Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


56. 12 week scan

Sian's POV
As soon as Liam was gone and the door was shut I turned around to lock it straight away. After that it felt like my whole body went knees felt weak and they gave in as I felt myself slide down the doorway into a clump on the floor. I buried my head in my knees and cried, floods of tears fell from my eyes and there was no way to stop them.

I felt as if someone had just ripped my heart out and spat on it, before torturing me more by throwing it on the floor and stomping on it until it was completely crushed...I felt dead inside...but in was the complete opposite...there was a life inside me, no matter how small, invisible or worthless it may be to anybody else, I knew it was there. And it was mine. And no one could take it away from me. No one.

It's strange to think that this small thing inside my belly, this thing, that was barley a millimetre in size, had caused me all this pain, sorrow and regret...yet I loved it. I loved it with all my heart. I placed my hands on my stomach and held it gently. Nothing was going to harm it. Nothing.

Liam's POV
I turned out of Sian's apartment and suddenly I heard a click behind me. Sian had locked the door. I stood there in silence for a few moments. I couldn't wrap my head around this...everything was strange. It almost felt as if the room was spinning. I squeezed my eyes shut for a few seconds and tried to compose myself. I needed to think straight before I could do anything else...

"What the hell am I doing?" I mumbled to myself. My conscience was now screaming at me. By walking out that door I had just thrown away everything I ever cared for...everything I ever wanted. Why? Why did I walk away from that? I had always dreamed of starting a family with Sian...the idea of starting a family with anyone else sent chills down my spine. I knew now that I wanted Sian...and I wanted our baby.

"Sian! Open this door!" I shouted turning around and banging on it loudly
"Go away Liam!" I heared her shout back, her voice hoarse and croaky. She sounded hurt and broken hearted.
"Please Sian! Please I'm sorry!" i begged
"Sorry is just a word Liam...I've heard it too many times before!" she sobbed
"Please? I'll do anything!" I pleaded, I could feel tears forming in my eyes
"Anything?" she asked but continued without letting me answer "Go Away then! I never want to speak to you again!" she hissed still sounding extremely upset. I took a deep breath in and sighed
"Just promise me something Sian. If I promise to stay out of you're life then promise me this." I paused and took in a deep breath "keep the baby. Do what you want with it! Put it up for adoption, Give it a home and a loving family but please! Promise me you'll let it live!" I whispered through the door
"I promise..." I heard her squeak back...and that was enough for me. I turned away from the door and let myself into my own apartment, knowing my life would never be the same again...

*9 weeks later*
Sian's POV
I was sprawled across the bed, laid down on my stomach, reading through my script for the episode of Primeval I was to be filming next week. I hadn't been out the house much, just to go get some daily essentials and I hadn't said one word to Liam. I had only seen him once anyway, both of us just happened to step out the apartment at the same time which was kind of awkward...I glared at him and left in silence. It's funny how one perfect night can ruin your life forever.

My stomach rumbled loudly. I moaned.
"You stupid baby! You're always hungry! Seriously you eat more than I do? Are you trying to make me fat...?" I snapped at my stomach ironically. Of course I was going to grow 'fat' I was pregnant!

My stomach grumbled again and once again I ignored it. A few seconds later I heard a knock at the door
"Unless your name is Liam. James. Payne. Then come in the door is open!" I shouted hearing the door open and shut again and casual footsteps strolling into the house.

"Sian!" called out Louis voice
"I'm in my room Lou!" I answered back before the footsteps came walking towards my room. He smiled as he walked in before giving me a questionable look
"Lying on your stomach? That can't be good for the baby...?" he stated. Louis was still the only person that knew...other than Liam obviously...
"I don't think I care anymore Lou!" I moaned before sitting up making my stomach rumble once more.
"Shh!" I snapped at my stomach again.
"Eat something Sian!" Louis commanded
"I don't want to!" I answered back stubbornly folding my arms
"Sian!" He moaned
"Louis!" I answered back. Louis chuckled
"Would you stop being so stubborn?" he smiled nudging me lightly
"Would you stop being so bossy?" I replied attempting to imitate his accent but failed miserably. He laughed and was then silent for a while.

