Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


55. A turn of events

I walked through the lush green grass, passing newer graves, covered in flowers in all colours of the rainbow. I sighed finally reaching the very end of that row to the grave I was here to visit...

"Hey Jerome..." I whispered as I felt the tears swell up in my eyes "...I miss you. It's you I would talk to if you were still alive...cos I'm kind of in a situation..." I whispered as the tears fell " I came here to tell you...because I don't know what else to do..." I whispered through sobs.

"I didn't mean to lie to them...honest I didn't..." I whispered as I blinked letting the tears fall again "...I just didn't want them to make a fuss...and in a way it wasn't really lying...I convinced myself it was wrong...but after 5 tries I guess there is no denying it..." I paused once more, this time for longer, until the silence overwhelmed me and I couldn't hold it in much longer "I'm pregnant Jerome." I coughed out "I'm pregnant with Liam's baby and I don't know what to do..." I whispered breaking down into tears once more...

Louis POV
"So...anyone want more drinks? I'm buying!" I smiled getting up from my seat next to Justine
"Same again?" I then asked
"Hey I'll pay for it! I haven't paid for any drinks yet tonight!" smiled Sian getting up from her seat. She hadn't talked much all night, not even to Liam or Harry, the two people she had the best friendships with. She got up out the seat walked towards the counter and began to talk to the waiter. Justine gave me a concerned look
"Pay half!" she sighed smiling lightly, I chuckled giving her a small kiss on the lips before walking over to where Sian was stood!

"I'm paying half!" I chuckled startling her
"No! It's fine Louis honest!" She smiled her eyes still a little weary!
"Alright! What's up?" I sighed as we waited for the drinks
"nothing! Honest!" she smiled awkwardly looking over at the table where the others sat
"...its Harry isn't it?" I chuckled looking over at Harry who was laughing madly at who knows what
"Harry?" Sian choked coughing on her diet coke that had just arrived "what about him?"
"Oh Come on! We know you kissed at Niamh's party! You two are practically secretly dating!" I chuckled
"No we're not!" she protested "me and Harry are just friends!"
"'s like Harry and Niamh! ...wait nine months and you two will be together!" I chuckled again
"No we will not!" she least I put a smile on her face "anyway, I'll be doing other things in nine months!" she added mumbling. clicked.

"...hang on a second! You've been acting weird all night, you aren't drinking any alcohol and you have plans for nine months!" I paused looking at her, my face was a picture and her eyes widened as she gulped lightly "You're pregnant..." I whispered making her look at her shoes before looking back up at me, her eyes sparkling with tears.
"Louis you can't tell anyone! Rachel and Justine worked it out before an- and I told them I wasn't but It's just that I can't have anyone finding out...just...not yet anyway..." she whispered
"Your being serious?" I smiled "congratulations!" I chuckled nudging her lightly "'ve been busy then?" I chuckled again but I failed to make her smile. Instead she just shook her head. "It's not Harry's is it?" I gasped through a whisper
"No of course it's not Harry's!" she gasped a little offended that I would even bring that up "Liam?" I then suggested nervously. She looked up at me again, taking her eyes off the floor giving me confirmation I was correct.
"When did this happen then?" I chuckled grinning lightly making a small smile appear on her face
"...Liam's 18th!" she smiled blushing lightly
" that's what you were doing in his room..." I clicked a small smirk appearing on my face "Great Present you got him! Bet he wasn't expecting that!" I chuckled nudging her lightly making her blush even more. She hit me in the arm lightly
"'s not like it was planned!" she giggled, her smile sparkled rather happily before her face went a little serious again

"I know I know I'm an idiot!" She sighed before adding "...but it was a one night thing I didn't think I was going to get pregnant..." she whispered
"Sian don't blame yourself! He shouldn't have let it happen anyway!"
"...but Louis, I wanted it to happen..." she whispered protesting blushing lightly, she looked as if she was about to cry...I sighed
"Look Sian whatever happens you'll be alright! I've got your back!" I smiled. She sighed. She still looked really worried

"Louis?" she asked curiously as the drinks began to arrive quicker "how am I supposed to tell him..." she sighed looking at her feet
"Don't worry about it! Tell him in your own time..." I smiled attempting to comfort her
"but-no offence..." she began "you didn't exactly take it well, when Justine told you...and you two were together and you were practically in love with the girl!" she smiled lightly. I chuckled at the thought
"still am!" I smiled "and I have two beautiful children!" I grinned thinking about my babies that were asleep at home.
"...Well, Liam has a girlfriend, and it's not me...yet is pregnant with his child...he's not in love with he's not exactly going to take it he?" she asked pausing many times while explaining, again her eyes sparkling with tears as she began twizzling a finger around one of her golden locks.
"Sian! Liam IS in love with you! He's been in love with you the moment he has met you. On tour you are all he talks about! Even Danielle gets annoyed! He smiles like a right idiot whenever he gets a text from you and sometimes we go on stage a few minutes later because he needs to take time to say bye to you, whether it's a text or a phone call or Facebook or Twitter or whatever...! Sian he is crazy about you! And if he still loves you even a fraction of the amount I love Justine, he'll take the news just fine!" I smiled reassuringly. Sian quickly wiped away the tear from her eyes
"You always know the right thing to say Louis..." she giggled smiling as the final drink arrived
"Come on, let's get this over to the others, and remember, if you ever need anything, I'm here!" I smiled as we both grabbed the drinks and headed back towards the table...

