Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


16. Blackmail and Delay

3 weeks passed quickly. Niamh was awake, healthy and ready to come back to school today! We were all really excited! Harry and Niamh had made up and where friends again! That was good! She couldn't exactly say no to a friendship with the guy who saved her life!

We were walking down the Hallway when we saw Niamh getting some books out of her locker!
"Niamh!" we all screamed running over to hug her! She laughed hugging us all back!
"hey have you seen Harry?" she asked
"oooo!" cooed Justine. We all giggled before the bell went and we headed off to English!

Niamh's POV
It was Lunchtime and I was headed towards the big oak tree we always sat under! Harry was the only one there.
"Harry!" I screamed running up to him
"Niamh!" he said back picking me up and spinning me around before pulling me into a tight hug!
"I am so glad you are ok!" he grinned
"and it's all thanks to you!" I smiled at him. We then stood there in silence for a moment, I was staring into is big green eyes.
After a few minutes we heard a cough from behind us.
"What do you want Lillith!" I said turning around to see the small girl with long black hair
"I need to talk to Harry!" she replied. Harry let go of my hand to go with her.
"I'll be right back!" he whispered to me before following Lillth
"Hey Niamh!" said Niall coming up with Rachel behind her...

Harry's POV
"What do you want Lillith?" I snapped, just like Niamh did
"I heard what you said!" she grinned slyly at me
"what do you mean?" I asked confused
"you told Niamh you were in love with her!"
A million thoughts ran through my mind... How did she here me say that? What did she want from me now? Why was she telling me she knew?

"so what if I am?" I whispered to her
"oh come on Harry!" she moaned "she doesn't like you back! Everyone knows that!" she grinned
"how do you know she doesn't like me back?" I sighed
"well" she answered before she started fiddling with my curls "if you were to kiss any other girl in this school, they wouldn't act like Niamh acted after you kissed her!" I though about it for a minute "so it's clear she doesn't like you that way...just as a friend!" she said still playing with my curls. Those words echoed through my head...just as a friend!
"so you now don't want her to find out your in love with her, right?" she added "I mean, of she finds out, she'll act all weird again...won't she!" Lillith was making a clear point
"so what do you want Lillith!" I snapped through a whisper, I couldn't help but snap, my heart was broken!
"be my boyfriend!" she grinned
"what?" I screamed
"shh!" she said putting her finger on my lips "if you really love Niamh, you'll do it!" she grinned
"fine..." I whispered "but after we come back from skiing...I mean it would be a bit wire if I went from hating you to going out with you!" I saw her thinking about it
"your right! After skiing! Se you later boyfriend!" she giggled, I sighed before walking back to the tree

"what did the Deamon want?" asked Rachel
"she's not that bad!" I answered, I did despise Lilith but if she was going to be my girlfriend I had to pretend that I liked her "and she wanted help on her maths!" I smiled and looked at Niamh...I wish I could tell her...but I couldn't...I couldn't risk our friendship...not again!

"The flight at 15:02 going to Italy has been delayed sorry for any inconvenience. The flight at 15:02 going to Italy has been delayed sorry for any inconvenience!" repeated the woman on the speaker. We all moaned. We were supposed to be going skiing but our plane was delayed.
"great!" sighed Niamh. We told Niamh not to come, with her just coming out if Hospital and everything, but she just said she was fine and ignored us so we couldn't really stop her!

"I want to go to Starbucks!" sighed Rachel
"come on babe I'll take you" smiled Niall gently taking her round the waist before they walked of to Starbucks! Another hour had passed Rachel and Niall still weren't back, they were probably off kissing in a corner somewhere...

It was Louis and Justine that went off next, Louis said his feet had gone dead so they went for a 'walk'! Zayn and Maryanne didn't come. Maryanne had a phobia of skiing and Zayn didn't want to go without her! I thought that was sweet! The flight had been delayed for about 3 hours now and it was just me, Liam, Niamh and Harry!

