The love of her life

Ailish comes back from the Christmas holidays to start year 11 at her boarding school. But this year they have made it a mixed gender school. Ailish falls in love with an Irish boy named Niall but will he fall for her and if he does will it last?


1. Starting school again

"5 Minutes" Ailish's mum yelled from downstairs. Ailish got her suitcase and put her hair up in a pony tail away from her face. She couldn't wait to see Adelaide, Piper, Melissa and Shaelee again because she hadn't seen them for 6 weeks! She ran downstairs and grabbed an apple to munch on in the car. They arrived at the school and Ailish saw the group of girls by the gate. She said goodbye to her mum and hopped out if the car she started running towards them but tripped over instead and banged her head really hard on the ground. "Are you ok" asked an unfamiliar voice.
"Yes I'm fine just a little dizzy" Ailish replied. "I'll help you to your room" he offered. Ailish took the offer an they headed up to her room with the other girls following behind them. "My names Niall what's yours"? Niall questioned "Ailish" she answered.
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