Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


44. A new beginning and a new year


A few days passed and we were prepping the house for when my cousin Lauren came over. I love Lauren, she was more like my sister than my cousin, we were so much alike it was unreal! I hadn't seen Lauren in ages and she was a big fan of One Direction on the XFactor! ...she never even knew I knew them...never mind that Liam was my b- umm ex Boyfriend...

Ding Dong! I heard the sound of the doorbell echo through the house. I checked the clock 11:00am...but Lauren wasn't supposed to arrive till 12...I should have known, she was always early!

I quickly ran downstairs trying to fix my hair, I hadnt even straightened it yet! I was kind of excited, I hadn't seen Lauren in ages...

I opened the door smiling but the smile suddenly turned Into a look of surprise
"...Liam? Niamh? Harry? Niall? Justine? Rachel? Louis? Zayn? Marryanne? ...what are you all doing here?" I asked
" look happy to us?" chuckled Liam letting himself in giving me a small cuddle and a kiss in the cheek making my heart flutter lightly...Liam had no idea what he did to me and a part of me hated him for that..

"Come in?" I smiled trying not to be rude as I led them all to my livingroom where Liam was already sat.
"what are you all doing here?" I asked curiously, I was beginning to get a little worried, if Lauren came in and saw the boys here she'd have a heart attack!
"We've never been to yours before so we all thought we'd come round!" smiled Louis
"...but I have my cousin coming over an my hair isn't even parents don't even know your here an-" I was cut off by the doorbell, I sighed "...that's Lauren now..." they all looked up at me curiously
"...well go answer the door then..." smiled Zayn
"...yeah we all want to meet her!" smiled Niall
I sighed "if you boys give her a heft attack i will personally murder you!" I said as serious a possible still making them all chuckle.

I ran towards the door pulling it open with a great force to reveal Lauren standing there with the most ridiculous grin on her face...
"SIAN!" she squealed dropping her bags and wrapping her arms around me tightly
"LAUREN!" I squealed back returning the hug "How are you?" i asked as taking her bags and putting them under the stairs
"Great thanks!" she grinned "how about you?" she giggled
"I've been better..." I admitted with everything that has happened with Liam and that...
"why what's wrong Hun?" she asked her grin fading a little, I ignored her question and began to talk
"Lauren.." I said
"yeah?" she replied
"you know One Direction" i paused "off the XFactor?" I asked
"OMGOSH! YES I LOVE THEM!" she grinned as she began jumping around...Lauren always was one to get too over excited..."I Love Niall...omgosh he's definitely my fave!" she grinned spinning round in circles
"Lauren!" I said stopping her from spinning "Calm Down!" I sighed chuckling lightly
"Sorry..." she smiled giggling "what did you want to say about them?" she the added after calming down a little
"Well..." I paused looking at her "...they're sat in my livingroom..." I said squeezing my eyes shut scared of what her reaction might be...I waited, but there was no screams or nothing.
"...very funny Sian!" she giggled walking towards the livingroom " if One Direction would be-" she began but a she stepped into the living room she fell silent and became almost speechless...
"Lauren...are you ok?" I asked
" were being serious?..." she just gasped out
"yeah kinda!" I exclaimed
"what the hell are they doing here?" she gasped
"that's exactly what I said!" I sighed looking at Liam making his grin. Lauren paused still kind of speechless
"Sian! Can I talk to you for a second?" she whispered dragging me out of the living room and back into the hallway
"Lauren? Are you alright?" I asked
"How could you not tell me you knew One Direction?" she sort of screamed through a whisper
"Well you didn't ask..." I replied
"b-but how? How do you know them?" she asked
"they go-or went to my school and Liam was Head boy and I'm head girl so we got to know eachother and then I got to know the boys through him and then they formed One Direction and that's how I know them..."
She paused and looked at me speechless and shocked
" that Liam you constantly talk Liam PAYNE?" she half screamed
"...Yeah kinda..." I sighed looking down at my feet shuffling on the floor
"Yeah Kinda" she mumbled imitating my voice chuckling lightly "You could have told me!" she then sighed grinning coming to give me a cuddle
"I'm just didn't come into conversation!" i sighed giggling lightly
" all those conversations we've has about the XFactor and you didn't think to tell me you were friends with One Direction...?" she smiled before adding "Well let's get back in there so you can introduce me to them!" she grinned giggling lightly making me laugh a little...

