Lights Will Guide You Home

This is my story. ©


4. Lights Will Guide You Home


I was sitting on a park bench and licked my ice cream while I the people around me were observed. You could see that it was holiday. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather and it was pulled. Enjoying my ice cream I closed my eyes and felt the warm sun on my face. After a while in the park have been felt my phone vibrate in my purse. Quickly I fished him out and unlocked the screen. My mother called. "Hi Mom." "Hello, sweetheart. I just wanted to know if everything goes well. " "Yeah, fine. It's really nice here! " "Is there even such nice weather?" So we talked for a while, about various topics. "Do you remember what Louis heard?" She finally wanted to know. "Nah, no. I'll think of him as a call, "I replied. "Okay, let me know? Or whether he calls, I'm not speaking for a while. " I said I would do that, then hung up. I threw the rest of my ice cream cone away, because that was all wet from the now melted ice.   Late in the afternoon I came back from my trip through the city. The sun was gone and it was gradually colder, but nevertheless it was still enjoyable. I knew - very blond, I know - the way home anymore, because London was larger and more complex than I thought. I was never quick to panic, so eventually I had asked anyway and I was really back in the old building true. I opened with a special key to the doors that gave me access to the stairwell and walked the six flights of stairs to my floor on. As I walked into the gallery and eventually stood at the door of my apartment. I grabbed the key and pushed open the door once it was unlocked. In my room I threw my bag on the table and picked up the key to the door that led to the balcony. I went over the rail and watched the hanging city, for the umpteenth time today. In the far distance I saw parts of London where I had walked today. When I looked closely, I could make my future school. I smiled at the thought that I would start again on Monday. Even though I was here on my own, so I did not feel. I felt just fine when I was alone, I could not get along well with strangers. Or at least, that I have not even tried. I was always myself, and I did not mind. I jumped out of my thoughts when the shrill bell by - still empty apartment rang.     It's a bit boring, but the next chapter is fun, promise! And I'm really happy with my growing aboaantal. It's not much, but it means a lot. Let you also leave a comment?
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