Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


18. Arriving at Skiing

We trudged through the soft cold snow to get to the chalet. When we got there we were all dying to get inside. We were all freezing and understandably tired. We were stuck in the airport for 9hours and then on a plane for another 3 and we had just had to treck up the mountain to our chalet!

It was 6:00am. We all slowly wandered into the beautiful chalet that would be our home for the next week. We looked around. It was beautiful! There was a huge warm log fire in the middle of the living room and a polar bear rug, fake I hoped, with gorgeous black leather couches that had fluffy White pillows on!

The kitchen shared the living rooms beauty. All the surface tops were made of beautiful black and White marble an we had a personal professional Italian chef that would come every morning and evening to make us breakfast and tea!

Going into another room I saw an elegant swimming pool with warm untouched water and a large bubbling jaccuzzi in the far left hand corner! The rooms were also beautiful and all pretty much the same. They all had a king sized bed with elegant bedding and loads and loads of feather filled pillows! In the rooms they also had a nightsand with a small reading lamp. I seriously felt like a princess!

Before going to sleep we phoned the chef to say not to come in the morning and went straight to sleep building up our energy for an amazing day of skiing tomorrow!

I was woken at 12noon with a pillow in my face! I quickly grabbed another pillow as a defense mechanism and hit the person with that pillow

"ow?" said the person falling off the bed

"Liam!" I giggled "what are you doing in my room?" I grinned at him sitting on the floor "and why did you hit me with a pillow?" I questioned

"because!" he said climbing on to my bed "you needed to wake up!" he smiled at me "and we are going skiing in a bit so you need to get ready!" he grinned I quickly ran into the bathroom and had a shower. I blow-dried my hair and put it in neat little plats. I put on my ski suit and boots. My White ski trousers with little roses up the side and my fitted pink ski jacket and my pink ski boots that matched my jacket perfectly. I quickly placed a little White flower in my hair and put in a little make up before walking into the living room to meet up with the others.

We got to the ski lift at about 1pm however it wasn't very busy so it wasnt long before we got onto the chairlift in two's. I bet you can guess who I was sitting next to. Liam of course.

"I must admit I am pretty amazing at skiing!" grinned Liam

"not as amazing as me!" I giggled back at him

"I guess we will se who is more amazing when we get to the top now won't we?" he laughed

At the top of the mountain we got off. Niall and Rachel were trying to push eachother over, Louis was holding Justine's hand to help her keep her balance and Harry was fussing over Niamh.

"I'm fine Harry!" Niamh grinned before speeding off

"Niamh be careful!" moaned Harry chasing after her, I giggled at this!

I started skiing down the hill, I could hear Liam skiing closely behind me, he was catching up. He grabbed my waist and span me around as we stopped. I sort of screamed and giggled at the same time as he spun me

"Liam what are you doing?" I giggled

"you were right!" he smiled "you are pretty amazing at skiing"

"so why did you stop me?" I questioned still giggling

"I dont know!" he smiled and then we were back to the scene on the plane, he had his hands round my waist and I had mine round his kneck, he started leaning in again, about to kiss me.

"keep skiing!" said miss Leroy skiing past making us jump away! I giggled and then sighed.

"come on!" I smiled taking his hand and dragging him down the hill!

Everyone met up at the bottom of the mountain all ready to get back on the ski lift!

"enjoy that?" asked Louis to Justine since it was her first time skiing, she was already picking it up

"I enjoyed it more because you're with me!" Justine grinned cheekily letting Louis kiss her on the lips "not you two aswell!" sighed Miss Leroy skiing towards us, Louis and Justine stopped kissing as they heard miss Leroy

"I just caught theese two almost kissing at the top of the mountain!" Miss Leroy sighed pointing at us, I swear I went as red as a tomato

"is there something going on between you two?" grinned Louis who, of course, was the one that caught us almost kissing yesterday

"no!" me and Liam both said together. Everyone started to laugh which made me go even more red so I was completely relieved when we finaly got on the ski lift!


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