Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


59. Baby tales

*6 months later*
"Come on Sian! You can do this!" Liam encouraged whilst squeezing my hand. I squeezed my eyes tight shut and took a deep breath in as a bead of sweat formed on my forehead.
"Easy for you to say!" I snapped breathing in and out heavily "Liam I hate you for this!" I then added. Liam chuckled; of course he knew I didn't really mean it!

"Come on! Just one more push!" the midwife encouraged. I sighed and took a deep breath in before pushing one more time...suddenly all the pain stopped and I heard a cry. The cry of a child. The cry of my child...

" have a son..." whispered the midwife handing me a small baby boy wrapped in a blue blanket. I let out a small laugh as I held him gently on my arms and let a tear roll down my cheek...
"He's so beautiful..." I whispered intrigued by the small baby in my arms, his eyes closed as if he was sleeping, he was fidgeting slightly as his chest slowly moved up and down as he took deep breaths in...
"Just like his mother..." Liam added to the earlier statement kissing me lightly on the forehead
I smiled at the compliment
"Liam...I love you for this..." I whispered smiling asthenosphere tear dropped from my cheek and onto the blue blanket. Liam laughed
"You're opinion changed in a matter of seconds!" he joked. I laughed and nudged him slightly without saying anything "You did well sweetheart..." he smiled
"We both did!" I grinned looking towards him and allowing him to place a kiss on my lips...

"Have you decided on a name yet...?" asked the midwife curiously
"We have a few, but we haven't decided completely..."
"Well if you can't decide you can always hyphenate and use two names..." the midwife laughed leaving the room
"I like that idea!" I said turning to Liam.

It wasn't long before the others began piling into the room.
"Baby!" cooed Felicity who had tight hold of Justine's finger as she toddled along beside her.
"Yeah that's a baby sweetheart!" Justine laughed slightly picking her own daughter up into her arms.
"Judging by the colour of the blanket I'm guessing you have a son!" grinned Rachel excitedly. I nodded as Liam took him from my arms. He was fast asleep, bless him.
"Have you got a name?" asked Niall curiously
"Not yet!" Liam admitted
"How about call him Harry!" Harry laughed "Harry's a great name...our country's Prince is called Harry...and so is a certain curly haired celebrity!" Harry added jokingly. I laughed
"I agree...Harry is a nice name...but I was thinking more...Jason..." I suggested looking over at Liam for approval. Liam looked at me, and then down at our baby and nodded
"Yep. He suits Jason!" Liam agreed through a smile "but what about the hyphenated part?" Liam questioned
"Jason-Liam? After his father..?" I suggested
"...I- I was thinking...Jason-Jerome...?" Liam smiled. I took a deep breath in as a smile spread across my face
"Jason-Jerome..." I repeated before taking a deep breath in "...that's perfect." I whispered. I paused for a few seconds "are you sure you want to all him that?" I asked. Our baby cooed from Liam's arms as he fidgeted slightly
"He seems to like it!" Liam laughed "...and I owe a lot to Jerome. He was always there for you, even when I wasn't! And then we know our son will always have someone is there looking out for him..." Liam smiled making yet more gets roll down my cheeks.
"That's settled then, Jason-Jerome it is!" I smiled
"meh. I still like Harry better!" Harry joked making us all laugh.

Harry's POV
"Justine? Louis? We we're wondering if you would do is the honor of being the Godparents?" asked Liam
"We'd be delighted!" Justine grinned excitedly. The atmosphere in this room kept spreading with happiness, I smiled to myself, the only thing that could have made it better would be if Niamh was here to be happy too...
"Can I hold little JJ?" I asked Liam who was staring down at the beautiful boy he held in his hands
"JJ?" asked Sian furrowing he eyebrows at me
"Jason-Jerome, JJ, cute and simple." I smiled showing my dimples, no one could resist when I did that. Not even Sian!

Sian laughed and shook her head as Liam passed me JJ. I started down at the sleeping baby boy and smiled. I couldn't help it. He was beautiful. I placed my pinky into hand and he automatically gripped it and squeezed it tightly.
It was at that same moment my stomach flipped. I had to take a deep breath in and compose myself. Jason-Jerome's eye's fluttered open and he stared straight into mine. Suddenly, the whole world felt as if it had stopped turning, the only reason being...JJ's eyes we're bright green...

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