Lights Will Guide You Home

This is my story. ©


8. light8


Shortly after the launch, which had been terribly boring, we got a program for today in our hands. The lessons would only start in three days, because first got the freshmen a tour, followed by workshops. In those workshops, the teachers also see what we could, so they had a good impression of us. On the form I searched my name and where I was assigned. Great, first I had a tour of London. Many people were here for the first time, why this was. I decided to lay there and once all the boring side of London to me to take.   Half an hour later my group walked through Hyde Park. It had been less crowded than the day before but that was also because the holiday weather was over and most people return to work were. The sun was shining and I was glad I had attracted only a simple dress. I listened with only half an ear to what the guide has to say. The half I did not know, but the buildings I had seen it all before and it really did not interest me when they were building, and after whom they were named. I saw that some people just their ears had been dismissed and listening to music and that I could understand. "Hi," I heard suddenly beside me. I looked around and saw a girl I had seen earlier in the lecture theater seating. "Hi," I smiled kindly back. The girl had purple, coarse curls. Despite the color was it beautiful. "Do you find it so boring?" The girl had a very American accent, which stood out among all the Brits here. I quickly nodded. The girl turned her body to me and held out her hand. "Noah. Noah Lambert. "That name seemed familiar, but I decided not to ask. That people had always by my name and that I found somewhere quite annoying. You were always looked after as "the sister of ..." and I did not really. "Rosalie Tomlinson." I shook her hand and smiled. "Ah." I was glad they did not go early. "Well, then I know at least one person here," Noah began. Approvingly nodded. "I am here in the summer holidays come around, so basically I would now have to pay attention." She made a vague gesture to the guide and the buildings around us and hooked her thumbs then back through the loops of her low-slung jeans. "I also hear. I'm from Doncaster. " "I know," smiled Noah. She knew me so well. Or at least, recognized.   Reactions would be nice
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