The love of her life

Ailish comes back from the Christmas holidays to start year 11 at her boarding school. But this year they have made it a mixed gender school. Ailish falls in love with an Irish boy named Niall but will he fall for her and if he does will it last?


2. New classes

Ailshs was excited about science this year. It was her favourite topic and she had a whole new class this year. She walked in a looked around, it was perfect there was Adelaide and Melissa and Niall and two of his mates. One of them had shaved brown hair and brown eyes and Melissa couldn't keep her eyes of him and the other one had brown hair and sparkling blue eyes!

"Hey Ailish those these are my mates Liam and Louis" he pointed over to Louis and Liam.

"and these are my friends Melissa and Adelaide" she said.
Melissa couldn't stop staring at Liam she thought he was brilliam!

"HEY!!" Liam and Louis said together.

"Everyone sit down please" announced Mr Sufri "We will be expire mentions explosions today!"
Explosions was Ailishs favourite topic in science! She really was getting lucky today. All the students grabbed different bottles with different coloured mixtures inside.
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