Lights Will Guide You Home

This is my story. ©


5. moving?


I hurried to the door to look, we had decided to honor me with a visit, even though I could really recommend. I pressed down the latch and opened the door. As I looked at the ground, were the few white Allstars the first thing I saw. My gaze slid up along the low-hanging, dark blue jeans with light, worn spots around the knees and then past the gaping, black blazer and white T-shirt with v-neck. Then his face, framed by a garland, chocolate brown curls. Of course I knew those curls. I had from the first day that Louis I presented to him had tended to those curls touching. I recognized the guy who stood in front of me from the moment I saw his shoes. Nevertheless, I had him so quickly I recorded that he probably had not even noticed. "Sister!" Louis wriggled along Harry back and hugged me tightly, with my feet a piece of land came down. "None. Air! "I squealed after a few long seconds. Louis put me back on my feet, let go of me and looked at me laughing. "Missed me?" "Of course. I am at least pounds because I have those boxes on my own had to drag up, "I said with a serious, deadpan. Harry laughed, and there was also Louis a smile away. "Sorry." "Does not matter. Got Liam congratulations from me? "I asked. "Yes, of course. I had to thank you ... " "... And you said hi," Harry made his sentence. I smiled and gave him a hug. "So, what were you doing?" Asked Louis. He walked down the hall, into the living room. Harry followed him, so I went there but back. "Actually nothing, little balcony hanging. I actually just got back, I went to the city. " "Ah, so you know the way now, go to school?" Louis asked and I nodded, wondering what he meant. "Fine, then I do not you Monday to school." I laughed, just like Harry. Louis raised his arms and shrugged. "Just saying." I rolled my eyes. "Anyway, do you want a drink?" "What did you do?" Harry asked politely. With a small smile I replied. "What is not. I have errands, yes. " "I see it already Born to yourself to live!" Joked Louis. "Yes, there is still someone .. I think mom should still clean up your mess! "I shot back. "That's not true!" Louis protested, but Harry and I watched him both with raised eyebrows. "Okay, maybe .." muttered my brother. I chuckled, patting Harry a moment on his arm and then disappeared into the kitchen to drink for us to start packing.
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