I Knew You Were Trouble - A Harry Styles Fanfic

What if that one unexpected meeting, would make much trouble in your life?

This story is about Cara Moore, a 19 year-old girl living her dream to become a fashion designer. She just had a break-up with her long distance boyfriend and apparently, she still hasn't moved on. How does this cranky and strange guy she'd meet outside the pastry shop would change her life? And what if she found out that it was no other than Harry Styles of One direction?


1. Reminiscin'


*Cara's POV*

"Drew, no please...not now." I told him as the tears ran down my face.

"I'm sorry, but I can't." he said to me in a low voice.

"Tell me.. have you found someone else? That's why you're doing this to me?" I said, trying not to yell at him.

"No, I don't. It's just that I don't think we can work all these things out. Sorry, but I'm not the guy who can handle such a long distance relationship..like this. I'm not the right guy for you. I know you deserve someone better. I--I'm really sorry." He said as he hung up, leaving me in pain.

It's been 2 months since that happened and this was just one of those days I randomly remember that shit moment and still having this shit feeling just like the weather here in England.

Drew and I have been on for seven months. We met online and he's from France. We had a small talk at first, got close, fell in love and that's it. We became a couple. I never actually thought of being in a long distance relationship. We were happy and fine with each other's craziness and like any other relationships, we've also gone through a lot of fights. And then one day, he just decided not to talk to me. He hadn't even checked on me. Not even a text or call. Then after a few days, he just pulled out that 'break-up' thing on me. After seven fucking months, he'd just tell me all those bullshit. Yes. I'm definitely FUCKED UP. Maybe relationships really just don't work for me.

I sat up on my bed, letting out a big sigh. I turned my television on, trying to disturb myself on thinking of him. Adventure time in a few minutes! WOOHOOO! I stood up to get some food downstairs where I saw my mom, dad and my little bro playing charades. My brother's gonna do his turn now. He's quite good at it. A professional charader. charader? What did I just say? Okay no.

"Chicken little!" I shouted as they all turned on my way.

"She got it!" my brother yelled, throwing a high-five on me.

"Okay, stop you potatoes. Daddy's turn." Dad said, giving us a small grin.

I went straight ahead into the kitchen. I got some chocolates and ice cream in the fridge. I forcefully shut it and ran upstairs. I don't wanna miss a new episode of adventure time though. I sat comfortably on my bed wearing sweatpants and a tank top, shoving ice cream in my mouth when someone knocked on my door.

Assuming it's my mom, I bubbled out.

"Mum, I'm watching now. I'll do the dish--"

A familiar voice cut me off and yelled, "Hey Cara! Omg I missed you so much!" she ran towards me and gave me a massive hug.

This girl never fails to surprise me, like really. I remember when we were just seven and she used to hide on their 'trash bin' and throw some banana peel on my face whenever I go to them. I dont know how did she manage to stay there just to pull a prank on me but whatever. She also loves to hang out with me on a trampoline set up on their backyard or even setting up a fort and picnic.

We should be playing barbie dolls and doing some nail or hair salon or color books but we're not that typical kids. She loves outdoor activities. And by outdoor she meant hiding in a trash bin, jumping all day on a trampouline, making a fort and many more. After all, she's Maxie McNiven, my freakin' best friend.

"When did you come back from Paris? You should've given me a call. I'd probably pick you up with some band and a banner you know. And Oh, I missed you too baby cakes!" I said giving her a silly face.

"Just this morning! If I told you about this before, it wouldn't be a surprise at all you silly munchkin!" she said, poking my nose.

"you know I love you right? wanna go out?" I asked her as I continue eating some ice cream.

"I luff you more Caramel! Come on!" she said excitedly.

Unfortunately, my day for 'adventure time' was ruined by my best friend aw. Just kidding. I can watch the replay tomorrow then.

It's cold outside so I decided to wear my Jack Wills' hoodie, my grey pants, and boots. I tied my hair up and we went out of my room.

"Don't be late for dinner girls! Take care!" Mom said leaning on the kitchen wall.

"Okie dokie! Bye!" I yelled as we head off.


Maxie and I went to Nando's. She surely missed this place. We walked in and get a table for the two of us.

The waitress approached us, giving us the menu.

"So what do you want babe?" I asked Maxie as we scanned through it.

"The usual. I want double chicken breast in pitta, chips with peri-peri spice and a bottomless coke!" she said, grinning at me.

"Okay, make it two!" I motioned at the waitress as she jot down our order.

"Okay. Your order will be ready in 15 minutes." she said before leaving the two of us alone on our table.

"So tell me about your trip Maxie. How did it go?" I asked.

"It was all good! I've met some good friends there and they're might be visiting here in England next month." she said, her face occupies a big smile.

Maxie went to Paris to attend a fashion event. We both wanted to be a fashion designer and attending on a big fashion event in Paris was such a privilege for us. I was so upset 'cause I was supposed to come with her but my schedule was complicated at that time. I got my job at Ms. Delavigne's boutique as a full-time designer and I've been working there for about 5 months now. We're just celebrating its 2nd year anniversary so I need to make some new designs and can't just leave.

"That's cool! I wanna meet them whenever they'd come here." I said cheerfully.

"Sure! Actually, I talked about you with them a lot. I told them that you're gonna be a great fashion designer someday and that you're supposed to be with me but got a lot of things to do. I'll introduce you formally to them okay?" she said, letting out a laugh.

"Oh you Maxie. I feel so embarrassed right now." I said, shaking my head. It's her nature, I mean she's just being proud me, I know.

"Naw. Dont be. Im just proud you! That's what best friends are for,right?" she said, winking at me.

I just gave her a sweet smile. Oh how I love this girl.