I was sat on Liam's lap. I did that quite alot lately, maybe he found it annoying but I he wasnt complaining so might as well! He was stroking my hair. "my hairs a mess!" I whispered to him
"no it's not it's beautiful!" he whispered back!

Niamh was sat in Harry's arms an they were playing eye spy. Don't ask me why they just were!
"eye spy with my little eye something beginning with B" Harry ginned
"umm boy?" asked Niamh looking at the little boy infront of her
"bouncy ball?" she asked
this went on for a while
"umm I give up!"
"oh come on it's obvious!" laughed Harry
"tell me. I don't know!" moaned Niamh
"it's you!" smiled Harry
There was a small silence
"umm Harry..." whispered Niamh
"yes Niamh?"
"my name begins with an N!"
"I know that!"
"but you said B!"
"I did!" grinned Harry "B for beautiful!"
"oh!" Niamh smiled "thanks!"
There was another small silence
"but that's not obvious!" she added
"it is in my eyes!" smiled Harry pulling her in for a tighter hug!

Rachel's POV
I sat there drinking my cappuccino while Niall went to go get a cookie! It had said 'Irish Cookie' and he wanted to know if it acctually tasted Irish! Oh Niall. He made me laugh!

He came back with his cookie
"babe, you have cream on your nose!" he said before gently kissing it to get the cream off! I blushed a little while he started to eat his cookie. Niall shook his head.
"nope!" he grinned "definitely doesn't taste Irish!" he whispered.
I giggled.
"but that makes me feel better!" he smiled. I was a little confused.
"what does?" I questioned
"your laugh!" he smiled "when you smile I smile!" he grinned before gently kissing me in the lips. I let myself fall into his arms as he squeezed me into a hug
"I love you babe!" he whispered in my ear!
"love you too!" I smiled kissing him on the cheek. He redirected my lips to his and he kissed me once more...

Louis POV
I pretended that my leg had gone dead so I needed to go for a walk. I knew Justine would come with me and honestly I just wanted to be alone with her! We walked silently hand In hand along the grass that outlined the car park. It was kind of Romantic...
"is your leg feeling better?" asked Justine in a concerned voice
"better now you're here with me!" I smiled pulling her into a hug! She giggled as we fell over onto the grass. We lay on our sides facing eachother while I gently placed a kiss on her lips.

After a while I heard a car beep and an old croaky voice shout "get a room!" I realised me and Justine ha been kissing for a while! Justine blushed and I grinned
"sorry!" I apologised to the guy in the car ahead of us, his face was all crumpled and he and he was waving his walking stick at us...should we be scared? Justine giggled as the man drove away and we got up again, hand in hand and started walking back to our friends!

Sian's POV
We had been at the airport for ages. It was now almost midnight and we were all extremely tired. I was still sat on Liam's lap. My head on his shoulder all snuggled up. I could feel his breath on my neck. He was whispering me lullabies to make me fall asleep. Although his songs were absolutely beautiful I stopped him
"shhhh!" I whispered sitting up
"what's wrong babe?" whispered Liam
"I don't want to sleep" I said lifting my head and yawning. All the others were asleep. They all looked dead cute together
"but your tired!" whispered Liam
"so are you!" I whispered back
We sat in silence for a bit and he was twirling random locks of my hair.

"you two make a good couple!" said an old woman across from us
"everyone says that!" laughed Liam, I looked at him. Did Liam just call us a couple? "umm but were not a couple!" Liam added nervously at the end. And that was my fantasies over...

Liam's POV
Sian's hair was so soft, long and a beautiful blonde colour. It shined beautifully in the dim light that was in the airport.
"you two make a really good couple!" whispered the polite old woman sitting opposite us
"everyone says that!" I smile agreeing with the statement. Sian looked at me, her eyes sparkling like crystals in the light and I realised what I just said "umm but we are not a couple" I let out a small heartbroken smile and the old lady smiled too and looked away!

Sian was now lying across two chairs and had her head on my lap
"sleep well babe!" i whispered too her. She didn't reply so I guessed she was asleep "love you!" I whispered before closing my eyes and trying to get to sleep myself...


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