Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


25. Back at school and Xfactor

The next day I was sat in French and I was really tired. I wasn't really paying attention!
"Sian!" whispered Liam nudging me
"what?" I whispered
"concentrate!" he smiled
"it's a bit hard with you in the room!" I whispered
"what?" Liam questioned me with a small smile on his face
"nothing!" I sighed blushing and looking away pretending to pay attention to the teacher! I really have to start thinking before I start to speak!

We were in the hall after school, we being me and Liam. Miss Leroy Told us to think of somewhere the year 11's could go as an award for their time here at the school!
"Switzerland!" I suggested
"Switzerland? What would we do in Switzerland?" questioned Liam
"I don't know...but it's a very beautiful country!" I smiled
"Auschwitz?" questioned Liam
"wouldn't that be just a liiittttle bit depressing?" i questioned
"suppose so!" he sighed...this was harder than we thought
"Australia!" I grinned
"it's a bit far..." said Liam
"I though it was right next to Switzerland!" I exclaimed
"...that Austria Sian!" laughed Liam
"oh..." I giggled rather embarrassed "it's not like there is much difference between the two!" I added!
"you are a good representative of your hair colour!" teased Liam referring to my blonde hair
"shut up you!" i giggled hitting his arm like I normally did!

We were really close together now our noses almost touching while his warm breath spread around my lips making them form a small smile
"What about Paris?" Liam suggested pulling away a little
"ooo the City of Love!" I cooed with a huge grin on my face "sounds good!" I smiled writing it down on my little notepad!

"have you got any plans for the city of Romance, you know, with girls?" i asked Liam grinning kind of hoping he was going to say 'yes its you Sian! I am in love with you' or something like that...that didilnt happen!
"might do!" Liam grinned
"with who?" i questioned in excitement
"you'll have to see when we get there!" he smiled, at that point i kind of guessed it wasn't me, so i put on my sweetest smile and looked him in the eyes trying to get the answer out of him! The bell went telling us it was time for afterschool sports! I sighed. How I hated sports.
"I have athletics!" I sighed
"football!" Liam smiled, Liam clearly enjoyed football, but he was a boy so if he didn't...I'd be worried! I giggled at the thought!
"what you laughing at?" asked Liam grabbing his bag
"nothing!" I smiled before both of us went too do afterschool sports!

"Toady we will be doing the 1500 metres!" bellowed Miss Parker followed by groans coming from us all! Miss Parker was horrible! She was so strict and annoying!
"Don't moan!" she snapped "you will be thanking me in 10 years when you are all professional athletes!" ...doubt that!

The weather was boiling hot, we were all sweating just standing there anyway never mind when we started running! One by one each of us started to walk, to tired to run in the boiling heat!
"COME ON!" screamed Miss Parker as we all started to jog once more. We all moaned and groaned getting dizzy from the heat; I think one or two if the girls actually passed out! As I FINALY reached the end of my run I lay on the floor so tired. I could have died right then right there! 9minutes 33 called Miss Parker shouting my time! I smiled, pretty proud of it!

I smiled as someone poured water over my head!
"thanks you!" I smiled opening my eyes to see Rachel standing above me.
"Come with me to watch Niall play football!" she grinned "he is so hot when he does sports!" her eyes went into a little dreamy mode. I moaned
"do I have too?" I sighed still lying on the floor
"Liam will be there!" she smiled! I got up straight away
"Ok!" I smiled dragging Rachel over to the football pitch, we both giggled!

Me and Rachel were sat watching the boys play football for a while before Niamh and Justine came over!
Liam looked seriously gorgeous! His hair bounced as he ran, and it made me smile! I waved to him sweetly and he waved back! I started getting nudges from the girls after that!

A few hours passed and me and Niamh were in our room!
"guess what!" Niamh grinned after getting off the laptop
"you just bought an iPad?" I smiled
"how did you know?" she questioned a little disappointed
"you just tweeted it !" I giggled showing her my screen!
"oh yeah!" she laughed

"knock knock!" said Liam and Harry coming into the room
"Hello!" I smiled looking up from lying on the floor!
"what are you doing?" asked Liam
"I don't know!" I sighed "I'm bored!" I said sitting up!

I looked over to Niamh and Harry who seemed to be in deep conversation! Justine, Rachel, Maryanne, Niall, Louis and Zayn came over too!
"How was skiing!" Zayn asked
"it was AMAZING!" smiled Justine who was cuddling up with Louis
"It was seriously brilliant!" grinned Rachel Niall's hand in her hair!
"sorry we couldn't go babe!" apologised Maryanne to Zayn giving him a light kiss on the lips
"nah it's ok babe!" he smiled kissing her again!"

Liam got a text.
"who is it?" I questioned
"Mr White wants us in the music room!" said Liam to the boys reading the text, all of the boys suddenly started to smile!
"why does mr White want you's?" questioned Justine
"and what do you's looks so happy about?"
"well..." Harry began
"we auditioned for the Xfactor!" smiled Louis
"as a group!" grinned Niall
"called..." smiled Zayn
"One Direction!" they all grinned together!
"wow!" I grinned "that's amazing!"
"I came up with the name!" smiled Harry proudly
"why didn't you tell me about this babe?" Justine questioned Louis
"it was supposed To be a surprise!" Louis grinned kissing her gently in the lips
" we are late for rehearsal!" said Liam getting up followed by the others
"see you laters!" I smiled an wave as they walked out the door!