Sian's POV
I sat back down on the table carrying a few drinks...Louis carrying the most. He gave me a small sympathetic smile as we both sat down handing everyone their drinks
"So tomorrow, as you know it's the premier of season 2..." I began a smiled appearing on my face as everyone clapped and cheered making me laugh and blush lightly "anyway! Do you want to all come round to mine and I can cook and we can have a small celebration thing!" I grinned as everyone began to nod and smile agreeing with the idea
"Sounds great!" smiled Liam looking down at me with his mesmerising brown eyes. I stared into his eyes for a few seconds before turning away to look at Louis who again gave me a Sympathetic look
"Well...I best get home and get ready for tomorrow!" I smiled getting up off the table giving everyone a quick wave before heading off out the least I had something to take my mind off the baby...

Liam's POV
The next day came quickly. I put on a checked shirt, skinny jeans and quickly swept my hair to the side and left my apartment and went across the hall to knock on Sian's door.
"Liam!" she smiled opening the door wide letting me in "You're the last to arrive, come on in!" she smiled.

After eating the meal we all sat down to watch the premiere of season 2, with 15 minutes till it began we were all just sort of chatting.
"Hey, can you go get me some soap for the kitchen?" Sian asked smiling lightly at me
"Sure! From the bathroom?" I questioned smiling back at her, as she nodded beaming a smile back I before got up and walking to the bathroom!

I went inside; Sian's bathroom always smelt really nice and was decorated with beautiful blue tiles placed in patterns on the wall. I walked over to the sink and looked around for soap. I sighed not knowing where it was, Scurrying round in the cupboard. I knocked something over, a box of some sort, and everything scattered over the floor. I quickly got down on the ground and quickly gathered them up...and then I realised what they were...pregnancy tests. My whole face went pale and my heart began beating faster. Why? Why would she have pregnancy test? ...I mean, she couldn't possibly be pregnant, I mean...who was after god no. It was me. I'm the father...No no! Liam! Stop thinking like that! You don't even know if she's pregnant or not! Maybe it's just precaution or something. She can't possibly be pregnant...she can't. I checked the label on the box '10 inside' it said in big letters. I checked how many were left. 5. There were only 5 left? Why would she feel the need to use 5? Maybe it was a friend of hers...maybe Justine is pregnant again? Or Rachel possibly...?

I quickly put away the tests back in the cupboard and stumbled out the bathroom.
"So did you find it?" Sian smiled skipping out the kitchen and towards the living room
"Find what?" I gasped half breathless my head still spinning as I tried to bring my head round to what just happened and what might be...
"The soap idiot!" she chuckled hitting me in the arm lightly "you're losing it Liam!" she sighed giggling slightly as she began skipping towards the bathroom.

Sian's just her usual self. Just normal Sian...there was no way she was pregnant!
"Found it!" she called from the bathroom walking out smiling holding the soap in her hands "your hopeless Liam!" she chuckled, I let out a small forced smile "come on! Don't just stand there! Let's go sit down! It's about to start!" she smiled, she had already gone been to the kitchen and was dragging me towards the living room. Everything seemed to be moving in fast forward as I slumped myself down on the couch and sighed as the programme began.

...everything after that passed as a blur. It was now about 10pm and slowly everyone began to trail out. By 10:30, Harry left and it was just me and Sian.
"Why didn't you tell me...?" I gasped as we both sat on the couch
"tell you what?" She questioned taking some pringles out of the cupboard and eating a few
"you know what I'm talking about. You either are...or you thought you were..." I sighed gulping and pausing not able to say that one word. Pregnant. Sian looked at me, her eyes sparkling
"...I'm what?" she chuckled forcing a smile
"Come on Sian!" I moaned
"Come on Liam? What?" she questioned now standing up and walking towards me
"Sian? Are you pregnant or not?" I hissed making her fall silent, she took a deep breath in and closed her eyes nodding her head lightly
"...yes...yes. I'm pregnant..." she whispered.

I pushed my hands through my hair and turned my back on her sighing not knowing what to say.
"A-and it's mine? A-are you sure?" I stammered still not turning to look at her
"Of course it's yours!" she sighed
"How could you let this happen?" I snapped turning to look at her raising my voice a little
" could I let this happen?" she too raised her voice "well Liam! It takes two to make a baby!" she hissed
"W-well you are going to get rid of it aren't you?" I questioned my hand still in my hair. Her face dropped and she blinked her eyes the tears now beginning to fall
"What?" she squeaked "...get rid of it...?" she whispered and took a deep breath in " want me to get rid of it...?"
"Come on Sian! I have a girlfriend, a career and a future to think about! A baby isn't going to help any of that!"
"I have a career and a future to think about to!" she snapped "...your just thinking about yourself! Have you even thought about how I feel?" she screamed
I fell blank. Silent...I didn't talk. I didn't know what to say. So I didn't say anything...
"...You know what? Get out!" she hissed
"What?" I snapped
"Look! I don't care what you think about this baby but it's MY baby too! And I don't care if this baby grows up with one parent, at least it will have a parent that loves it with all her heart! And it will NEVER know who its father is. Ever." she screamed. I paused, I was a little hurt...I didn't know what to say "Just get out Liam! Walk out the door, but don't EVER expect me to talk to you again!" she sighed shaking her head and walking away.

Still, I didn't know what to do. I looked at her, she had her back to me, and I could hear soft sniffling. I sighed staring at her for a few more seconds
"...I'm sorry!" I whispered before turning around and walking out the door, closing it softly behind me...


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