I Knew You Were Trouble - A Harry Styles Fanfic

What if that one unexpected meeting, would make much trouble in your life?

This story is about Cara Moore, a 19 year-old girl living her dream to become a fashion designer. She just had a break-up with her long distance boyfriend and apparently, she still hasn't moved on. How does this cranky and strange guy she'd meet outside the pastry shop would change her life? And what if she found out that it was no other than Harry Styles of One direction?


6. Plan101: Skip and Run


*Cara's POV*

I was walking at the hallway in a cold Tuesday morning, feeling good, fresh and awesome. I don't know why but my aura's getting better now.

I opened my locker to get my stuff. I picked out my sketch pad, Economics book and a box of tissue. My nose was crying since last night so I better be ready to shed every ounce of it.

I went off to my next class. Science. I hope Patrick's already there. I dont wanna be a loner and stay there like an idiot.

I walked in and saw everyone but Patrick.

"Oh where the hell did Patrick go?" I said to myself.

I bet he's with Maxie. Those two filthy rebel kids. Pft.

I sat on my seat and got my book and sketch pad out of my backpack. I decided to make some doodles while waiting on our professor.

I started to draw Maxie and I where Patrick's standing behind the bench. Then I started to draw Mr . Smith's and his ginger hair. Then my dream boutique shop in France. Then the stranger I met outside the pastry shop wearing a spiderman mask. Then the last one was Drew in a V-neck shirt and shorts with his dodgy glasses.

I stopped. My hand was still placed in the sketch pad. Many things rumbled in my mind. I abruptly erased Drew and the masked guy and leaned on my sit, letting out a big sigh.

Half an hour passed but our professor still not here yet.

"Mrs. Zamora wont be able to attend in her classes today. You may go now." the checker said.

I then stood up and head off the room. 

I stayed at the library to get some coursework to be done. Aren't I a nice student? No. 'cause I'm fabulousssss.

"Cara." someone just called me, a voice of a girl.

"Psst.. Cara look at here." another voice whispered.

I looked around and saw Patrick and Maxie across the table hiding their faces with a newspaper.

"What are you guys doing?" I said, eyeing the two of them as I moved on their table.

"Nothing. We just wanna creep you out you know and we kinda did." Patrick said, smirking while rubbing his chin.

"Oh really. We got a smart ass over here." I responded, hitting his head with my pencil.

"Hey stop. Dont you dare hurt him. Come on here munch." Maxie mumbled, caressing Patrick's face.

"I cant believe this. I thought you're my bestfriend?" I said.

"I am. so get the hell out of here Pat!" she said, smiling at me as she pushed Patrick away from her.

"Hey. Dont do this to me. Im just kidding baby." Patrick said, scratching his head.

"Shuttup." I whispered.

"So babe. Have you already bought clothes for Sunday?" Maxie asked.

"Clothes for Sunday?" I responded.

"Gah. for my birthday and One Direction's concert?!" she said, kind of disappointed.

Oh crap. Her birthday. I havent even got a gift for her.

"Oh yeah. No. I still havent." I managed to reply.

"I dont need to buy new clothes. I could just recycle an outfit from my closet." I added.

"But babe. That's a freaking One Direction concert! We should look fab and hot on that day okay? C'mon! Lets go buy some!" She said as she grabbed me on my wrist and out of the library. Patrick followed us instantly.

"What are you doing? I have my Art class in about an hour." I said, trying to stop him.

"I have my IT class either. but dont you worry they wont look for us and this is just the first time we will skip classes right?" She said.

Yeah cause obviously it's just got started last week.

"Its only Wednesday and besides we can do shopping on Saturday?" I complained.

"Babes, I cant wait no more! Now is the good time for shopping. I feel it.. like really." She replied, having a tight grip on my wrist.

"Can I come with you ladies?" Patrick suddenly barged in.


"Yes!" Maxie yelled.

Maxie always contradict on my decision/opinion and I dont know why I let her to. She should be grateful I'm her bestfriend then.

We went running down the hall and outside the uni. We hopped in her car and went off.


As we reached the mall, we went ahead to Coal n' Terry Shop. My favorite place.

We scanned through all the dresses and stuff. Maxie bought a new black skinny jeans that fits nice on her thighs, legs and her bum and a tube top showing her perfect figure. I finally end up choosing a rusty denim shorts and a black scoop crop top. Too lucky I have my credit card to buy these things or else I would slowly crawl down going out because of shame and dismay.

We went to another boutique after. Maxie bought accesories and two new pairs of shoes. A colored orange wedge shoes and a black gladiator one. She didn't like shopping that much.

"Yay! Our clothes are awesome!" She enunciated.

"Yea they are." I replied.

Patrick was beside Maxie. He was the one who's holding all our shopping bags. Poor little starfish.

"Hey Pat, you okay there?" I said, laughing at him.

"Erm. Yea but I'd appreciate some help." he responded.

"Nah. I know you dont need to." Maxie said, waving her hand.

Maxie and I laughed.

We head off the mall and Maxie gave the two of us a ride back home.

A crazy day with my two freaking bestfriends. 


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