The boys had been gone for a few minutes now!
"I'm bored!" I sighed
"yeah! Cos Liam's not here!" laughed Rachel
"that is not true!" I protested
"it is to!" replied Justine giggling
"what's up with you two anyway?" asked Niamh "are you a couple or...?" she questioned looking for an answer
"were just friends!" I half smiled sighing!
"but he likes you and you like him sonwhy not take it to the next level?" Asked Rachel
"how can you be so sure he likes me though?" I questioned "I mean it's obvious with YouTube and Louis, Rachel and Niall, Zayna and Maryanne and Harry clearly fancies Niamh...but Liam is just so hard to read!" I sighed leaning back on my hands
"are you kidding me?" asked Justine "he definitely likes you how can you not see that?" she asked. I just fell silent and tried to change the subject!
"I am going into town tomorrow to get the photos developed from skiing!" I smiled "anyone else coming?"
"sure!" they all agreed and we started taking about what to do in town tomorrow. The subject change worked! Whoo!

Justine's POV
I began to walk towards Louis dorm. Him and Harry were unpacking and he had said I was allowed to come round. I got to the door and I could sort of here them arguing!
"you can't let her blackmail you like this!" shouted Louis
"whats the other alternative? Lose Niamh forever? I dont think so!" Harry snapped
"that is just a risk you will have to take!" Louis snapped back
"no Louis! My life my decisions! I would do anything for Niamh! And if that means fake going out with Lillith So she doesn't find out I live her then fine! That's what I'll do!" he shouted! I couldn't just stand here and listen anymore
"what?" I questioned bursting into the room. Harry and Louis stared at me horrified. And now I knew I was about to get the whole story!

Sian's POV
A few weeks passed and we were sitting in the waiting room at the Xfactor audition! we were sat for about shouts now and it was their turn to audition soon...

"I'm going to get a drink!" sighed Niamh "anyone else want one?" she questioned, there was a chours of no's and thanks you's! We were all silent I think the boys were just really nervous...

"you'se don't seem very happy about auditioning" laughed a girl who was sitting opposite us
"I think we are all just a bit nervous!" laughed Liam, the boys agreed with him
"tell me about it!" sighed the girl looking down and then looking back up again
"I'm Alice!" she smiled
"Liam!" said Liam
"so are you all auditioning as a group or as soloist's?" she asked
"in a group with, Louis, Niall, Harry and Zayn!" Liam smiled pointing at each of the boys in turn!
"were just here for support!" I giggled
"and you are all couples?" smiled Alice
"well they are!" I smiled pointing at the couples "but were just friends!" I smiled

"Harry!" squeaked a voice from the other end of the room. It was Lillith. She ran over and gave hum a tight hug and a small peck on the lips. I think we were all in shock!
"this is your girlfriend?" Alice asked Harry
"yup!" Harry forced a smile

A security guard walked over
"mam' I'm gonna have to ask you to leave, you do not have a guest pass!"
"awww!" sighed Lillith "tell me the result when you get back to school sweetie!" she smiled before skipping off! We all looked at Harry.
"Lillith?" Rachel managed to cough out "are you being serious?"
"alright nobody tells Niamh! Ok?" demanded Harry, we all nosed our heads and agreed as Niamh walked over!

"so what school do you all go to?" questioned Alice
"St. Teresa's All Girl's Catholic Boarding School!" smiled Rachel
"which has recently taken out the 'All Girls' part!" laughed Niall
"oh yeah!" smiled Rachel "sorry about that!" she giggled
"oh right!" smile Alice "isnt that school like reeally expensive?" she asked
"umm I guess so!" said Justine

"402765839! 402765839!" called the person twice!
"that's us!" whispered Zayn! We all got up and headed to the side of the stage!
"good luck!" Alice called after us!

We were at the side of the stage talking to Dermott when the boys got called on!
"hello!" smiles Simon
"hi!" said Liam
"how old are you all?" he asked
"16!" they smiled
"and what's the group called?" he asked
"one direction!" they said
"what are you going to sing for us today babes!" smiled Cheryl
"Grenade by Bruno Mars!" smiled Harry
"off you go!" smiled Simon!

That's when they started to sing! We hadn't heard them yet and it blew us away! They sounded amazing! We stood there our hearts beating so fast! Their song finished, the audience and the judges were on their feet! As they all quietened down the judges started to speak!
"that was abseloutly AMAZING!" smiled Louis "well done! Loved it!" he smiled
"I agree with Louis!" grinned Danni "brilliant!"
"I abseloutly LOVE you!" smiled Cheryl "that was just fantatic!"
Simon paused, we all stood there, waiting in suspense for his answer
"I think..." Simon began "...that we have found the winner of the Xfactor right here!" they all screame and jumps around for joy!
"it's four yes's your through to the next round!" they ran off stage hugging us tightly! We all screamed! Liam was acctually crying...bless him!
"you did amazing!" I whispered in his ear!
"thanks!" he smirked picking me up and spinning me round! It was a long wait, but it was definitely worth it!

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