Turning Amber

Amber has a secret.  She can read auras and feel emotions.  Which means she’s never trusted any boy to get close, because she can ALWAYS tell what they’re thinking.  Until she meets Ryder.  He’s the first person she’s ever told about her power.  But will her secret tear them apart?

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4. Chapter 4

‘There you are!’ Nancy comes flying at me across the alley, the boom boom of music acting as rocket fuel to her feet. She hurls herself at me. ‘What happened to you? I was dancing and then I looked around and you were gone and there was a hysterically crying biker sitting on the ground.’

‘I just went to get some air.’

‘Some air, huh?’ she asks, cutting her eyes, oh-so-subtly, in Ryder’s direction. He stands amused a few feet away, his gaze fixed on me.

‘I came to her rescue,’ he says.

‘I didn’t need rescuing,’ I shoot back.

He shrugs, his eyes so lazy-lidded he looks like he just woke up. Nancy stares between us – little pink stars blossoming all around her.

An inclination of the head. ‘So, we going, then?’ Ryder asks me.

I frown at him. ‘Where to?’

‘You agreed to come on a date with me if I went and found your friend.’

I open my mouth to protest that I did no such thing but the look of hope on his face and the way he’s holding my gaze with such intensity makes me close it again. There’s also the small but freaky matter of the chandelier aura and needing to figure out what it might mean. And what the hell he just did to that biker.

‘So shall we go?’ he asks.

Nancy has been observing this with utter glee and now hugs me, whispering in my ear, ‘Go, go, go. And tell me all about it in the morning.’

‘I’m not leaving you here,’ I protest.

‘I’m going home anyway. The Gnarly Surs finished their set and the next band sucks.’ She grins. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow at work, OK?’

We walk Nancy to her car and watch her drive off, then I turn to Ryder – awkwardly. He’s smiling at me – a cat that got the cream smile – and though I try to ignore it and I’m not even touching him, I feel the current snapping at me, urging me to jump right in.

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