After a while we were all in my room just simply chatting and looking through some photos.
"so..." Lauren began looking over at me and Liam who were laughing about who knows what! "you two are pretty 'close' then yeah?" she grinned holding up a photo of mine and Liam's first kiss at the prom taken by one of the others I guess
"...That, Lauren, was taken from my diary!" I smiled chuckling lightly quickly running over and snatching it back of her.

"Your write about me in your Diary?" grinned Liam
"Liam! Your my ex Boyfriend AND have been my crush for the past year! Of course your in my diary!" I smiled lightly raising my eyebrows at him
"ex boyfriend?" asked Justine who was recently cuddled up with her head rested on Louis' shoulder but was now raised in alert
"Wait...hang on a second? You didn't tell them we broke up?"
"I-I thought you told them?" he exclaimed standing up
"clearly no one told us!" snapped Rachel sighing lightly
"...well when did this happen?" asked Louis curiously
"umm Christmas..." Liam mumbled
"-But why?" asked Niamh who couldn't contain her shock
"'s a long, complicated story that does not need to be repeated!" I sighed
"agreed!" smiled Liam nodding at me
"But-" began Zayn
"No buts!" I smiled "we just did, that's all!"
Everyone fell silent after that. Including Lauren...which was a surprise, and we began to chat again as the awkward tension slowly began to decrease.

Liam and the rest of the gang stayed the night, we all slept in my room as if it was a giant sleepover! My father wasn't very happy about that but he dealt with it...

New Years came quick. Everyone had gone back home about a week ago but we were all meeting up for our annual party at Niamh's. I got in my small red Beatle and drove down to Cheshre. I arrived and was greeted by all my friends, apart from Liam...
"Where's Liam?" I asked curiously pulling out of the hug with Niall
"He's inside with Danielle..." smiled Rachel who was now standing hand in hand with Niall with her head on his shoulder
"Danielle?" I asked curiously raising my eyebrows at her
"yeah you remember Danielle?" she smiled a was if she was hiding something...
"oh. I remember Danielle!" I said sarcastically...the last time I saw Danielle she was kissing could I forget her?

I walked into the living room to find the same scene I did on Christmas. Liam and Danielle. Together. Kissing.
"Well this brings back memories!" I coughed awkwardly as they jumped apart
"..Sian!" smiled Liam awkwardly coming to give me a hug which this time I didn't return "you remember Danielle?" he smiled pulling our of the awkward hug
"Yeah. Hi!" I said blankly then walking out of the living room to the kitchen. I shouldn't be upset! I broke up with Liam. ME! He can kiss anyone he likes. I don't care!

...who am I kidding of course I care. But so much for him always loving know what? Don't think about Liam! You can do so much better!
"Sian who are you talking too?" chuckled a familiar voice, I didn't realise I was talking out loud...
"Jerome!" I squealed filling me with complete happiness for a few moments as I ran into his arms and gave him a tight hug!
"What are you doing here?" I giggled happily wiping away a tear so he didn't know I was crying
"Niamh invited me!" he smiled "she knew you'd be upset so she thought I'd cheer you up..." he smiled. Niamh knew about Liam and Danielle and didn't tell me? How could she? ...but we didn't tell her about Lillith and Harry...but Harry didn't want her to know. Did Liam not want me to know? ...everything was so confusing...

Once more I felt Jerome's strong arms wrap around me tightly
"Siany! Don't cry!" he cooed, I didn't even realise I was crying...
"I'm being stupid aren't I?" I sighed as he wiped away the tears
"No! Of course not!" he chuckled, "come one, let's go down to the river" he smiled taking my hand as we both headed towards the door!

