Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


67. Airport

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*4 years later*

Sian's POV

"Do you do this for a living?" asked Victoria, her head just about popping over the counter as she stepped on her tippy toes

"Victoria!" I scolded. The shopkeeper laughed

"It's alright!" she said to me before turning to Victoria "Yes, yes I do!" I smiled politely at the old woman who was serving us bidding her a goodbye before walking out of the shop.

"Victoria! You do not ask people questions like that!" I exclaimed at my little three year old

"Well why not mummy?" she asked folding her arms and pouting at me

"because it's rude and it might offend them!" I sighed

"but why mummy...?" she asked again blinking her eyes innocently

"It just is Victoria!" I sighed, I wasn't going to go in to the whole money thing and careers.

"MUMMY MUMMY! Me and Daddy were stood by the Window and we watched the planes fly into the sky!" exclaimed Connor running up to me excitedly

"Did you now?!" I laughed as he wrapped his arms around my legs. I picked up the six year old and threw him in the air playfully

"Did they fly like this?" I laughed as I put him down. Connor giggled "Yeah!" he laughed

"ME TOO! ME TOO!" Victoria pleaded. I sighed and was about to pick her up when Liam came up behind her and picked her up throwing her high in the sky. She let out a playfull squeal and she giggled before Liam put her back down again.

"Again again!" she exclaimed jumping up and down.

"Maybe later sweetheart!" Liam laughed catching his breath. I smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips

"Where are JJ and Rosie?" I asked as we pulled away

"They're still watching the plane's" Liam smiled gesturing towards the window where my two eldest were stood gazing outside. I laughed, before taking both Tori and Connor's hands and leading them towards the window where JJ and Rosie stood.

"When are we getting on our plane mum?" asked JJ - JJ was now 12 years old, I actually couldn't believe it! How had 12 years passed already. My baby boy had started High School the year before - St. Teresa's obviously. The twins went there too, they were two years above JJ but were still friends - after all they did grow up together.

Suddenly I felt a little ill and light headed. I closed my eyes and sat down quickly leaning my head against the cool window.

"Sian? You okay?" asked Liam placing his hand on my shoulder. I placed my hands on my stomach.

"fine, fine! Just feeling a little ill! That's all!" I took a few deep breaths in before I came to the conclusion I was going to be sick. I ran to the bathroom and got there just in time.

"Sian?" Came Erin's voice - Erin was Zayn's finacé. We owed so much to her - she brought so much joy and happiness back to Zayn's life it was unreal - plus she had been a great friend to the four of us girls these past years.

They had three kids together Alfie, who was four, Eleanor who was three and their newest addition little Caitlyn who was one. They also had Zach, Grace and Lauren. Zach now lived with Zayn and Erin full time - as Maryanne moved to Australia for her husbands work and Zach didn't want to move with her, both of them agreed that it would be best if he moved in with Zayn.

Zach loved this though - he obviously had Grace and Lauren, who he counted as his sisters, to play with all the time, which he found much more fun than being an only child with Maryanne. Plus he enjoyed having three new younger siblings, especially his brother Alfie - they were truly inceprable!

"I'm fine..." I whispered in answer to Erin's previous question "just caught a stomach bug or something - I'll be fine in a bit!" I smile at her.

We both walked out of the toilets together and I was immediately greeted by Liam

"Are you sure you're okay darling? If we can't go then we'll have to stay here we-" Liam began to panic

"No no! Don't worry about me! I'm fine! I just caught Connors bug from the other week!" I answered

"I'm sorry mummy..." Connor apologised. I laughed and picked him up

"We'll it's not your fault sweetie! Mummy just got a bit sick that's all!" I said to him. He smiled at me and crinkled up his eyes - it was the most adorable thing I had ever seen him do.

"Are you okay auntie Sian?" Asked fourteen year old felicity - she had grown into such a beautiful young girl. She was the spit of Justine but she had Louis eyes.

"I'm fine sweetie!" I replied "you looking forward to your parents wedding?" I asked her changing the subject

"Yes!" She bounced up and down in excitement "I face timed daddy before and he said that everything is all ready and that we're going to love it!" She squealed

"I'm sure we will!" I laughed.

Justine, Louis, Niamh and Harry went to India two months prior to the event of the wedding and me Liam, Rachel, Niall, Zayn and Erin helps by looking after their kids.

Justine and Louis went for a 'pre-wedding honeymoon' and Niamh and Harry went because Niamh was pregnant and would therefore have not been able to fly - they were planning on having their third child in India!

Despite being a lot of them, they were an easy bunch to look after, especially when we all chipped in. They were good kids and had been raised well.

"Will the first class passengers on flight 470362 boarding to India please line up at Gate B, I repeat, Will the first class passengers on flight 470362 boarding to India please line up at Gate B - Thanks you!" Said the lady over the tannoy.

"Is that us mummy?" Asked Victoria

"Yep! That's us!" I smiled.

JJ picked up Tori and Rosie took Connor by the hand. Justine's twins were carrying one of Niamh and Harry's kids each - Elsa and Carlos took responsibility of their younger siblings Mia and Oscar by taking their hands. All twelve kids walked ahead of me and I counted them off.

The Horan family were just the the left of us, they now had four beautiful kids and were expecting another. The newly formed Malik family were to the right of us, it was weird watching al my friends with families of their own. 15 years ago when we all met at school I could never have imagined life would be as good as this.

I smiled to myself as Liam took my hand, he looked down at me and gazed deep into my eyes.

"You are still so beautiful..." He whispered - I smiled, blushed, and allowed him to peck me on the lips lightly "are you sure you're alright?" He asked still a little concerned

"I'm fine! Honest!" I smiled resting my head upon his shoulder following the clan of children ahead of us onto the plane. India, here we come...

For those of you confused here are the different families!

Sian and Liam(The Payne Family):

Jason-Jerome(JJ): aged 12

Rosetta(Rose/Rosie): aged 9

Connor: aged 6

Victoria(Tori): aged 3

Louis and Justine(The Tomlinson Family):

Joseph-Trevor(Joseph): aged 14

Felicity-Joyce(Felicity): aged 14

Elsa: aged 11

Carlos: aged 10

Oscar: aged 7

Mia: aged 6

Rachel and Niall(The Horan Family):

Arthur-James(Arthur): aged 10

Lily-Miranda(Lily): aged 6

Lucy-Sofia(Lucy): aged 3

Charlie William(Charlie): aged 1

*new baby on the way*

Niamh and Harry(The Styles Family):

Phoebe: aged 4

Lucas: aged 3

*new baby on the way*

Zayn and Erin(The Malik Family):

Zachary(Zach): aged 9 (Zayn's son with Marryanne)

Grace: aged 9 (one of Erin's daughters from another relationship)

Lauren: aged 9 (one of Erin's daughters from another relationship)

Alfie: aged 4

Eleanor: aged 3

Caitlin: aged 1

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