Lights Will Guide You Home

This is my story. ©


7. light7


With a slight smile on my lips I walked through London. It was still early, which meant that it was not so busy. At least, less crowded than usual. I got a sandwich at Subway and then continued at ease my way to school. On the internet I looked up some information about the school and it was discovered that the conservatory was located in an old hospital. When I entrance exam was done, I had seen that it was an old building. It consisted of two large wings, and a middle portion. You could do this quite a lot of studies, such as its own instrument, but also singing and teaching. I would go for the vocals, because that was always my passion has been. After a while I arrived at the square in front of the school. The sun shone through the branches of the many trees that stood. I looked around and looked quickly all the people who were there to see. I saw some groups, but most students were just like me. I looked at my watch and saw that I still had time before I was in one of the lecture had to report. I grabbed my iPhone and took a picture of the imposing building where the school located Sat Then I did a round of Angry Birds, but of course there were more as time progressed. It was simply addictive. When the buzzer rang on the square, I stood up and walked between the stream of people inside. I saw several people looking around, probably the freshmen were, like me. The building inside was even bigger than it had looked from the outside and it was absolutely beautiful. Exactly what the word 'academy' would expect. I had a map of the school, but I did not like some idiot with that thing under my nose walking around, so I followed the crowd, who happily went to the lecture. I quickly found a spot and saw later that - that it had been good, because the whole hall was prop-, but really crowded. I looked beside me and saw two girls. One was platinum blonde - dyed clear - and was bored on a chewing gum, the other had bright red hair and a nose ring. I tried to crawl further into my seat, which obviously was not. An anxious feeling engulfed me. To these people to see, I would not fit in. I was not eccentric, I had normal blood. Ordinary.   ill start doing more promise  
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