"How about you Cara cakes? Are you feeling good?" she asked, more in a serious manner.

"Um.. yeah. I guess so." I said, faking a smile, trying not to masked out how messed up I am.

"I know you're not babe. Don't worry. I'll go back to France and hunt him down for you!" she said stomping the table with a fork.

"Never mind babe. Thanks anyway." I said, giving her a little smile.

The waitress then came back. OUR ORDER HAS FINALLY COME!

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!! I hear my stomach's protesting. Just the right time to serve our FOOOOOOOOD!


'ATTACK!!!' I yelled at the two of us.


After a great time at Nando's, we decided to go to Mr. Smith's pastry shop. It was just two blocks away from Nando's so we take a good walk. We used to call him 'Gingyman' because his hair looks like a ginger. Naw. It has a ginger color but it's cool.

"Hello! Welcome to Mr. Smith's pastry shop! Anything you want?" I said, mimicking Mr. Smith's husky voice as I walked in and stopped at the front door, holding it for Maxie as she managed to enter.

"Oh. I want a raspberry cake and maked buffins!" she enunciated as she picks up a cinnamon roll out of the basket.

"Coming right up!" I said, still trying to do Mr. Smith's voice.

"Oh, well hello there beautiful ladies!" He gestured towards me, grinning, leaving a peck of kiss on my cheek.

"Oh! and you're here then bubbly-as- always- Maxie." he turned to her, giving her a peck of kiss on the cheek as well.

"We just thought of visiting you Gingyman!" Maxie and I said in a sync manner.

The big man shook his head and gave what we wanted.

"That's so nice of you two but you owe me 10 pounds for it."

"I thought we're having these for free?" I said more of a question, face frowned and making a fool out of the bearded man.

"Hahaha! Don't be such a silly chili Cara. Here Mr. Smith! Thanks so much!" Maxie said, taking my hand as we head off the shop.

"Bye Gingyman!" I yelled at my back, facing him.

"Have an awesome night ladies!" he yelled back.

As we walked out the door, turning to face Maxie, a guy wearing a Spiderman mask bumped into me, spilling his hot coffee on me.

"Oh. Crap!" I yelled. It was hot.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to. I was ab-"

"About what?" I said kinda pissed, cutting him off.

"I was about to stop then you just bumped into me!" he said, his voice escalated. The guy beside him was motioning him to stop.

"Wait? So are you saying this is my entire fault?" I said angrily as I looked at him with my eyebrows crossed.

"Oh. I'm sorry because I bumped into you and you spilled your coffee on me. Thanks for ruining my hoodie and my night!" I walked out of the scene as Maxie went after me.

"I'm sorry miss, okay? Could you please stop for a second?" He said, following us.

I didn't mind what he said instead I walked faster as I could.

"Okay okay. Here's the deal. Just let me buy you a new hoodie and we're even. I insist!"He said, trying to convince me.

I stopped and turned to face him.

"Wow. What a nice idea you got there huh? I don't need a new hoodie okay?! Why don't you buy again a hot and luscious coffee and spill it on yourself too you rough-headed guy! Ugh!" I said as I turned my back and walked away, so pissed.

"Just please stop following us!" Maxie said to the masked guy.

"Hey babe, are you okay?" Maxie asking the obvious.

"No okay?! Didn't you see his action towards me? Such an asshole" I said, letting my feelings out.

Maxie stayed silent until we got in her car.

"Hey babe, I'm sorry." I told her.

"Don't worry. It's fine hun." She said smiling at me.

We let the music occupy us while riding back home. A full blast of One Direction's song 'Live While We're Young' on the car. Make me forget about that guy and his shit attitude.


It's almost 9:30 in the evening when we got home. Mom, dad and my brother are waiting for us. We walked in our house with the smell of bacon and spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread. There's a lasagna and chicken curry toooooo three fourrrr! Okay that's not even funny, but all of these are my favorites!

Yes. My mom is a saint.

"We're home mum!" I said.

"You're just on time. Dinner's ready!" Mom said as we walked in the dining table.

Though we're still full at Nando's, we just can't help but eat loads of mom's specialty.

"Wow! These smell so great, Aunt! Cara, hand me the fork and knife pleaseee?" She said, her eyes twinkling.

"Here you gooooooo!" I said, giving it to her.

"Hope you will all like it! Let's eat!" Mom said.

"Aunt, can I just stay here forever? I can be your slave! Just cook me all of these every day please I beg youuuuuu." Maxie said pitiful, making her plate full for the third time around.

We all laughed at her. No wonder how we became best friends. We're both weird and crazy.


After dinner, we had a little chat together and after an hour, Maxie went home. This typical Sunday went out to be great, disregard the fight that I had with that guy outside Mr. Smith's pastry shop. I really had fun with Maxie today. We're gonna meet each other tomorrow at the uni. Back to college, you know, and I don't wanna be late for the first day. I looked at my phone and it's already 11pm. I wrote a message for her:

"Hey Maxie! Thanks for visiting me! love you! night xxx"

As I scrolled through my contacts, I saw 'Drew xxx' on it. I just realized that I haven't deleted it yet. I still dont have the urge to delete his number. I don't know. I just ignored it and continue to scroll down as I found Maxie's number and just sent my message. I scratched my eyes as I try to erase him in my mind.

My phone beeped, it was from Maxie. It said:

"Goodnight too Cara babyy! Thanks for this awesome day! Cyaa tom xxx"

I snapped out my phone and get in my bed.

"Hope tomorrow will be a great day for me." I said to myself as I pull on my adventure time blanket and my eye pads on.

"Goodnight Jake and finn." I said to my Jake and Finn stuff toys beside me, falling asleep.

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