Lights Will Guide You Home

This is my story. ©


1. Moving in


I put the last box in the room and then walked back to the tiny hallway. There stood my mother. I walked over to her and saw the tears standing in her peripheral vision. "Hey, do not cry!" She smiled through her tears. "It's just ... first Louis, and now you." "Mom, you're so used. Lottie can help with everything, if necessary. " She rubbed her eyes. "Okay then. Customize your care of yourself? " "Of course," was my answer. "I'll call you every day, right?" She kept nodding and I walked over to her to give her a hug. "Okay." "Do you need help?" Her voice was almost pleading. I thought for a moment, but actually everything was already done. The apartment was painted, papered and there was all the furniture stood in their place. I just had some unpacking boxes and then it was finished. "No, Mom. Everything is now ready, I think. " "Okay, I'll let you alone, you can adjust and stuff. Promise you call if you need anything, or homesick? "I smiled and nodded a little sour. "Promise." My mother opened the door and I walked her small gallery. "Take care of yourself, okay?" Asked my mother and I nodded. I hugged her one last time and watched as they walked to the stairwell. After a few seconds she was gone. I leaned on the railing, and a moment later my mother to her car. Before she got, she turned to me and waved. I raised my hand too and waved until they drove away from it and disappeared. With a sigh, I walked back into my tiny apartment.   The rest of that day I filled with unpacking my things. All boxes where 'fragile' opgekalkt had went to the mini kitchen, which therefore sufficient. My mother, Lottie and I had all the stuff that I thought needed to be bought in many stores. In my view, it would never fit, but the enthusiasm was contagious been Lottie. My mother did not like her eldest daughter left the house, but I felt that I was ready. In Doncaster there was nothing left for me. I had completed my high school and was now doing a follow. I wanted to sing. That talent was in the family and I wanted my horizons. And that was not in my hometown. That's why I moved to London, the city of the United Kingdom. I had signed up for one of the many conservatoriums in London, where I would go next week. I had super excited, but was on the other side too terrified. Half the world knew who I was. She had never felt 'in action' seen, but since I had a famous brother, his whole life extensively featured. And I was also a part of. I loved my brother very much, but sometimes it was too much.  

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