Lights Will Guide You Home

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3. Lights Will Guide You Home 3


That night I decided to go to bed early because I was exhausted from the many back-and-fro today. I took a quick shower, without really enjoy the fact that for the first time in my own shower showered. When I was finished I dry my body and long, blond hair, and shot in a plaid pajama pants and white shirt. I took my phone from my nightstand and texted my mom that everything went well and I would go to sleep. I crawled under the thin blankets and looked back through my new room. The double bed had bought Louis, which he found necessary. Not that I had difficulty, it was delicious. I turned on my left side - my favorite sleeping position - and closed my eyes, ready for this day to end.   The next day I was up early. I had slept well in itself, in my new bed. I went to the living room and made tea. While the kettle did its work, I walked to the window and pulled the curtains open. The sunbeams fell on the dark parquet and illuminated the room. The city beneath me was alive, even though it was only nine o'clock. I just enjoyed the sight of London and looked away again when the tea was ready. I made a big cup of tea, buttered some bread and sat on the couch. I turned on the TV and flipped through different channels, while I tried to remember what I was going to do today. Explore the city, maybe. The way to school practice was also an option. When I had my simple breakfast eats, I brushed my teeth in the small bathroom and went myself dressed. I drew a simple, loose, white dress over my head. The wide tires covered most of my shoulders, the fabric was tight over my breasts, to be separate from falling down. On my feet I buckled a pair of brown gladiator sandals. Since I was planning to run a lot today it seemed unwise to towering heels to do, that I have had in my collection. I took a quick brush through my blond curls and after a look in the mirror, I found that I could show off. I picked up a brown leather purse that matched perfectly with my shoes and stopped there keys, money and my phone. I put a red Ray Ban on my nose. I was really in love with those glasses, I had it with me always. When I was ready to go. I turned the door and ran the gallery to the stairwell. When I stood outside the building, I looked around me. I was in the middle of London. Maybe it was wise to do some shopping. Or no, I could probably do better later, when I have a tour of the city had done, so I do not have to drag with everything. As I walked through the big city, I was overwhelmed with joy. I had never been .. Fri felt. As if I could handle the whole world.     It's a bit boring, but there is - hopefully, for you - quickly change
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