" many weeks are you now...?" Louis asked
"I don't know, like 12?" I answered
"Come on!" he then said taking my hand
"Louis! Where are we going?"
"12 week scan obviously! Come on!" he stated
"Louis! I don't want to go!" I moaned
"I thought I told you to stop being stubborn!" he said. I sighed before reluctantly letting him take my hand before my stomach grumbled loudly once more
"...and we'll get something to eat on the way!" Louis chuckled as we both headed off towards the clinic...

"This will be cold!" warned the nurse before she spread the cool gel on my stomach a shivered a little and Louis had tight hold of my hand. I quickly turned to Louis as she ran the little machine over my stomach.
"Everything is going to be fine..." whispered Louis before another sound began. It sounded
"...that's your baby's heartbeat..." whispered the nurse
"Heartbeat?" I croaked still looking at Louis
"Are you going to look?" Louis questioned, he already had a beaming smile upon his face as he stared at the screen. I shook me head
"I'm scared Lou!" I whispered
"I can print off a picture if you like...then maybe you can look later, if you feel up to it?"
I didn't say anything so Louis replied instead
"Could you print off two?" Louis asked politely. The nurse didn't say anything but I saw her smile and nod from the corner of her eye. I gave Lou a questioning look
"Why do you want two?" I asked curiously
"Well one for you obviously. And the scond one because This is basically my first little niece or nephew! Of course I want a photo!"
"niece or nephew?" I asked...I mean obviously Lou felt like family ...
"You know your like a little sister to me!" he grinned nudging me lightly. I smiled, that's what I loved about Louis he never failed to make me smile...

Louis' POV
We stopped in a cafe on the way back towards the apartments, I came back with two lattes and a piece of chocolate cake to share
"you alright?" I asked
"I'm fine!" She smiled, she looked up at me "Can I see it...?" she asked putting her hand out, i placed the picture in her hand and she gazed at it longingly...

"What are you thinking about...?" I whispered
"I made Liam a promise..." she began
"What kind of promise?" I asked curiously
"I promised I'd keep the baby alive..." she whispered
"You're having second thoughts?" I asked trying not to sound horrified
"No! Of course not!" she snapped before falling silent again... "Sorry..." she apologised realising she had snapped
"No problem..." I chuckled
"It annoys the hell out of me...being pregnant..." she moaned "but it'll all be worth it...won't it?" Sian asked
"Yes Sian! It definitely will!" I smiled "I know Justine doesn't regret one bit of it!" he grinned
"Even if the baby grows up without a father?" she asked
"Hey! It'll always have it's uncle Lou!" I grinned. She laughed placing the picture in her pocket
"Thanks Lou! For everything!" she smiled
"Any time Siany!" I grinned...

A few hours had passed, I left Sian concentrating on learning her lines back at her apartment and went over to Liam's! Liam opened up the door and let me in straight away!
"Hey Li! How've you been?" I grinned heading for the couch and sitting down
"I've been better..." Liam paused "...your the only one who knows right...apart from me...and Sian obviously..." he questioned rather hesitantly
"Yeah..." I sighed. There as a few moments of silence before I added "I've got something for you!"
"What is it?" Liam asked curiously as he sat down on the couch opposite me. I took the photo from my pocket and handed it to Liam.

Liam's eyes filled with tears
"Where did you get this?" he asked taking a deep breath in
"don't get mad...but I went to the scan with Sian today..." he looked up at me. I expected to see him angry or annoyed but instead he looked greatful
"Thank You!" he smiled "I'd hate the thought of her going alone!"
I smiled back sympathetically and watched as Liam gazed at the photo
"That baby needs a father Liam." I stated "and that girl across the hall...she can't bring it up on her own...Sian needs you...she needs you more than ever, even if she won't admit it."

Liam looked at me and sighed shaking her head.
"Sian doesn't need me!" Liam began...I wanted to protest but Liam never gave me the chance "she doesn't need me Lou so don't even try to lie. She is so strong, that little fragile heart of hers can take so much. And I can only hope that this precious child takes after her and not me..." Liam exclaimed as a tear began to form in his eye, he took a deep breath in as it rolled down his cheek. He began to speak once more...
"Sian doesn't need me...but I need her..."

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