Me and Jerome sat by the river for a while, paddling our feet in, it was nice and calm as we casually chatted and caught up with what we did over the Holidays. A small bleep came from Jerome's pocket as he took out his phone and read the text he just received. He chuckled
"Just my little sister asking about Maths homework!"
"Anabelle?" I questioned remembering he had mentioned Anabelle before
"umm no Sally!" he smiled
"So your the oldest?" I asked
"No no, I still have James Annie and Oscar that are older and the younger ones are Annabelle, Sally, Connor and Carly!" he smiled taking a piece of my blonde curly locks
"wow! Your from a really big family!" I smiled "that must be fun!" I added a little shocked
"You look surprised!" he chuckled taking my hand letting me rest my head on his shoulder
"Well being an only child it's hard to imagine what having a big family is like!" I sighed smiling "I want to meet your family!" I grinned up at him taking my head off his shoulder
"You want to meet MY family?" he questioned
"February half term? Take me?" I asked grinning at him however Jerome didn't look very pleased with the idea "pleeeeaaasssseeee! Come on? It'll be FUN!" I grinned giggling poking him in the ribs
"Okay! Okay! Fine!" he sighed taking my hand and pulling me up from the river "we need to go get ready!" he added changing the subject before both of us began walking back to Niamh's house!

Niamh's POV
I was running round the house trying to get everything ready! I mean this Party had to be Perfect!
"Niamhy!" I heard a familiar voice shout before I was embraced with a strong hug and I melted into Harry's arms
"Harry!" I smiled resting my head on his chest "Can you help me with getting everything ready?" I asked smiling up at him letting our noses touch
"Okay!" he grinned as I took his hand and led him towards the garden.

Outside it was already beginning to get dark and the cool breeze that new sent shivers down my spine.
"So you just need to help me set out the Twinkly lights along the trees here!" I smiled, I saw it on Twilight and it just loved it so I thought I'd try it to!
"Awe Niamhy! You look freezing!" whispered Harry cuddling me taking off his jacket and wrapping it round me
"You go inside and I'll do the lights!" he whispered kissing me on the lips lightly
"Oh Harry you don't have too-" I began but I heard someone calling from the door
"NIAMH!" I heard a voice almost screaming
"Sian? What's wrong?" I asked as I saw her running out to re Garden
"Please tell me I can kick them out! Please tell me you didn't invite them!" she snapped as she finally reached me
"who's them?" I questioned
"Alice and Lillith."

Sian's POV
Me and Niamh storm back to the house to see Alice and Lillith sat making themselves at home.
"Who invited you?" questioned Niamh
"No one!" answered Lillith blankly "but we haven't done anything so you can't exactly chuck us out!" state Alice. Niamh sighed and looked at them both.
"Fine!" sighed Niamh looking at them both "but if you step out of line once. Your out!" she snapped before turning back round and heading out to the Garden back to Harry. Lillith and Alice both looked so smug and pleased with themselves
"Seriously. You two better watch out. Cos if Niamh doesn't throw you out. I. Will!" I warned storming out of the room rather annoyed, they both followed me before I bumped into Liam. and Liam hadn't talked all night. Not since the awkward 'hello' at the beginning when I found out Liam and Danielle were together...
"Hey..." I whispered awkwardly looking up at him
"Hi!" he smiled
" you and Danielle?" I whsipered holding back the tears
"umm kinda..." he smiled pushing back his hair awkwardly.
"You two are stood beneath the Mistletoe! You have to kiss now!" teased Lillith
"Shut Up Lillith!" I hissed without turning to look at her, instead I looked up into Liam's eyes.
"So? Mistletoe?'s a tradition?" whispered Liam leaning closer to me
"...No Liam!" I said "You have a girlfriend!" I whispered before walking away.

"Hey! Hey Sian wait up!" I heard a voice calling
"what do you want Alice?" I hissed turning around glaring at her right in her eyes. I was not in the mood!
"You and Liam broke up?" she questioned no sound of sorrow or regret in her tone, she actually sounded...pleased?
"Umm yeah!" I sighed "why do you care!"
" I don't!" she sniggered "it was never going to last anyway!"
At that moment I wanted slap her across the face. And she deserved it! But I didn't, I just sighed and walked off to find the only person who could possibly calm me down in this situation. Jerome.

"Jerome?" I called as my voice echoed throughout the house.
"Sian?" I heard his voice reply as he cane round re corner. I smiled as I saw him, hands in pockets as he appeared in the shaddows.
"Jerome!" I grinned as I wrapped my arms around him, he wrapped his arms around me too and I melted into his arms.

