I Knew You Were Trouble - A Harry Styles Fanfic

What if that one unexpected meeting, would make much trouble in your life?

This story is about Cara Moore, a 19 year-old girl living her dream to become a fashion designer. She just had a break-up with her long distance boyfriend and apparently, she still hasn't moved on. How does this cranky and strange guy she'd meet outside the pastry shop would change her life? And what if she found out that it was no other than Harry Styles of One direction?


4. Expect the Unexpected


*Cara's POV*

My room was a mess.. probably like my life. I decided to do some cleaning before I head off to Maxie's house.

"NEW YORK CHILI CORNED BEEF SANDWICH TOMATO, THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN'T CHOOSE NOW YOU'RE IN NEW YOOOOOOORRK!" I yelled, singing the empire state of mind, doing my own version. I'm a pro, I know.

Mom suddenly came in and asked me.

"Are you goin anywhere today? cause I'll be out to visit aunt Marie with Sam."

"Yea mom. I'll come over at Maxie's later." I said.

"Okay. Have fun baby!" We won't take long." Mom said as she leans towards me, kissing my cheek.

"Take your time mom. and please tell Nana I say hi!" I said.

Mom left my room. I heard her shut the front door of our house.

After I finished tidying my room, I sat in front of my computer and logged in on my twitter account. I havent opened it in agesssss.

I slowly scanned through my timeline. All I could see were quotes and tweets of One direction. Wow, I barely know I was following them.

"I'd rather lose my virginity than to lose my swag."

A tweet which one of my friends retweeted.

"Wow. How inspiring is this crap." I said, shaking my head.

Next to that, I noticed Zayn Malik's tweet.

"Hey guys! How are you all doin? hope u're having a good time aha x"

And Oh. There's a tweet from Mr. Styles. The curly haired guy..

"3rd day of our rehearsals. should be more fun xx"

Loads of people were replying to them to get their attention. They're pretty much obsessed. I mean 'dedicated' with the boys just like my bestfriend.

Maxie was the one who introduced me the boys and their music etc. She bought their albums and let me listen to it like there's a worship going on in her room. I didn't find it hard to like their music and in all honesty, they're talented and perfectly made. High-five to their parents. Lol. but I'm not that much into these boys.

"I missed tweeting. Missed some crazy stuff on here. Gonna go to @SuperMaxie 's house laterrr!" I tweeted.

After a few minutes, I got a mention. 

I clicked on my interactions and saw a tweet for me.

"@DrewHampton: @ItsmeCara how are you?"

I stared at it for a second but didn't bother to reply. Instead, I signed it out.

I shut down my computer and planked on my bed.

What does he think on tweeting me? Out of the blue like nothing happened with us for the past few months. I was trying to forget him but he hinders me in making it that happen.

"FML. for real." I said.

I looked at my phone. It's 3pm. I need to leave before 4 so I could come home early. I stood up and went in the shower. I wore my crop top and my studded orange shorts matching the color of my converse.

I went down the garage as I finished getting up.

"Oh my Joey!" I said, starting my car.


I traveled for 30 mins. 'til I got to Maxie's house.

I rang the doorbell. A woman with sweet smile on her face welcomed me.

"Hi Aunt Josie!" I greeted Maxie's mom. I used to call her that way.

"Come in pretty young lady. Nice to see you again!" She said as she gave me a hug.

"Nice to see you again too, Aunt! I missed your cupcakessss!" I said as pulled off the hug.

'Cara! You're here! Finally!" Maxie yelled.

She abruptly grabbed my hand and we went up her room. Walking after her, I accidentally stepped on a lego.

"Ouch!" I said.

"Why there are pieces of lego here in your stock room? I mean your room?" I asked.

"They were Paul's toys. He loves to play with me that's why he left all his stuff here including that buzz lightyear." She said, grinning at me.

"Oh,I see." I stated.

Not only that. Her bedroom was full of one direction posters. The last time I went here, there's only three posters of them but now, it was all over her bedroom and. there's no such thing as wall.

"How did you manage to get all of these?" I said, scanning each poster.

"Well, most of the posters there were included in their magazines that I bought.. Some of them were from my cousin." she said.

"That's cool. I thought I was in the one direction dimension. Like a gallery or something." I responded.

"Hahaha! I know. They occupy not only my heart but even my bedroom. They're always welcome hereee!" she said, daydreaming.

I sat right next to her, poking her head.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Yea. I am" I said, smiling.

"Drew tweeted me. He's asking how I am doing like ffs." added, playing with my fingers.

"Did you reply?" she asked, looking at me.

"Nah. for what? He'd probably ignore me after and make me feel dumb again. I mean, no way." I said, though deep in my heart I was damn thirsty to talk to him again. I admit that I still have feelings for him but its just...

"Just forget about that guy. He doesnt deserve you. And its just right that you didn't reply to him. He'll just make you hurt again." she said, putting her arms around me.

"I hope its just that easy. I'm trying my best to but there are some things that make me remind him every now and then."I said as I looked at the floor.

"I feel like a shit..fucking shit." I said, releasing my emotions.

"He's an asshole for letting you go babe. He's irrelevant. I'll help you move on as long as I could! Promiseee!" she said, still hugging me.

I kept silent for a minute, feeling her tight hug. I just dont know what to say. She continued talking but nothing registers in my mind.

"Wanna eat? Momsie made some pasta and your favorite cuppycakes!" she said, tapping my shoulder.

I moved from her tapping me.

"I'd turn down anything but food. You know that." I said, smiling just a bit.

She wiped my tears and I fixed myself up before we went out of her room.

We got food downstairs. Aunt Josie. Maxie and I had a fun time eating and talking in the kitchen. They're both amazing.


I sat on the sofa as Maxie managed to go upstairs to get the book of mine. Until I heard her scream. She hurriedly ran down and pulled me from where I was seating.

"OMG OMG EEEEEEEEEPPPP!" she screamed.

"hey! What's happening??" I asked, confused as we're jumping in madness.

"Patrick texted me! He got tickets for One direction concert next week in Manchester! Omg! We should come!" she said excitedly.

"Wait. What? How and where did he get the tickets?" I asked.

"He won those tickets from a bet with his cousin!" She said.

Times like this makes me wanna question Patrick's sexual orientation.

"Omg we need to prepare for their concert next week! Im super duper excited!!!" she yelled.

"but Maxie I need to go to---"

"No excuses! You'll come with us okay? And besides, their concert will be on my birthday! That'd be so special!!!" She stated.

"Okay okay. Just please calm the fuck down. My eardrums were literally damaged. Stop screaming and yelling at me." I said as I stopped her from jumping.

"I'm sorry! I just can't hide my feels! OH MY PRECIOUS!" she yelled once more.

One direction really caught up my bestfriend. As in. Oh God. Bless her.


Its 7:30pm. I said goodbye to Aunt Josie and Maxie. It was a nice day spent with them. I pour myself with a nice song of rihanna in my car.

"OH NA NA WAZZ MAH NAME? WAZZ MAH NAME?" me singing along.

I just cant help but think how amazing I am. like okay. I'm just kidding.

I went home safely. Thanks God. Mom and Sam were already home. Dad was in the kitchen making our dinner.

I picked an apple on the fruit basket and went in my room. I changed my clothes and lay down on my bed, thinking how things will turned out. The things that I weren't expecting might change everything in me in the next couple of days. maybe weeks? months? or maybe forever.

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