My Prince Charming

I am Cara Delevingne, a Victoria's secret model, from a rich background and basically famous.You'd think my life is perfect but no there is a miserble past behind that smile. I just hope I find my prince charming! who makes me smile for real for once!Read more to find out my first story!! No hate please!!


1. Me, Myself and I

Cara's POV

After a tiring long photo shoot I head home to relax. I was greeted by my Cat Murphy as I entered into my huge mansion which is ofcourse empty as I am a lonely person! My mom and Dad travel alot and my sister moved out so I bought a cat to keep me company. I went into my fairly large bedroom which had purple walls and a huge king sized bed. I went to my desk in the corner which was accompanied by my large window overlooking the garden. The view is Awesome  as you can see the London Eye and I forgot to mention the mansion is 10 stories high as you know my father is the great business man Mark Delevgnine and my mom the famous fashion designer Victoria Delevgnine owner of Victoria's secret. I model for her actually. So that explains why I am rich. My huge bathroom and my walk in closet are my favourite things in the room except for my 75 inch T.V. and my shoe closet. Oh well so thats basically about my room. I jumped into my bed and started dreaming about my prince charming. He always appears in my dreams but I always wake up when I went to look at his face. The only thing I can remember is emerald green eyes that you could be lost in forever. When will I ever find him, soon I hope. I heard the door shut I went outside to check who it was and was surprised to see my mum."Mum, I missed you, I thought that business meeting in the U.S only ends next week why home so early?" I asked clearly showing my excitement that she is back, well you see me and my mom are really close we act more like sisters and basically share everything I am really close with my family. Me and my dad are close but not as close as I am to my mom. My sister Claire is more closer to my dad than my mom. Me and Claire are close too like best friends and she is an actress so basically my family is well known in the country. "Oh sweetie I am glad to be back home, I missed you. Well the meeting ended sooner than I thought so I came back early how about we have some girl time go shopping and have a massage and mani, pedi's today." My mom replied. I love girltime with my mom we basically act like school girls and my mom is really beautiful and looks like she is in high school people mistake us for sisters. I told my mom to freshesn up and I went to get ready. I wore a Pink tanktop, A baggy grey sweater and black skinny jeans. Since its November its pretty cold so I grabbed my furry coat and my scraf. I added a beanie to give it some look. My mom came back looking younger than ever. With Pinky skinny jeans, Black flowy top with a leather jacket, some leather gloves and a pink scarf. She has super taste in fashion thats why I love my mom we are both girly while my dad and my sister alaways try to look tough and sophosticated. We both hopped into my Black BMW and drove off to the malls.



Hey guys thanks for clicking on this book to read, this is my first movellas so I hope you like it. And please don't forget to Like, Fav and Fan!!LOve you Beauties!!


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