This is my first story so no hate! I take requests :) I do any request.. Dirty/cute, long/short !! Anything you want :)

Ps: dont forget to tell me who you want the Imagine to be about


2. For Desiree cute/long (harry)

Does he think I'm stupid? He's been gone to buy bread for almost 3hours. "I'm home!" I heard Harry call from the from the front door. "Desiree? Are you here?" "Yeah Im just in the kitchen." I responded bluntly. He kissed my cheek and went to get a glass of water. "Umm, Harry did you get the bread?" I asked him. "Oh, no sorry I forgot." "Oh.." I said. "Whats wrong babe?" He asked. "Seriously Harry?! Whats wrong is that your cheating on me." You said coldly. "How did you find out?" He asked frightened. "Hah, you go to get bread and dont come home for hours and there are pictures of you and another girl getting coffee." I said. "I'm so so so sorry Desiree! I promise I wont do it again. Please dont leave me. I need you." He whispered the last part. You could see the regret in his eyes. "Its okay Harry. I love you to!" You said. After that you both went and got Starbucks!

Hey Desiree, hope you like it! If you dont like it just tell me and I will make a new one for you. Thanks :)
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