"Let's walk and talk!" he whispered taking my hand as we walked outside. There was a cool breeze that filled the air around us as we strolled carelessly under the stars. Everything was peaceful and silent. The only sound was the wind blowing through the leaves in the trees that swayed above our heads.
"Let's sit!" smiled Jerome gently pulling me down so both of us were sat on the grass, "now are you going to tell me whats wrong or do I have to force it out of you?" he questioned nudging me lightly. I looked up into his sparkling blue eyes and sighed before looking back down at the grass.
"Liam..." was the only word I could really mumble out as I rested my head upon Jerome's shoulder, Jerome never spoke which implied that he wanted me to carry on! "it's just...he's moved on so quickly, and him and Danielle look so happy's almost as if what we had meant nothing to him. Yet he still flirts with me and smiles at me like the old Liam used to. It's like nothings changed, yet it's completely yes I know I broke up with him...but I still can't help but feel, a little bit..." I paused trying to find the right word "...Jelous?" I whispered. Again Jerome didn't speak, I remove my head from his shoulder and looked up at him into his eyes to try and guess what he was thinking.
"Sian? You are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met. Everything about you is miles better than that Danielle! And, you know what? The reason things haven't changed is because even before you were a couple, from what ive heard, you had a great friendship, a bond that nobody could come between! Not even Danielle! And you know what I think, Liam was a bit of an idiot for letting you go because, if you were my girl, I'd hold on tight and never let you fall out of my grip. Cos you are truly special Sian Roach. Never forget that! Okay?" Jerome whispered into my ear, I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks, Jerome always knew the right thing to say, he was one of those people that you could only know a few days yet it feels like you've known them your whole life.

A dark figure approached us after a while. As he came closer, I could see him in the dim moonlight. Liam.
"I'll leave you two alone..." whispered Jerome before getting up and scurrying away letting Liam take his place next to me.
"...I'm sorry!" was the first two words that came out of Liam's mouth
"for what? Going out with the girl who you cheated on me with, or trying to kiss me while your still going out with this girl?"
"Both..." he sort of whispered "...and Danielle has a name!" he stated sticking up for her a little
"I know. I'm sorry!" I sighed resting my head on Liam's shoulder as he wrapped his arms around me tightly. This felt right. I missed being wrapped in Liam's arms so much it was almost unreal!
"...dont get me wrong i'm happy for you and Danielle..." I half smiled removing my head from his shoulder
"but..." he said encouraging me to finish my sentence
"...but I can't help but feel a little bit..."
"insecure? Annoyed?" Liam kept adding trying to put the words in my mouth
"...Jelous!" I exclaimed after a while blushing lightly
"Sian! You shouldn't be Jelous!" sighed Liam
"...but it feels like what we had meant nothing to you!"
"Sian are you being serious?" he exclaimed "...that moment in July, at the prom...our first kiss, was a memory I'll never forget, and the few months we spent together as a couple, I'll never forget them, and I'll never forget you..." he whispered "what we had Sian, was true love...and true love never dies!" Liam smiled taking my hand. I sighed and rested my head onto his shoulder
"I'm jealousy kinda ruined tonight didn't it?" I sighed "we're friends, and I want it to be like old times!" I smiled
"agreed!" he grinned.
We sat in silence for a few minutes.
"should we go back inside?" I suggested, Liam said nothing and just nodded taking my hand as we headed back to Niamh's!

"Is everything ok?" whispered Jerome as I walked in stealing me back off Liam before Liam headed over to Danielle
"Never been better!" I smiled lightly
"...but from the looks of it you aren't back together?" he questioned
"...well, true love never dies!" I giggled as Jerome wrapped one of his arms round my waist as I rested my head on his shoulder once more.

...a few hours passed, we had counted down the new year and it was officially 2011! It was about 3am and almost everyone had gone home apart from our little group of friends.

Rachel came running down the stairs more excited than I had ever seen her in her whole life!
"Rachel, calm down what is it?" giggled Niamh, however she had a look on her face that she knew what she was talking about
"...well actually they were all your New Years presents! Happy New Year!" she grinned making us all scream in excitement! We were going to the Harry Potter Premiere! this was Unreal!

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