's other friends from around the neighbourhood where there too! We had a really good time! It wasn't long before we started counting down to 2010!
We all celebrated then went outside to watch the Fireworks! I was stood with my arms folded looking up at the Fiteworks too! After a while I went to sit by the river paddling my feet!
"hey babe!" whispered a voice behind me, it was Niall
"hey!" I whispered back
"you know it's a new years tradition to kiss when the fireworks are going off!" Niall grinned taking my hand
"oh yeah?" I grinned back at him before I passionately kissed him on the lips!

Sian's POV
During the week that we stayed at Niamh's we visited Harry's house and went roun the shops in Chester, like Jack Wills! I bought a new Jack Will's dress and a hoody! They were really nice!

After that week we all drove back to school! It was a 5hour car journey but it was fun! I sat next to Liam the whole way there and we all talked and played stupid games like 'eye spy!' an stuff!

It was really late when we arrived back in school! It felt like we were 'home' again! Me and Niamh went up to our room and fell asleep almost instantly!

The next day we were in form an me and Liam got called out! We both gave eachother a questionable look before walking out the room and following Miss Leroy. When we were at her office we stopped and she told us to sit... Where we on trouble? We shouldn't be ... We hadn't done anything wrong ... Had we?

"since you are head boy and head girl we are going to take you on the annual skiing trip!" said Miss Leroy! Me and Liam turned to eachother in excitement! Miss explained more,
"you will be staying in a 5 star chalet for a week, all expenses paid" she smiled while handing us some leaflets
"wow!" I gasped looking at thread leaflets
"and..." added Miss Leroy
"theres more!" added Liam
"yes" she smiled, Miss Leroy liked Liam " can bring some friends with you if you like!" she grinned at us!
"that's great!" I smiled, I was a little disappointed! I mean it was great that all our friends were coming but it would have been amazing with Liam ... Alone ... In a chalet ... In the middle of the mountains ...I mean who knows what could have happened ...oh well! It was still going to be BRILLIANT!

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