Lights Will Guide You Home

This is my story. ©


6. lights away


"Lou .. If you have time, inclination and opportunity, you should just call Mom, "I said. Louis and Harry were about to leave and suddenly I remembered the question of my mother. Louis nodded. "Will do." I followed them to the door and opened it. With a hug I said goodbye to Harry and then turned to Louis. I hit my arms around his torso warm and hugged him tightly. "Bye, big bro." "Bye, lil sis." We broke our hug, and Louis walked into the gallery. "I'm mama just call home," he said. I nodded. "Put them my regards." Now it was Louis's turn to nod. "Do not do anything I would not do, okay?" Harry laughed and I stuck my tongue out. Very childish, but it was the best way to express how I felt towards my brother. Louis grinned and waved Harry over his shoulder just before they walked away with their arms around each other's shoulders. When they were out of sight, I shook my head and smiled again. What were nevertheless also a bunch of morons. I walked in and hit the door behind me.   That night I went to bed early. Walking through the city had me tired, like the visit of Louis and Harry. Seriously, those guys had serious energy problems .. I grabbed my journal from my bedside table, along with the pen that was lying beside her. I flipped to the next empty bladzij and began to write. It was a brief account of my day, nothing more. I was quite forgetful landscaped and wild things like still like to remember and it was perfect for a diary. When I knew nothing, I put the book and the pen back on my nightstand and crawled under the blankets. With one last sigh I closed my eyes, not much later into a deep sleep. The next day was Sunday and I did not have much. I slept long and then wandered at ease in my pajamas through the house. With my fingers I'm upset about the bare white walls and decided that something had to be done. The rest of the day I spent on the design of plans, making lists of supplies and daydreaming about the idea of ​​a nice, renovated cottage. At the end of the evening I had an idea for the living room on paper, signed and well. Gaping I looked at the drawing. I was pretty tired and I had to get up early tomorrow, because I would have to go to my new school. My bag I had that day already packed. I decided to take a shower again. Then I pulled a clean pajamas and put the other in the laundry. I crawled into bed, but could not sleep. The whole time I thought of tomorrow, when I go back to school should. I grabbed my journal and opened it.   August 30, 2012 I really can not sleep. I really need all the time to think about tomorrow. I have no idea what awaits me and I can not stand. Of course, I went to open days and taster days been, but this is not the same. Starting tomorrow, I am a student at the freakin 'conservatory. That is scary. Doncaster I had friends, people I could count at school and here I really know anybody. Help me.
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