A Perfect Stranger One Shot; Wake Up Kiss

One shot for A Perfect Stranger, a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction. Will be included later in the main story. http://www.movellas.com/book/read/201210101340537689

When Lara meets a mysterious stranger in the park, they get to talking and she feels drawn to him. What happens when she finds out who he really is?


1. Wake Up Kiss


I swam gradually into wakefulness, the sound of the shower pattering away in the adjacent bathroom. Rolling over onto Louis's deserted side of the bed, I watched the door and waited for him to finish his shower.


The soft pad of feet across the floor snapped me out of my doze and I was greeted by a warm smile from Louis as he walked over to the bed. Water glistened on him and his hair sat damp and ruffled sexily, a towel wrapped around his waist, revealing the soft V of his hips. I drank in the sight openly, not bothering with subtlety this early in the day as I beckoned him closer with a finger. I shuffled over on the bed as he crawled over next to me, hovering above me and radiating heat. I reached up and pulled his face close enough to meet his lips with mine in a soft lingering kiss. Eventually he broke away, smirking.  I grumbled quietly but couldn't hide the smile his devilish face brought to mine. "What?" I challenged him with a grin.
"Good morning," he chuckled before bringing his mouth back to mine, where it quickly became too occupied with other things for talking. He took control this time, lips dominating mine, crushing and sucking and teasing. I froze in surprise for a moment and the ferocity of this assault on my senses. But it didn't take long and I was reciprocating, greedy for more. Louis chuckled, his laughter quickly turning into a groan as my hands began to roam eagerly over his hot, damp body. His revenge was swift and reminded me who the more talented of us was. His hands began exploring, careful to avoid dangerous places but coming so excruciatingly close. My breath was coming in ragged gasps, each desperate inhalation delivering a heady dose of Louis's scent and the crisp, masculine smell of his shampoo and cologne. I tried to hold back my disappointment when Lou's mouth broke away but my efforts were quickly redirected to trying bite back a moan as his attack recommenced on my neck. His tongue and lips caressed the sensitive skin there, wandering back and forth between my collarbone and my ear. Deliciously warm shivers rippled through me as Louis teased with my ear, kissing and biting playfully. It was too much for me, I let out a breathy moan. “Lou,” I whispered, voice cracking.

“I. Love. You,” he growled into my ear. My heart fluttered even more than it already was, beating a staccato rhythm in harmony with the butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I let out a quiet gasp as his lip travelled slightly further down my neck, nipping gently at the side of my throat and soothing it with his tongue and lips by sucking gently. I knew it would leave a visible mark in a hard to conceal place, but I didn’t care. My brain wasn’t thinking that far ahead. I pulled Louis’s lips back to mine and kissed him hungrily, a hand in his hair and the other raking down his back and trying to pull him closer. Suddenly he pulled away and gazed down at me with smouldering eyes, panting. I looked up at him, confused. “What?” I breathed.

The tiniest of rueful smiles sat on his lips as he answered, “I have to go love.”

I pouted at his dark haired perfection. “One more,” I pleaded with him.

He chuckled but lowered his lips willingly to mine in a sweet, languid kiss. This time when he broke away he didn’t come back, no matter how much I pouted. I frowned as he made his way back to the bathroom. “Where are you going?” I called after him as he disappeared around the door.

“I need a shower,” Louis called back.

I stared at the bathroom door, utterly stumped. “But you just had a shower, why do you need another shower?” I asked, as Lou’s grinning head popped back around the door.

“A cold shower love. Really, you’ve got no one but yourself to blame,” he winked and vanished again from view as I stared speechless and wide eyed at where he had just stood. I felt my face burn as the blood rushed to my cheeks in a violent burst of shocked embarrassment. “Oh,” I whispered, rolling over to bury my face in the pillow. I stayed perfectly still as I heard the door creak and the gentle pad of feet towards me. I gave a short scream as I felt something land on me, before I registered it as a towel. Warm breath whooshed over my ear as Louis leant in and chuckled. “Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day love,” he murmured, placing a soft peck on the side of my neck before he disappeared again. After a few seconds a grin began to pull my face into what I’m sure must have been a manic look and I was glad the pillow hid it as I confided giddily into its feathery mass.

“Oh. My. God.”

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