Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


37. A year's gone by so quickly

School started again soon after. I stepped out the car into the cool autumn breeze and shivered lightly followed by my mother soon after giving me a tight squeeze

"Have Fun Sweetie!" she cooed pulling out from the hug

"Yes mum. I'm going to have loads of fun in school." I sighed sarcastically making her laugh

"Well your still the little cutie I remember when we dropped you off at your first year of Boarding School!" she grinned tapping me on the nose lightly

"Mum!" I maoned "I was 8. I'm 16 now! And its my last year!" I sighed smiling as my father came to stand next to my mum handing me my suitcase

"Remember sweetheart, if that Liam boy try's anything—" my Dad began

"Daddy!" I moaned "seriously! Liam's not even here he's in the Xfactor house!" I sighed

"Singers are always the worst!" mumbled my father. I sighed giving him a hug

"By Mum! Bye Dad!" I called after them as I walked into the school gates wearing my uniform. Exactly today last year is the day I met Liam, of course Liam and the boys wouldnt be here, they were living in the XFactor house getting ready to be stars. Yes, they got through the judges houses! Excited much!

I skipped up to my dorm to find Niamh, Justine, Rachel and Maryanne already there. I was greeted with an attack of hugs an I returned them all happily! One of the first things I noticed was Justine's bump was getting bigger, she was going to have to tell Louis soon...she hadn't told him yet...

...about an hour had passed and the clock chimed 10:00am and all 5 of us headed down to the Assmebly hall! Going down to assembly made me realise there was going to be a new head boy to replace Liam, for now, an that broke my heart a little. I couldn't imagine being head girl without Liam...

We made our way down the spiral staircase across the yard and to the grand assembly hall shuffling through the crowds of people, I blocked out the murmuring in the hall and went to sit in my seat. The head boy hadn't arrived yet, I kept looking around the hall for who it might be, I spotted my friends sat right at the back chatting away, typical them. I giggled imagining there conversation, it probably had something to do with the boys. I began to wonder what the boys were doing at that moment, singing rehersals, just messing about…not sure!

"Hey!" said a voice I didn't recognise ripping my imagination away from me and making me jump.
"Oh. Hey!" I smiled looking up to see a boy stood over me, he had blonde hair that was placed messily in a sweepy quif and big blue eyes. He was pretty tall too.
"Your new?" I stated in a kind of question
"Yes I'm new and I'm also the new head boy! I'm just that good" he grinned sarcastically making me laugh
"I'm Sian!" I smiled placing out my hand for him to shake "Welcome to the school-" I stopped waiting for him to tell me his name
"Jerome!" he smiled taking my hand before he sat down beside me
"nice to meet you Jerome!" I smiled before the assembly began.

After assembly me and Jerome walked back to my dorm together as I told him all the basics about being head boy. Just before we arrived at the girls building my phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out and read the text.

I bet school is boring without me.
Miss you Love You always and forever, Liam 3

I read the text and giggled automatically texting back forgetting about Jerome.
"Who's Liam?" he asked reading over my shoulder
"Oh. He's my boyfriend!" I smiled "he was head boy at the school before you arrived!" I smiled again as we continued to walk
"Well where is he now?" asked Jerome curiously, we stopped outside the girls building
"On the XFactor!" I grinned proudly "He's in a band called One Direction!"
"Oh!" smiled Jerome "Well he's a lucky guy!" smiled Jerome. I smiled back
"Yeah I guess it is rather lucky getting to the XFactor live shows..." I smiled we pauses for a moment and then Jerome sighed.
"I wasn't talking about The XFactor..." Jerome said smiling at me and blushing lightly. I didn't know what to say
"I umm." I hesitated "So tomorrow after school ok?" I smiled changing the Subject
"sure!" he smiled turning away "see ya!" he said waving
"bye!" I smiled turning towards the door an heading inside...

Me an Jerome became pretty good friends after about a week in school and we met up after school pretty much every day. The first month of school whizzed by in a flash and before I knew it, it was Saturday the 12th of October...the First. Live. Show.

I got out of bed quite early and got ready. As I got out the bathroom and back into my room I saw Niamh was awake.
"Your up early!" she said rubing her eyes sleepily and sitting up
"yeah!" I sighed "I'm meeting Jerome in the park, Miss Leroy wants us to discuss-" Niamh cut me off
"Your spending alot of time with this Jerome boy..." she exclaimed. I sighed
"Just because he's head boy Niamh! And he's a really good friend!" I smiled
"But what about Liam-" she began
"Me and Liam talk on the phone every night and I can't even count how many times I've had my phone taken off me for texting him in class plus we are going to see the boys in 5hours and everything is going to be great!" I stated
"...well ok..." sighed Niamh before my phone vibrated "Liam?" she asked
"Um no Jerome! I'm late..." I sighed running out the door before she could say anything else!

Maybe Niamh had a point, maybe I was spending too much time with Jerome...

I got to the park to find Jerome sat on one of the swings. I smiled as I went to sit on the swing next to him.
"Hi!" I smiled taking out the papers from my bag and setting them on my lap "So Miss Leroy wants us to discuss all this..." I sighed flicking through the thousands of papers "How are we going to get through all this before twelve?" I sighed
"Why what's happening at 12?" asked Jerome swinging back and forth on the swing
"Going to the XFactor house and meeting up with the boys!" I grinned "haven't seen Liam in ages!" I grinned excitedly, Jerome stopped swinging suddenly
"We best get working then!" he smiles taking the paperwork from my lap and placing it onto his.

Me and Jerome worked for a few hours, efore getting distracted and began playing on the play equipment. As I made my way down the swirly slide for like he 100th time My phone began to ring, I answered it.
"Hello?" I asked
"Sian! Where are you? We are suppose to be there in 10minutes!" screamed Rachel down the phone
"OMGOSH! I'm soo sorry!" said grabbing my bag "I'll be there in two minutes!" I gasped hanging up shoving my phone in my pocket
"I have to go!" I sighed giving Jerome a hug and running off
"Have Fun!" he shouted after me
"Will do!" I shouted back through a giggle.

I ran all the way back to school as fast as possible! Justine Rachel Niamh and Maryanne were already in the car! I got in and caught my breath.
"Sian! Where have you been?" sighed Justine as se began to drive
"I was at the park!" I sighed as my breath came back to me and we began to drive
"...with Jerome!" added Niamh. I sighed as all my friends gave me a look "Miss Leroy wanted us to discuss alot of things!" I sighed reaching behind me and putting on my seatbelt! I had a feeling my friends didn't like Jerome all that much...

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